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3rd Dec 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #47

FaZe, SK Gaming, Cloud9 and TSM all hiring in the same week makes for an epic roundup!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup, where we highlight the finest 10 careers we posted on our board that week. We’re on our 47th edition of the year, and are writing this on the back of our busiest week ever so there were plenty of great jobs to choose from!

SK Gaming, Cloud9, FaZe Clan and more beasts are hiring for some really exciting roles that we can’t wait to show you…

We have to start off with a fan favorite! Cloud9 is a team with a huge fanbase, and the company is looking to outfit them in the finest apparel going. As their merchandise director, you’ll play a huge part in those plans!

The strategy of their merchandise approach falls into your hands in this role, including the sales goals and assisting in pricing of the merch.

Sales is the primary focus in this position, meaning you’d be forecasting what to expect from merchandise before it drops, and then analyzing the data after it has been released.

Merch is such a key part to a team’s revenue stream, so you’ll need a lot of experience to slip into this role. C9 is asking for 3-5 years in product analysis/planning in an ecommerce company where you held a senior position.

You’ll be glad to hear we have two jobs from this company coming at you this roundup…

...because when it’s FaZe Clan who is hiring there can’t be too many jobs! FaZe is far and away one of the most elite organizations in gaming and esports, and this job is to work directly with the company’s president to ensure their time is managed as efficiently as possible.

The learning opportunities as their executive assistant would be huge, and you’d have a front row seat to some of the biggest transpirings in esports.

To give more details on what precisely you would do, managing the correspondence of the company president is a large part of the job. Filtering through emails, arranging meetings, and liaising between different departments are some of the duties.

Just working for FaZe is probably enough of an attraction, but there’s also a competitive salary on offer and the chance to join them as they continue to dominate the scene!

We have YET ANOTHER huge team hiring…

Team SoloMid is up there with C9 as one of the most elite organizations in the whole world, and are looking for someone who can extend the reach of their brand even farther.

Their ideal candidate has a background in marketing/sales and understands the gaming and esports space deeply.

The job responsibilities aren’t too detailed on what your daily routine would look like, but what is mentioned is that developing presentations and pitches for sales to clients would fall in your box. You’d also ideate exciting marketing opportunities that TSM sponsors can use to collaborate with the brand to achieve their goals.

If that is sounding like a dream job to you, let’s talk requirements. TSM wants to see 3+ years of past experience and a background in integrated marketing. Thorough knowledge of the digital marketing world is also imperative.

Oh, you want ANOTHER top esports team that is hiring?

Boom! Four global brands looking to add talented professionals to their rosters in just a week. Esports jobs is in a great place!

SK Gaming is one of the OG teams of the scene and are hiring for a favorite role in esports - a social media manager! Managing their social platforms is an obvious responsibility in this position. That includes preparing content plans to ensure there’s always engaging posts going out for fans to enjoy. Communicating with fans on social channels is another thing you’ll do, wrapping things up at the end of the month with a solid monthly report on social activity and metrics.

Fluent english is required, and German is a bonus to your application but not necessary. They’re looking for a portfolio of social media management, but don’t specify how many years of experience you need so don’t be put off from applying here!

Social media work for SK has to count as the esports dream, so get on it!

It’s always back to back bangers in our roundups….

It’s another fan favorite now in the form of junior graphic design, with the tournament organizing elites at ESL! In their New York office you will combine with their global partnerships team to enhance the effectiveness of ESL outreach to clients.

Designing sales materials for the company is the primary focus in this role, using a message to convey the details of how brands can enter the scene effectively.

This role is junior, but they are looking for 2 years of professional design experience. A degree, however, is not required, which is good news to a lot of Twitter followers who answered our latest poll!

We don’t mean to show you up ESL, but this role is hard to go up against…

FaZe came in with two incredible jobs this week, and we know how many of our followers look for graphic design jobs. To make things even better, this is another junior role and it doesn’t even ask for a set amount of past experience.

