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Everything you need to know about is the leading esports jobs site for candidates and companies.

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Hi, my name is Phil and I’m the founder of

I’m a designer/developer who’s been involved with competitive gaming since 2003.

In April 2017 I was working on a jobs board for traditional sports and wondered why there was nothing similar in esports. Two weeks later was born.

Until October 2017 I ran the site in my spare time with Alec, a friend from my SOCOM days, and Craig, an old friend from my school days.

Then in November 2017 my elder brother Rich came back home and we got more serious.

Since then we’ve grown month-on-month to become the leading esports jobs site.

We’re now working from an office in central Newcastle (England) and have seven members of staff.

Meet the team.

We’ll be first to admit that we’re not the most diverse bunch (yet)...

Phil // Creative Director

Rich // Managing Director

Alec // Marketing Director

Craig // Technical Director

James // Developer

Cam // Written Content Creator

Laurie // Visual Content Creator

(Headshots and profiles coming soon!)

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