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30th May 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 30th May 2019

The Astonishing Growth of Esports is Shown by its Job Market

As the leading jobs website in esports, we have lots of data at our fingertips on the state of esports careers, and it paints quite the exciting picture...

It’s no secret that esports is growing. Whether it’s another million dollar tournament taking place, the latest exciting investment news or the next non-endemic company to enter the industry, each week holds another sign of its progress.

And as the largest jobs website in esports, we have a pretty unique viewpoint as all of this unfolds. As more external companies enter the space and more internal companies take investment, further opportunities are opened up to work in this exciting industry.

That’s why we wanted to construct a picture to show the growth of esports, looking through the lens of its job market.

Jobs Posted:

Currently, we’re posting between 150 and 200 jobs a week on our site. From tech giants like Twitch to five-person startups, there are plenty of companies looking for talent in esports.

To understand how much esports has grown, we compared the number of jobs we posted in April 2018 to the number we posted in April 2019. Let’s just say, there was quite the difference.

That’s a 70% increase in a year. Granted, we’ve become much better at finding careers for our users to apply to, but there’s no denying that there are far more opportunities now than there were back then.

This crazy growth is visible also when looking at the two halves of 2018.

That’s a 33% increase over a massive sample size, so we’d say that’s some awesome growth - especially when you factor in the drop in available jobs around Christmas and New Year!

With such a surge of hiring in esports and gaming, the question of where are these jobs coming from has to be asked.

Due to esports still being in its early stages, funded startups make up a large amount of the jobs found on our platform. Immortals Gaming Club, Quarterback and Rogue are just a few of the many companies in esports that have raised significant funding, and have all posted jobs on our platform.

Super League Gaming, a grassroots tournaments and events organizer who recently took their company public, is also a company that has raised significant investment, and is now literally hiring all over the place. Their Action Squad jobs to work on the events they run can be found in most US states!

As well as these, you also have the giants of the space like Blizzard, Razer and Twitch hiring relentlessly in California.

So what is it these companies are looking for?

Esports has grown to the stage where almost all of the sectors that exist in more traditional industries are now present in esports as well. To give a clear illustration of what we mean, the most populated sectors on our website at the current time are Software Engineering, Marketing, Design, Operations and Business Development.

Another amazing thing to see when examining our data was how much the percentage of volunteer roles has reduced over time. As a young industry, there are lots of volunteer opportunities that exist to give entry-level candidates their first experience of esports.

In April 2018, 26.6% of our postings were volunteer. In April 2019, however, this proportion fell to 10.4%, which we were really happy to see!

Looking at 2018 as a whole, 19.5% of our posts were volunteer in the first half of the year and this dropped to 17.6% in the second half.

As a jobs website, we couldn’t ask for a better trend than the number of volunteer listings falling while the number of paid jobs rises!

Hopefully, this trend isn’t over yet either. We’re excited to see if the number of opportunities continues to grow at the same rate, and will continue doing all that we can to make it as easy and accessible as possible to work in esports.

Image credit: DreamHack // Jussi Jaaskelainen