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26th Nov 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #46

Featuring a diverse spectrum of esports jobs, this edition is something special!

Our 46th edition of the weekly esports jobs roundup features a collection of companies we don’t always see included in our list. From online schools to a video editing studio specializing in YouTube, it was certainly an eclectic week for the best careers.

Let’s dig in!

Starting off this roundup is one of the job types that goes down best with our audience - paid esports writing! Well, editing would be more correct for this.

Technicalities aside, what this job role consists of is keeping on top of all the major developments and news stories across the main esports titles that fans follow, to then post this in a concise manner on Upcomer’s platforms.

Because of that, having an understanding of esports as a whole is key, rather than specializing in one or two game titles. You’ll use that knowledge of esports to identify breaking news stories as they happen and quickly write up the relevant points.

As well as posting content for Upcomer, they’d like your voice to have a say in the overall content strategy of their platform.

The company hasn’t slapped a set number of years you must have on this job which is always a blessing to see. Deep knowledge of writing news and an understanding of the broad landscape of esports are the most key features, so if you think you can win this company over with your content then don’t miss this part time paid role!

Another junior role coming at ya…

NEVERBLAND is a design studio based in London that was founded by Sam Matthews, the founder of the giant esports organization Fnatic. They create stunning websites and, as mentioned in their job advert, have built some great products in esports.

Joining them in their studio as a junior developer would see you working on their client projects in a variety of coding languages.

And while this is a junior role (on our site we class anything asking for between 0-2 years of experience as junior), NEVERBLAND does need to see some evidence of your strengths in your application. Experience with React is pivotal, along with time spent building products using web-tech and JavaScript. This can’t exceed 2 years though - they have a senior role that would be more suited for you if you have over that!

The benefits to this job are something to marvel at, and set the bar high even compared to the strong lists we usually see at London jobs. There’s work from home days, 22 days holiday + the time between Christmas and the New Year, free lunches and a great setup they’ll provide for you. That sounds like a good company to get in with!

Here’s one of the coolest social media jobs we saw this month...

Scuf Gaming is looking to hire a full time social media associate to assist them with managing their channels. But where many positions in the scene ask for previous experience in social media management, this role is specifying at least 1 year of experience in customer service before. Worked in a store for that amount of time? Frame that time period well, and it could meet what they’re looking for!

What your duties would be in this position is responding to customers reaching out to Scuf via social media. There’s a busy period coming up with Christmas, so it’d be full steam ahead in this role!

In such a customer-centric role, seeing requirements of great interpersonal skills and experience interacting with customers in writing is no surprise to see. They need a rapid typer, though we know most gaming fans can handily meet this requirement from all the years we’ve spent typing to our teammates over various platforms.

Here comes something very exciting for our senior candidates...

HP, one of the global leaders in computing goods and hardware, is looking to bring on a marketing expert for their gaming and esports brand OMEN by HP. Sponsors of teams, tournaments, talk shows and everything in between, OMEN by HP is an incredibly active brand within the scene.

From the company’s Houston office, you’ll add to the hive of esports activity happening in Texas by directing how the OMEN brand is marketed. That could be through developing their strategy one week to working with outside advertising agencies the next. Your job role would encompass such a broad spectrum of duties that each week would be different!

The minimum experience that HP is looking for from candidates in this position is 7, and they want to see at least 3 of these years in gaming/entertainment. A deep affinity with digital marketing and all its strands is also asked for.

We’ve had the exciting news about the LEC since our last roundup, so this job came at a good time…

...because you wouldn’t get a better viewpoint into the LEC than being at the studios each week and being directly involved in one of the top teams in the league.

It’s always exciting to see jobs so directly involved in esports teams as this one, and the G2 Esports League team comes as one of the coolest rosters we’ve seen the possibility to manage.

Some of the duties you’d take on here is building out a talented coaching roster and support staff that can help the G2 team meet their goals and expectations. You’d be the communication conduit between the organization and officials in the LEC and even be responsible for managing the team’s gaming house.

Bolded in the job description is the responsibility to assist the content team in capturing content of the players that can be served back to G2 fans to enjoy.

There isn’t a number of years experience required in this role to snatch it up, but you will need to show the organization that you have past work experience as a team manager or coach. Demonstrating your understanding of branding and, of course, the pro League of Legends scene are also crucial. Part of your job is to facilitate the best in the players, so you must be willing to go above and beyond to ensure their success and comfort.

Here’s that interesting video production team we hyped up in the intro to the roundup...

Render is a company that is so unique to esports - they provide services where they manage YouTube channels and assist in the content output of them.

