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2nd Nov 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

October 2018 by the Numbers

Our metrics were up once more, and we'd say we have our new website design to thank for that.

Our growth slowed down in September, but we got back on the right track this month with another home run in terms of our statistics. Some of the highlights of this month were a new website design that makes it A LOT easier to search for jobs, as well as plenty of quality of life improvements for candidates and companies alike.

But why tell when we can show: check out our infographic below to see our numbers in their entirety.

We're continuing to push features that make it easier to use our website, and we have some exciting things coming in November and beyond. Keep an eye on the site and these posts to stay in the loop.

We'll see you in a month!

Alec, Cam, Craig, James, Laurie, Phil, and Rich (The HitmarkerJobs.com Team)