Where your focus in the ESL position would be sales materials, the main duties in this position are designing concepts for apparel and assisting in the marketing of content. We know how on-the-ball FaZe is with their content, so that’s a lot of stuff for you to be working on!

Though there isn’t a stipulation for a set amount of experience, the company is asking that you have advanced skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you’re a talented graphic designer in esports, then this is your shot to join a giant like FaZe!

Let’s keep this creative train going a bit longer, eh…?

We’re switching things up from junior level roles to something a lot more senior! PUBG is looking for a senior designer that can hire and manage other skilled designers to up the visual game of this Battle Royale!

Some of the things you’ll be doing are creating graphics for marketing of the game, updating the brand guideline for PUBG (something particularly cool!) and manage all of the third party characters involved in the design agencies!

You’ll even produce the PUBG esports guidelines for design!

They haven’t added a set number of years of experience that you need to have in this role - something we love - but it’s a fully senior position.

Now there’s not a whole lot of detail in this position, so bear with us trying to sum it up!

ProGuides has been hiring plenty of video content creators to work from Los Angeles lately, and here’s a position for a League of Legends authority to step into. We say authority, as you’ll be producing guides for players to use to improve!

As such, you will be managing freelance writers that assist you in the creation of guide materials, collect in game footage to add an example to the video’s script and work to make all of the content of top quality.

There’s no required years of experience, but you’ll need to prove you’re a Summoner to challenge the best by having at least a platinum rank in League!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen this brand in esports!

Sponsoring all sorts of teams, tournaments and content, OMEN by HP is a brand that is everywhere.

This position really gets you at the helm of the ship, navigating the marketing waters to increase visibility of the brand in the space.

Some of the ways you’ll perform that duty are through smart partnerships, planning product launch campaigns and working with outside advertising campaigns to hit KPIs.

We’ve left this job close to last as it’s asking for serious experience from candidates. They need to see at least 7 years of experience in marketing, with 3 of these being spent in gaming or an industry similar to it.

It wouldn’t be a roundup without Dexerto hiring to fill a brilliant remote position.

Dexerto is one of the largest coverage and content hubs in esports and is hiring someone to make sure they keep growing that reputation.

The job, literally, is to make sure Dexerto is on top of all the viral trends that emerge in esports, gaming and entertainment.

Leaving no story unturned, you’ll use tools such as Google Trends to find interesting stories that Dexerto can cover for their audience.

You’ll then feed this to the writers and watch them break the story for the scene to see!

Their main requirements are that you be over 18 and have worked with Google Trends and Analytics in the past. If you have that, then you could see yourself working for this media giant full time from the comfort of your home!

That’s us all out of jobs, but allow us to show you our job statistics from the past seven days.


Over the last 7 days we posted a massive 168 esports jobs! You’ve seen the top 10, but make sure you’ve had a good browse through all our jobs if you’re looking for positions in esports.

A solid 80.36% of these were paid, making there a lot of chances to get paid for working in the industry you love!

Battle Royale fans will be happy to hear that PUBG Corporation was the most active employer through their 13 jobs.

Here’s the breakdown of the 15 different locations that were hiring:

  • USA - 92 jobs
  • Remote - 33 jobs
  • Germany - 11 jobs
  • Sweden - 8 jobs
  • France - 5 jobs
  • UK - 4 jobs
  • Netherlands - 3 jobs
  • South Korea - 3 jobs
  • Canada - 2 jobs
  • China - 2 jobs
  • Brazil - 1 job
  • India - 1 job
  • Ireland - 1 job
  • Romania - 1 job
  • Singapore - 1 job

Here is our contract breakdown:

  • Full Time - 121 jobs
  • Freelance - 2 jobs
  • Part Time - 2 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 10 roles

And on the unpaid side of things:

  • Unpaid Internships - 7 roles
  • Volunteer - 26 roles

We’ll be back next Monday for another healthy dose of stats and jobs.

See you then!