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20th Nov 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #45

Remote work, huge companies in the space hiring - what more can you ask for from a roundup?

You’re in for a treat in this esports jobs roundup, with a whole host of epic companies around the scene hiring for some very special roles indeed. There’s remote work, huge orgs recruiting and everything else to make a weekly roundup sizzling.

Let us show you what we mean!

We highlight the 10 best jobs in esports from the past week in this feature, but we’re going to say this is allowed. The esports news and media outlet Dexerto is hiring for SIX different, full time writers to produce content for websites in their network.

Two of these will be working on Dexerto.com to cover the ins and outs of esports and gaming. From roster moves, to tournament wins to the discussions that captivate fans, you’ll bring it all to this huge outlet.

Another two will work on CharlieIntel.com, a Call of Duty website that was acquired by Dexerto. When you’re not writing up the latest developments in rostermania, they’d like to see you producing content that CoD fans can enjoy, be that opinion pieces, quizzes, or something else you think will resonate.

Finally, two of the writers they hire will cover the game that took the world by storm earlier this year, Fortnite, on FortniteIntel.com. Patch notes, breaking news, original content - you will live and breathe Fortnite content here.

This is such a great opportunity offered, any Shakespeare-in-the-making should be throwing their quill in the ring.

Dexerto has set the quality bar high, but this roundup can compete...

Red Bull is involved in esports and the gaming world at large through various sponsorships, and you could join them as an esports specialist. The job title alone should be enough to have you running to the apply button if you’re located in the UK, but let us give you a few more reasons to get hyped....

Working on the company’s marketing activities in the scene, you’ll assist the esports manager in implementing their strategy around esports, building relationships with communities and influencers and generally promoting Red Bull in esports & gaming.

In terms of requirements, Red Bull wants somebody with past experience in marketing and a talent for approaching issues creatively. Communication is key in this role also, as you’ll represent Red Bull in a manner of different environments.

If you think you could be an esports ambassador, then spread your wings and get an application out there!

Our console esports fans will love this one…

That’s because it’s designing graphics for one of the largest brands in the space! Everyone who has picked up a controller likely knows Scuf Gaming, and for at least the next 2 months they need a graphic designer who can assist them with stunning designs over the holiday period.

Positioned in their office in Georgia and working on a freelance basis, you’ll assist Scuf Gaming by producing materials used in social media channels, affiliate creatives to assist in conversions for the program, product packaging and more.

This is a pivotal role for the company in such a busy period of the year, and their experience demands meet its need for excellence. 3 years of experience in a graphic design role is a must, along with expert knowledge of Photoshop. A degree in design is asked for, though the equivalent amount of experience in the field is also acceptable.

There’s plenty of creative roles to go around in this roundup!

One of the teams competing in the LCS, FlyQuest, is seeking somebody who can join the team working on their video content to produce the most epic and polished videos of their team’s movements out of the game. And since you’d have a hand in the ideation of content, you could have your say on what you think an esports org should be producing about their team.

More specifically, this role requires somebody who understands the technical workings of camera equipment, lighting, audio capture and anything else that is used in the production of live content. Diving through demos and past games is another factor of this job, as you’ll be assembling and editing footage of in-game moments from the team also.

FlyQuest is looking for somebody with 3 years of experience in this position to jump onto the content team. Along that journey, they want you to have picked up knowledge of audio and video capturing equipment and other technology used to capture footage.

For the content folks in Canada, this is well worth checking out!

Akshon Esports is a content and news platform in esports that has a popular YouTube channel that focuses on Overwatch updates. From that success, the company is now looking to bring on somebody full time to work on producing videos about Overwatch and esports.

All forms of video, from short form snappy content to longer style pieces that tell a story will be what you work on. That means you’ll be capturing footage in game and bringing it to the audience as a well put together end product.

There’s no years of experience that Akshon is pushing for in this position, though they do say that having a year of time in video editing already will be beneficial to your application.

A point that they’re stressing is that this isn’t a position that can be performed remotely. Candidates must be able to work from their Vancouver office.

We did say that the creative jobs were going to be rolling through today!

One of the teams entering the Overwatch League for Season 2 representing China is seeking a full time graphic designer to work with them in Los Angeles. As their design expert, you’ll put your skills to work by creating assets that can be used in marketing, PR and even video content, such as thumbnails.