These YouTube experts can do everything for you from producing stream highlights, to designing thumbnails to even planning out when your video content will go out on YouTube. They even say they can boost your revenue on YouTube!

The company acknowledges in their description that their content managers might have a varied workload to take, but give some examples of what you might be doing including reviewing what Render editors send to you to evaluate in order to ensure it will please the client, to working with clients directly to optimize their content channels and discuss strategy of future projects.

It’s remote, paid and all about esports content, or should we say perfect!

It wouldn’t be a HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup without a giant esports brand hiring…

This time around it’s Fnatic, the esports titans based in London and fielding world-beating rosters in a variety of different titles.

They’re on the hunt for a Marketing Director that can develop a watertight marketing strategy for their brands, including their pro gaming teams and their esports peripherals brand Fnatic Gear.

The shape this might take is working with other departments in the company on how they can deliver on your marketing goals, making sure that marketing goals include promoting team sponsors to fans and managing influencers and PR activity.

If the word “Director” didn’t give it away, this is a senior position in the company and needs the experience to match that. While there isn’t a set amount of years they’re seeking, they are looking for somebody with experience as a marketing leader is a global consumer-centric brand.

Benefits to this position are obvious, and some that we’re liking the most are the fact that you’ll be joining the senior leadership team of this storied org and that you’ll receive a full stack of gear to use in the office.

Education jobs rarely look this interesting, even the esports ones...

The last few years have played witness to a variety of different educational initiatives coming out, from fully-fledged esports degrees to online courses designed to help people break into the scene. This one falls into its own category.

The Vancouver Animation School (which is a 100% online school) is seeking out an experienced League of Legends player to literally coach students. Some of the responsibilities mentioned are teaching new students to play the different roles in League, designing a practice regime that can suit players of varying skill levels and even identifying talent for potential scholarships.

League is the name of the game (literally!) for this job, and so great knowledge of the game and its mechanics is an absolute must. A certificate or qualification in instructing others is required.

It seems each week we’re catching awesome social media jobs!

Esports Arena is all over the States, and they made waves when they brought esports into the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and onto the strip of the entertainment capital of the world. Now it’s your turn to make waves with the company!

Some of the games the company is active in and that you will need to be at least somewhat knowledgeable in is CS:GO, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and Overwatch. The platforms you’ll be active on are Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and of course the esports favorite of Twitter.

What your days would be made up of is building the brand awareness of Esports Arena online, publishing original, quality content and responding to fans engaging with the brand. Managing influencer efforts is another responsibility you will handle.

Oh, you thought we’d leave you without video editing being covered…?

Akshon Esports produce top quality, regular Overwatch content on their YouTube channel. Joining them in Vancouver full time (not remotely, unfortunately!), you will be working together with the company’s creative team to come up with the best ideas in esports that the fans will love.

As with most video editing jobs, your day-to-day responsibilities take the form of editing all forms of video content, from shorter clips to lengthier features. You can let the world hear your music taste, provided it fits the video you’re creating, as you’ll also be selecting what audio to place over the content.

The requirements that Akshon Esports need to see in order to move you onto the next stage of recruitment is an impressive reel/portfolio, with links to two recent pieces of work. Overwatch knowledge is something that can’t be missed in an application. They aren’t stressing over a set number of years in video editing, but the more past experience you possess the more you will stand out.

Those were the 10 best jobs in esports from the past week! We’re going to dive into our weekly stats now, so stick around for a breakdown of the jobs scene in numbers.

Spoiler alert: it was a record-breaking week for us!


That’s right, over the last seven days we posted a massive 150 jobs in esports! That averages out to 21 new opportunities in esports each day!

The quality didn’t take a hit either - 85.33% of these careers were paid. The numbers this week were really great.

15 different locations in the world were active in their hiring, which you can check below:

  • USA - 70 jobs
  • Remote - 28 jobs
  • UK - 21 jobs
  • Germany - 11 jobs
  • Canada - 7 jobs
  • France - 3 jobs
  • Netherlands - 2 jobs
  • Australia - 1 job
  • Finland - 1 job
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Singapore - 1 job
  • Sweden - 1 job
  • Taiwan - 1 job
  • UAE - 1 job
  • Ukraine - 1 job

Here’s our breakdown of the contract type on the paid jobs:

  • Full Time - 115 jobs
  • Part Time - 7 jobs
  • Freelance - 6 jobs

Our unpaid roles were spread like this:

  • Volunteer - 21 roles
  • Internship - 1 role

We’ll be back next Monday with Roundup #47.

Until then!