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17th Jan 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Esports Jobs in 2018 - Yearly Infographic

We analyzed all of the data from the 5,896 esports jobs we posted in 2018 to produce an infographic that is the most representative of the industry's hiring scene to date.

Long-time users of our website might remember in when we released a half-year infographic in July that showed a detailed look at the industry's hiring scene. Well, we're taking things one step further now with our entire year infographic, which lays out all the data from the whopping 5,896 esports jobs that we posted in 2018.

The result provided concrete data on some really interesting areas of the hiring space. For instance, the number of esports opportunities has been steadily increasing throughout the year, something we can attest to from our busier mornings! The proportion of females using our website to look for esports jobs has also rose at a noticeable rate, which you'll be able to see in one of our graphs below.

We'll stop talking now though, as the beauty of an infographic is that all the information is there for you to see yourself!

We were particularly happy to see that 77.86% of the jobs we posted last year were paid, with close to 65% of all roles being full time careers in esports! A staggering 1,184 different companies advertised at least one esports job, with opportunities existing in 45 different countries.

As we mentioned, the proportion of female esports job hunters rose throughout 2018. In fact, in the first six months of 2018 women averaged just 11.17% of our users. This percentage rose to 15.50% in the second half of 2018, showing an increase of 4.33% across the two halves of the year.

It's been a smashing year for esports jobs as well as our website, and we need to take some time out of this post to thank all of our supporters who have stuck with us through 2018. It's crazy that in the start of the year we were a plucky jobs website looking to level up the way esports jobs were presented, and now we're the de facto place to go for companies and candidates in esports alike for all of their hiring needs. You can expect us to keep pushing the boundaries of what we offer candidates & companies in 2019, and we're hyped to see what the scene's numbers look like this time next year.


Anyone wanting to use our materials to report on the growth of esports jobs in 2018 is welcome to do so, as long as we're credited. To source additional graphics, quotes or anything else, feel free to email cam@hitmarkerjobs.com.

Header image credit: DreamHack / Adela Sznajder