Some of the examples the company uses in their job advert are odd to hear from a graphic design job, but we’re liking it! Posters, invitations and banner ads are all mentioned as things you’d create for the company. We especially like the chance to produce posters for an esports team.

This is another role where the company is needing to see multiple years of experience to show you’re a suitable candidate: 3-5 years is what’s stated in their advert. On top of your past experience in graphic design, Overwatch knowledge is of course imperative to have for somebody working in a team operating in the game.

Talking of teams entering esports leagues....

Coming into the NBA 2K League in its next season is the gaming brand operated by the Minnesota Timberwolves, T-Wolves Gaming. At the moment their logo is yet to be revealed, which just shows how early you could be getting on board with this team!

The position they’re in need of is a Business Lead, to drive revenue for the brand. This will be in the form of sponsorships and any other products from the team that can be sold.

As well as your revenue responsibilities, the overall strategy and vision of how T-Wolves Gaming will grow will be something you’d plan.

Some of the specific requirements you need to meet is having a degree in marketing, business or a related discipline. 2-3 years of experience within esports is preferred, but isn’t listed as necessary.

It wouldn’t be a roundup without a healthy number of west coast jobs!

The next company hiring is one that is trying to make the process of finding skilled, like-minded teammates in your favorite esports titles as painless as possible. To assist in making sure the player bases in games such as CS:GO and League of Legends are all aware of the platform, they need a marketing guru!

Boasting over 1 million signed up users and plenty of funding, joining this company would be a very cool place to witness esports grow and get involved with it yourself.

Being such a senior role in the company, it’s not a surprise to see an experience requirement of 5 years being mentioned, with 3 years of that being in SaaS sales to consumers. Leadership experience is also required, with 5 years managing reports being what DreamTeam is looking for.

If you think you can help build the growth of this platform then waste no time applying!

We’ve got another brilliant remote job from our friends at Dexerto!

This time around it’s not a writer they’re hiring for. The content outlet is in need of somebody who can put together magical visuals to help the business across their different departments. The candidate must be in Europe for this position.

Your designs will appear across Dexerto’s network of websites as well as their social media pages. That’s a large audience that you could see your motion and still graphics playing across!

What this job offers (you know, aside from working full time in esports from your own home!) is a competitive salary that scales with your experience, benefits from partners of Dexerto and being a part of an international team around the world.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a graphic designers dream!

We had to end things off with a banger for the Overwatch addicts!

The Overwatch League itself, an entity that has changed how esports is organized, is looking to bring on a social content expert to shape their social media and content marketing as a league.

This position requires you to have digital content experience coming out of your ears. Managing at least one direct report, the Overwatch League content calendar across its digital platforms will be your child to nurture, ensuring it grows the brand’s presence. That means as well as creating fantastic content, you must have an understanding of the best ways to allow this to grow a brand and its pages.

As you might expect, a role like this needs a lot of proven experience in the field. They’re asking for a minimum of 6-7 years of experience managing social media channels for a company in an industry similar to esports, such as sports, technology or entertainment. They need to see leadership experience too, as well as time spent in relationship management with third party companies.

It asks for a lot from you, but just imagine controlling the content channels of the Overwatch League!

Those are all of the jobs we have for you in this week’s edition! There were some real hot ones, and hopefully something for everyone to get stuck into.

If you stick around, we have our weekly statistics all piled up that paint a picture of the esports jobs world.


In total, we posted 131 careers in esports over the last 7 days. 73.28% of these were paid careers, with the vast majority being full time work in the scene which we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

16 different regions were active in hiring in esports last week, which you can see a breakdown of below:

  • USA - 69 jobs
  • Remote - 34 jobs
  • Canada - 7 jobs
  • UK - 6 jobs
  • Bulgaria - 2 jobs
  • France - 2 jobs
  • Singapore - 2 jobs
  • Australia - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Germany - 1 job
  • India - 1 job
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job
  • Turkey - 1 job

We mentioned that 73.28% of our postings were paid, and here’s those figures laid out:

  • Full Time - 87 jobs
  • Freelance - 6 jobs
  • Part Time - 2 jobs

Our unpaid posts looked like this:

  • Volunteer - 27 roles
  • Internships - 9 roles

Now, go out there and get those jobs!