11th Feb 2020 by Will Whittingham

Updated 12th Feb 2020

The 10 most-actively hiring companies in esports in 2019

Esports is a booming industry, and these 10 companies produced more jobs in the scene than anyone else.

The esports job market, and the industry in general, has had an amazing twelve months. 2019 has seen new games, massive community engagement and some amazing events, which has of course seen a massive rise in the need for talented employees in every sector of esports.

Once again, Hitmarker is positioned with the data needed to show who's hiring the most. We saw a staggering 11,027 posted in 2019, a huge increase from 2018's figure of 5,896. While these were spread out over countless companies and locations, there were a number of companies that stuck out as the most active employers of the year in esports.

Here are the 10 esports companies that were hiring the most in 2019.

10. King

King retains its position in the top ten employers for the second year in a row!

While the 156 roles King posted is dwarfed by some of the companies further up this list, this member of the Activision Blizzard family is still proving to be a key player in the esports job market.

King splits its roles mainly between San Francisco and London, but also creates opportunities in Stockholm, New York and other locations.

9. Google

Google has found its way onto our esports top ten in no small part thanks to the advent of Stadia. This revolutionary gaming solution has created opportunities within esports and gaming to such an extent that they slide onto the list above staples of the industry.

Google is always going to be a powerful employer with their seemingly bottomless resources, and we don't expect to see them drop off anytime soon. Their 180 jobs in 2019 is a benchmark we hope to see them smash in the new decade, as new avenues open within Stadia and other projects.

Google is a big employer in California, but have also created notable number of roles in other parts of the US and Canada, particularly Montreal as they develop first-party games for the Stadia.

8. EA

Another new entry (and the highest placed newbie on our list), Electronic Arts has found the time to create 185 esports roles in 2019.

Apex Legends is the main reason for the increase in roles, with the title having erupted onto the esports scene. FIFA has also kept a steady stream of jobs rolling in on the esports front, with FUT and community manager roles being peppered in among Apex and more general roles.

EA primarily hire in Redwood City, California, but also create roles in Guildford, UK, and Shanghai.

7. Razer

Razer has fallen one place to seventh in our esports jobs rankings for 2019, but the company is still kicking in the top ten.

Razer posted 189 roles in 2019, and has been a leader in growth for booming markets like Singapore rather than focusing on the US where most of our top employers come from. Razer has also been a leader in intern roles, as well as paid entry positions, which certainly endears them to a large amount of our audience!

6. Amazon

Amazon has managed to climb one place since 2018 and their 232 roles in 2019 sees them almost break into the top 5!

The increase in the gaming wing of Amazon, as well as a number of excellent software engineering and internships, has helped Amazon to continue to grow. With several game releases on the horizon, and a deep recruitment fund, Amazon could be poised to break into the top 5 in 2020.

The bulk of Amazon's roles came from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

5. Skillz

Skillz may have fallen from second to fifth in our standings, but they've still seen huge personal growth with 269 roles in 2019.

Skillz has created roles in multiple locations in the US that cover almost every sector within esports, and has been an excellent company for creating junior roles as well as more senior positions. Skillz is the fastest growing private company in the US, so we don't expect them to drop off our radar in 2020.

Skillz is a big recruiter in both San Francisco and Portland.

4. Blizzard Entertainment

Our old champions have survived on our list, but have fallen off the podium in 2019.

While the 304 jobs they've created was not enough to compete with our new top three, roles in huge esports titles like Overwatch have kept this massive company relevant and thriving in the hiring market.

Blizzard hires all over California, particularly in their Irvine HQ, but has also recently created a notable number of opportunities in Shanghai.

3. Epic Games

Once again, Fortnite has proved to be hugely productive for the esports market and has fired Epic Games into the top three employers of 2019, with 373 roles being created in 2019.

Epic Games hires a lot of technical and creative roles, always being a leading employer of talented programmers, designers and artists. Looking into the new decade, there is no reason that Epic Games won't continue to thrive.

Epic is truly a company across numerous locations. While the majority of roles are focused in the US, multiple roles have been created in other locations such as Seoul and Helsinki.

2. Riot Games

The esports powerhouse Riot has just missed out on our top spot once again, this time climbing to second with 757 roles being created in 2019!

The cascade of new games being announced for Riot has created the need for a host of new Rioters, with artists and programmers being the most common roles being needed. Riot is also a major employer on the commercial side of esports, with many new roles being created in Business Development, Finance, Publishing and similar areas.

Riot hires all over the globe, most notably in hub locations like Los Angeles, Singapore, Berlin and Dublin.

1. Twitch

Twitch were the undisputed kings of the job boards this year, with 1,334 jobs being posted in 2019.

The leading esports streaming service, owned by Amazon, hires in almost every sector of esports and has need for people of every level of experience. These requirements, as well as a healthy budget, has helped them blow the competition away! Looking into the new decade, Twitch shows no signs of slowing down and it'll take some doing for anyone to catch them in 2020!

Our number one hiring company is creating roles everywhere and anywhere. While they create the majority in San Francisco, they're also highly active in New York, London and a host of other cities across the globe.


That wraps up our 10 most active hiring esports companies of 2019! There weren't too many surprises for us, but maybe a couple of surprising omissions from last year.

We can't wait to see how 2020 shakes up, and you can be sure we'll be bringing you the top employers of 2020 at the end of the year.

Until then!

Team Hitmarker