10th Dec 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #48

It's been another busy week, and you know that's left us with a whole host of epic jobs!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup, where we look back on the greatest 10 careers of the week. And since we are consistently posting over 100 jobs a week at the moment, that’s a lot of options to choose from!

This week has some giant esports teams hiring for really exciting positions, so we can’t wait to show you these ones!

Esports Insider Logo

(Expired) Esports Business Journalist

6 months ago by Esports Insider

Remote (Anywhere)

Kicking things off this week is Esports Insider, a news and coverage outlet that covers the business moves in esports. Doing just that requires talented writers and reporters who can cover that area expertly, so enter this brilliant job…

They’re hiring for a freelance journalist to join them in covering the moves behind the scene in this exciting industry. You’ll be producing news and feature stories under the ESI banner, representing the company at industry events and even assisting to grow their social media channels.

What they’re offering is a nice set of benefits to top this remote, freelance role off. You’ll be earning a competitive rate of pay, with a chance to go part time or full time with the company in the future. We always like seeing that option for growth in jobs! You could also find yourself attending esports events on Esports Insider’s behalf. There aren’t many perks in esports jobs than that!

We’re switching things up now with a graphic design position with a top World of Warcraft guild!

Limit Guild Logo

(Expired) Graphic Designer

1 year ago by Limit Guild

Remote (Anywhere)

Now like many MMO players I have lost guildies in various titles to WoW when a new expansion hits, but if the game keeps bringing jobs of this calibre for people to fill then my opinion on it might just change!

Limit Guild is looking to hire a freelance graphic designer to outfit them with all sorts of creative designs. Although you’ll be working under their direction, it sounds as though you’ll have plenty of room to work autonomously and operate under your creative vision.

The guild needs to see a creative flair from you, which you could demonstrate in the portfolio they require to see exactly what you’re capable of. They also ask for knowledge of esports and the esports culture.

If you want to join a top guild as a designer rather than a raider, then this is a must-apply!

After that sizzling design job, we have to throw something to our content-specialized followers!


(Expired) Content Marketing Specialist

1 year ago by iBUYPOWER

Industry (California), USA

iBUYPOWER, one of the largest brands in the realm of gaming PCs and an active supporter of esports is looking for someone who can use their content to attract new eyes to the brand. You’ll be utilizing the power of blogs, SEO and other mediums of written content to bring new customers to iBUYPOWER.

Content will be key in your job, and you’ll be working with various teams across iBUYPOWER to produce articles and blog posts, well-written landing pages, whitepapers, presentations and more. Your written English must be superb in this position!

One of the other key skills you will need is an understanding of SEO and how to implement it in your content to ensure it captures as many people searching for relevant queries as possible.

You’ll even get a chance to interview some key figures around esports as you outfit the company blog page with intriguing interviews.

The experience they’re asking for you to have is 3 years in content writing, SEO, digital marketing or a similar field. Some other requests they have is some experience with Photoshop, social media and some basic HTML skills. That will give you the chops needed to see content creation through from start to finish!

We can’t mention social media without bringing up an awesome job in the sector, like this one....

Chaos Esports Club Logo

(Expired) Social Media & Community Manager

1 year ago by Chaos Esports Club

Remote (Anywhere)

It’s no wonder this has been one of our most popular job openings since Chaos Esports Club posted it - it’s a remote paid role in social media!

From our experience, that always goes down brilliantly. What this job entails is managing the team’s social media accounts - from posting content to interacting with followers.

What Chaos is looking to see from their candidates is brilliant communication along with past experience as a social media manager. Knowledge of social media analytics platforms and digital marketing channels in general is also desirable.

If you can provide that, then you can join this company remotely or in Atlanta, Georgia to begin working heavily in esports social media!

Another area that is awesome to work in inside esports coming up now…

(Expired) Graphic Designer

1 year ago by

Santa Monica (California), USA

We’ve got more graphic design for you all to feast on, though this one is full time rather than freelance! Perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more concrete and stable than freelance working.

Quarterback aims to serve as the bridge between streamers and their fan bases by creating fan leagues that offer rewards to those who compete.

As their graphic designer, you’ll be using your artistic talents to improve the Quarterback brand and help market their service.

Some of what you will be doing includes provided graphics to partnered creators of Quarterback, assist marketing campaigns by providing the visuals and generally assist the company in all of their visual content.

We have even more full time social media for you!

CLTX Gaming Logo

(Expired) Associate Social Manager - Gaming

1 year ago by CLTX Gaming

Boston (Massachusetts), USA

And this job really made us happy for it being on the east coast, an area of the States that is sorely unrepresented for esports jobs compared to the fans we hear over there.

Working from Boston, you’ll join the esports and gaming arm of the Boston Celtics as they gear up to compete in Season 2 of the NBA 2K League. Your support won’t come on the court, though, but by promoting the brand and growing it through social channels.

