3rd Oct 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

September 2018 by the Numbers

Whilst our growth slowed down, it was still a knockout month for us here.

For the first time in what feels like a while we aren't able to start off our monthly stats blog post by saying how much we've grown. Our rise slowed down a little bit last month, but after August's record-breaking numbers we didn't take this too hard. It's only given us more motivation to return to our upwards trend next month!

That said, we did show improvement in some areas. For starters, we posted even more jobs than we did in August, ending the month on a huge 545 different roles in esports. And as you'll have seen if you follow our weekly roundups, the vast majority of these are paid careers in esports.

Some of the companies we had using our platform was something to shout about, too. The Milwaukee Bucks, DreamTeam, Lightning Pandas and beastcoast were just some of the companies to sign up to use HitmarkerJobs.com.

Our Twitter (where you'll get esports jobs and an emoji bombardment in equal measure!) continues gathering steam. We racked up an impressive 1,920,000 impressions on the platform. You're missing out if you aren't already following us, so go hit this link and fix that!

Here's our infographic spelling everything out:

We'll be back here next month, and hope to see the upwards trend pick up where we left it.

See you then!

Alec, Cam, Craig, James, Laurie, Phil, and Rich (The HitmarkerJobs.com Team)