2nd Aug 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

July 2018 by the Numbers

We take a look at our statistics from July.

We've come accustomed to seeing great month-on-month growth across all of our metrics, and July met and exceeded our expectations for yet another month in a row.

We posted an obscene number of esports jobs, had a whopping number of new candidates join our ever-growing user base and had our Twitter reach extend exponentially.

We've started tracking our applications more accurately, too, so it was great to see that over 3,500 job applications came from HitmarkerJobs.com. We're sure some of you who helped make up that number will hear good news soon!

Anyway, here's our figures from July 2018, presented in true HitmarkerJobs.com format in a classy orange and black motion graphic!

We need to thank each of you who has supported us on this journey - the fact that we can share our statistics so willingly and excitedly each week is a blessing.

The pressure is on to make August's by the numbers just as mindblowing, but we're confident we can pull it off once more.

Thank you,

Alec, Cam, Craig, James, Laurie, Phil, and Rich (The HitmarkerJobs.com Team)