This will be done by you capturing otherwise-unseen footage of the team practising and competing and sharing it across the brand’s social channels, producing content around the players and teams and managing promotions that reward fans for their engagement with the brand.

There aren’t a set number of years being specified, though you will need a bachelor’s degree as well as the willingness to learn creative programs such as Photoshop and Premier. Usually jobs that require the use of these will expect you to know them, so don’t miss this chance to join as a junior and learn on the job.

Are you ready for one of the coolest jobs we’ve seen in Europe lately…?

G2 Esports Logo

(Expired) Head of Brand Management

1 year ago by G2 Esports

Berlin, Germany

G2 Esports are an esports organization based in Berlin, which might surprise some people, and are hiring for a skilled marketer to join them in their headquarters. Your chief duty will be to drive brand initiatives that can ultimately increase G2’s revenue.

The way this might take shape is by you defining the brand mission of G2 and deciding how the company fits into the market, ensuring that the G2 brand voice is consistent across numerous forms of communication and working with senior management to boost brand awareness.

G2 needs you to have 3+ years of experience working in a senior position of brand management along with leadership skills. Analytics, data and a proficiency for all facets of marketing is required. And although they are based in Germany, fluency in the language is a plus but not required!

Marketing is the focus of this job, too…

Ghost Gaming Logo

(Expired) Marketing Manager

1 year ago by Ghost Gaming

Irvine (California), USA

And it is also with a top esports team! Ghost Gaming is an organization that was founded in 2017 and has already made waves in several games. Fielding rosters in CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG & more, it’s likely they’re competing in your favorite game!

The position they’re hiring for is for somebody to continue spreading the word and growing their brand. Having shown brilliant growth already, you’ll have some large shoes to fill, and it’s no surprise their requirements reflect that!

They’re asking for 4-6 years of experience in an industry similar to esports, and expect you to know it all about marketing, from digital to influencer.

If you have that, then you could fill this role to be the brand ambassador, ensuring the unique and gritty voice of the company remains consistent across multiple communication channels and directing all points of marketing for the company.

Let’s make it three top orgs in a row, shall we…?

Fnatic Logo

(Expired) Ecommerce Product Manager

1 year ago by Fnatic

London, UK

It’s been a common sight throughout the year to see Fnatic hiring in these roundups, and once more they’re gracing our board with an exciting role to manage all of the sales points on their website.

They need someone with experience and talents in ecommerce, particularly Shopify and Amazon, and a strong understanding of digital marketing to effectively push Fnatic products to a wide audience.

The products you’ll be in charge of driving sales for include their peripherals line, Fnatic Gear, as well as company merchandise and apparel.

There aren’t many better teams you could join!

We have something that will make our esports writers VERY happy coming up now…

GINX Esports TV Logo

(Expired) Esports Journalists (x2)

1 year ago by GINX Esports TV

London, UK

Ginx TV, a company based in the UK that is puts esports on the TV constantly, is hiring for TWO full time writers to continue filling their website with awesome types of content.

Now, it’s rare to see full time writing in esports on the best of days, so when a reputable company like Ginx is looking for two positions to be filled then you know you need to apply if you’re talented with your words.

You’ll write everything from news posts, feature articles about the sound and even securing interview guests you think the platforms audience will find interesting.

In order to be qualified for this position, you’ll need to have excellent written English and possess previous experience in journalism or content production. This position is on-site in London, so only apply if you can work there!

That’s our 10 best jobs covered, which means it’s now time to look back over our week’s stats!


Over the last 7 days we posted a massive 155 different jobs in esports. An impressive 85.81% of these were paid, so there’s plenty of chances to make your passion your career at the moment!

Good news for the Fortnite fans is that Epic Games posted 15 careers this week. Maybe one of these people can tell them that the planes they added keep ruining my team fights!

18 different locations were hiring in esports these past 7 days, which you can see below:

  • USA - 81 jobs
  • Remote - 31 jobs
  • Canada - 11 jobs
  • Germany - 8 jobs
  • UK - 7 jobs
  • India - 2 jobs
  • Poland - 2 jobs
  • Taiwan - 2 jobs
  • Turkey - 2 jobs
  • Australia - 1 job
  • Bulgaria - 1 job
  • Denmark - 1 job
  • France - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job
  • Singapore - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job
  • UAE - 1 job
  • Ukraine - 1 job

This is the contract distribution from our paid roles:

  • Full Time - 119 jobs
  • Freelance - 11 jobs
  • Part Time - 1 job

This is the contract distribution of our unpaid roles:

  • Volunteer - 18 roles
  • Internship - 6 roles

We’ll be back next Monday for more brilliant esports careers and another look at our weekly stats.

See ya then!