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12th Nov 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #44

We had a job post for a full-time chef this week, so you know it's a good roundup!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup! We’re on edition #44 now, and it’s truly been a crazy year for jobs. It’s not over yet though, and we have some more epic opportunities to show you all, including full-time cooking for top esports players!

On the back of that, let’s tuck in!

We had to start with this incredible job, didn’t we? For a chef that loves Overwatch, this job is a thing of dreams. The fact that cooking for a group of gamers can be a full-time job is an awesome prospect, and r/CompetitiveOverwatch was certainly loving it!

Working from Thousand Oaks, California, you’ll be responsible for cooking 3 meals a day, 5 days a week for 12-15 individuals. This can’t just be pizzas on repeat - there are requirements to meet!

Atlanta Reign needs somebody who is skilled at cooking Korean cuisine so that their players have options they are used to, ensuring they’re as comfortable as can be. What would really impress them is if you’ve lived in Korea for several years, and came away with an understanding and appreciation of the food and culture.

If you can provide that and would love for your days to be filled with meal planning, preparing and cooking for some of the best Overwatch players on earth, we’d say this role has you covered!

OGN is uniquely talented at coming in with the most awesome and unique jobs in esports we receive, and this one is no exception. Joining them in Los Angeles, the company is looking for somebody talented in the nuances of esports production.

The specialism you’ll have in this role is controlling the observing of the broadcasts. That means deciding what aspects of the match need the camera’s attention and what doesn’t. A solid understanding of the top esports titles is a must for this role, so that you can pick out where the action is most likely to unfold and pick up every kill and highlight moment.

We’ve listed this as a junior role, and that’s because to qualify for this job you only need a bachelor’s degree! In lieu of that, OGN is asking for an associate’s degree & 2 years of relevant experience, or a high school diploma and 4 years of relevant experience.

If you suit the bill for that you’ll need to pounce on this - jobs in observing aren’t common!

We’re gonna switch the experience requirements quite heavily here...

We’d say it’s worth it, though! The Overwatch League, which has reimagined how esports can be played, is looking to hire a digital content manager to fill their social media feeds with engaging and unique content.

What this would entail is you taking ownership of their content calendar to further the company’s marketing goals. As the Senior Manager, you’ll have people working with you that you’ll delegate tasks to and moderate what comes back to ensure it will be as well-received as possible.

Social media staff for the Overwatch League will report to you, and you’ll educate them on content production and the analytics behind what they produce.

To secure this content-filled position, the Overwatch League needs to see some heavy requirements from you. Chief of these is 6+ years of experience planning social media content for an outlet in an area related to esports. 3 years in managing teams is also asked for, along with 4 years of relationship management with 3rd party companies. An understanding of the analytics behind content and social media would also help.

We don’t need to tell you how great this job is. Go apply if you have that experience!

We all love a paid writing role!

This company is looking for talented writers with an understanding of League of Legends and Fortnite that can produce informative and engaging scripts for a guide website! The one catch on this is that you will need to be on-site in Los Angeles.

From their office, you’ll be developing content ideas that would be at home on this brand and turning them into high quality analysis videos. That means strong writing and research skills are imperative!

The requirements that ProGuides want you to meet are a love for LoL and Fortnite, among other games, and an excellent eye for detail. It’s stated that a degree in writing is greatly preferred.

Competitive salary is mentioned, so go get this!

We had another epic job that needed you to be on-site in Los Angeles...

Red Bull is one the most recognizable energy drinks in the world, and has multiple esports partnerships on the go currently. Athletes under their banner include the Cloud9 CS:GO team, the massive Twitch streamer Ninja and many more. And they need somebody to manage these top influencers.

In this position you’ll work to develop new partnerships and nurture existing ones, ensuring the esports program hits KPIs you define. Brand identity is important to Red Bull, so you’ll ensure that each influencer you bring on board to the program understands how to promote the brand and what product usage is acceptable.

To be eligible for this crazy good job, Red Bull wants to see 3-5 years of experience directly within esports. An understanding of the industry and its influencers is key in this role, so it’s understandable. Their other requirements all align with being an absolute authority on the esports scene and how to act as a brand in it. Marking that with a tick? Get a resume in!

As we’re UK based ourselves, it’s great to see jobs this good pop up!

RFRSH Entertainment, an esports company that operates several top brands in the scene such as BLAST Pro Series and Astralis, is looking for a video editor to join them in London. Mainly active in CS:GO, this is perfect for someone looking to level up esports video content with a company that means business.

Some of what you’d get up to in this role includes recording live footage as well as footage in-game, and taking this into Premiere to work your magic on it and produce a stunning final product. Audio selection also lands in your court, so a knowledge of what the esports industry likes listening to would help. Developing motion graphics is also something you’ll be tasked with.

As this is a junior role, there is no mention of needing past years of work experience. They do want to see a degree in a film-based course, but aside from that it’s on how much you can impress RFRSH with your ability to produce top videos.

If the only issue with this job was its location, maybe this is more your speed...

TSM, one of the largest esports organizations there is, has been on a hiring spree lately and included in the frenzy was this stunning role. Working with the team in Los Angeles you’d be part of the creative squad producing exceptional video content to appease their army of fans.

The responsibilities that would fall on you here are capturing content to pass onto editors. This must be of the highest quality, so understanding the basics of lighting, lens focusing and more related to capturing video is vital.

An exciting thing to see in a job is that you’re able to work positively with esports teams!

If you’re local to the area and a talented videographer, letting TSM know your availability and shooting off a portfolio is definitely a good idea!

This was one of our nicest jobs of the week!

Remote, full time and with an exciting sector like influencer management? This one really deserves its place on the roundup!

Battlefy is a company that organizes esports competitions and tournaments that people can host themselves or join to compete, and is looking to bring somebody on to handle their influencer promotions.

What Battlefy wants you to be is a competent marketer with a strong understanding of community and of managing large campaigns. Having a keen eye to spot the upcoming influencers will also benefit you greatly.

Your day-to-day would be filled with securing new partnerships with influencers, writing copy for promotions and planning what hot social content you can share next. 2+ years of relevant experience is the asking price in this role.

Yet another roundup with this company included! We aren’t complaining, though…

Dallas Mavericks, the sports brand that operates the NBA 2K League team Mavs Gaming, is looking to hire somebody on a seasonal basis that can work on their Street Team, meaning you’ll help set up local events and promotions and assist in managing them.

Marketing will be at the core of your skillset, and strong customer service skills are vital to ensure that each person interacting with the Mavericks and Mavs Gaming brands has a positive experience.

Some of the requirements you need for this unique role is a valid driver’s license, to be able to lift 50 pounds and be over the age of 18. Other than that there are no large blocks barring your way to this job, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

The last role was junior marketing, so now we have a senior role for you!

ASTRO Gaming, a headset brand in esports & gaming that is owned by Logitech, is looking to bring on a marketing heavyweight to take control of their global efforts.

Needless to say that’s an exciting role, with the company already having partnerships in place with some of the largest brands in esports. For fans of Call of Duty, you’ve probably seen the likes of eUnited rocking ASTROs!

More specifically, your job duties will have you working to develop marketing strategies that can engage with gamers over the world. Working with creative agencies and internal teams to ensure consistent, world-class marketing material is being created will be one such duty.

As you’ll be steering a ship that reaches millions, experience in the marketing field is required, with 5 years being how much ASTRO wants to see from their candidates. Proven experience in producing marketing programs in their entirety tops the list of their requirements, so you can bet it’s another thing they’re eager to see!

Another 10 sublime jobs for you to apply to. We’ll catch you all next week for more of the same!