17th Dec 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #49

It's our last roundup of the year, and we ended on a high!

Welcome to the 49th edition of our weekly jobs roundup, and the last of 2018! That makes it a particularly special roundup for us as we began this feature at the beginning of the year when we began to take a full time focus to the website. We’ve seen incredible growth since then in all areas, from our personal growth to how much the quality of careers have improved, which is what you’re here for!

This last week had two of the original organizations in the Overwatch League hiring, some other fine orgs around the scene as well as some less-known companies bringing their heat to us!

Let’s dig in to our last 10 jobs of the year - we couldn’t add a festive element to esports jobs but we know they’ll fill you with cheer!

Philadelphia Fusion Logo

(Expired) Motion Graphics Designer

1 year ago by Philadelphia Fusion

Los Angeles (California), USA

Philadelphia Fusion have posted some really great jobs in the content department this year, so it’s only fitting that we’re able to end on that note. This junior position working with them on-site in LA doesn’t have a set number of experience needed to climb into it, meaning it will be on your portfolio and how you present yourself that will decide this job.

A lot of what you put out will be distributed on social, and you’ll be the go-to point in the organization for other departments to approach with motion graphic work they need done. They’re definitely expecting a fair amount of workload, as they mention that you’ll work with graphic freelancers and outside parties when needed!

If you’re a monster on After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop and know your way around Final Cut Pro and Premiere, you really should be ditching our roundup and applying to this. We can only be honest!

We’ve spoken to the man behind this company, so can confirm they’re up to awesome things in esports!

PatronGG GmbH Logo

(Expired) Marketing Lead

1 year ago by PatronGG GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Patron is another esports company contributing to the hub of activity in Berlin, and is hiring for a marketing expert that can grow their platform and user base.

What it is you’ll be growing is their esports community app, dealing with their off-platform communications while using data from the app to see how best you can promote it.

In order to do this, Patron need to see fluent English from you, along with an interest in esports and the understanding not to write the word with a capital S! Technical skills on Google Analytics and paid advertising channels are also needed.

There are good perks and a good company culture to be had on top of working in esports, so we’d recommend our European marketers to check this role out!

We’re happy to say that anyone this appeals to can apply to our next job…

100 Thieves Logo

(Expired) League of Legends Data Analyst

1 year ago by 100 Thieves

Remote (Anywhere)

...that’s because we’re talking about good ol’ remote work! A favorite in esports, 100 Thieves really set the bar high with how far you can take an esports job when they posted a remote, full time position with their League of Legends department.

If you’ve come out of university with a degree in a field along the lines of data science or statistics, this dream job could be open for you. 100T is looking for somebody who can crunch the numbers behind the best League of Legends teams in the world and convert that into actionable insights that the coaching staff and players can use to up their game.

Some of the key skills needed in this job is a strong familiarity in Excel, a love and talent for data and understanding about League. We know if you’re eligible for this job you’ll be applying, in order to come on board with one of the most dynamic esports orgs out there.

Fans local to NYC will be thrilled to hear we had THREE jobs from this org this past week…


(Expired) Creative Director / Head of Content

1 year ago by NYXL

New York City (New York), USA

...two of them made the roundup, including this brilliant opportunity to join the NYXL as their head of content with an emphasis on the video production side of things. The Overwatch League side is pushing great initiatives to build an org with an authentic local fanbase, so we’re sure any NYC esports fans are buzzing at the chance to join them.

The company needs you to be able to use your experience in digital media production to ensure their brand has a consistent, high-quality feel to it across all of their outwards-facing communication channels, as well as supplementing the org with the best content in the biz.

Managing people involved in all steps of the content creation process, you’ll direct them under your content calendar to produce the type of material that attracts an even larger following.

In order to take up that kind of role, experience is needed. NYXL is asking for 5+ years of experience in publishing/online media, and need someone with the technical skills to create as well as lead.

There were some spicy remote opportunities around this week…

Spyke Logo

(Expired) Social Media Manager

1 year ago by Spyke

Remote (Anywhere)

Not many had a hotness level of this job, either! There are three remote, paid positions with Spyke up currently, including this one in the old fan favorite role as a social media manager.

If creating content to share across multiple social channels is your dream role in esports, then you’ll want to look closely at this job.

The company is asking that you have previous experience in social media as well as that you actively create content, and those are the main requirements on the role - no crazy experience requirements to block a large portion of the scene out!

There’s sure to be a lot of interest in this one, so put in the work to show them you’re the one for the job and who knows what could happen!

This next company hit us with some glorious opening in their project...

WIN Logo

(Expired) Video Producer

1 year ago by WIN

Remote (Anywhere)

WIN posted two remote jobs this week, and it’s this video producer position that we have to highlight.

Working remotely on a full time basis (yep, you heard that right), you’ll be tasked with assisting WIN in all of their video needs. Some of what they mention you may work includes short-form videos for social media as well longer productions for other projects they may have.

The requirements for this job include being able to handle your work with minimal supervision, as is the nature in all remote roles, as well as possessing 3 years of experience editing video. A college degree is preferred, but they’re open to see equivalent experience in lieu of that. They also ask for a strong knowledge of esports, but we know our users have that in abundance.

We have to highlight this junior role from EA, just wait until you hear what it’s about!

Electronic Arts Logo

(Expired) Viewership Analyst

1 year ago by Electronic Arts

Redwood City (California), USA

As the company’s viewership analyst, your job will be to improve the viewing experience of people tuning in to watch EA’s competitive titles. You’ll look to measure and understand viewership stats, as well as conducting research on how best to present the live broadcast to an esports crowd.

Data will be a large part of your job, so a familiarity with that and being able to be comfortable dealing with large amounts of data are imperative. EA also asks for a degree in a field related to numbers and data, but are only looking for 0-2 years of experience if you come to them with a graduate degree.

If you’re looking to jump into a unique esports job and put your talent with numbers to use, then this role looks perfect to do just that.

(Expired) Videographer/Content Creator

1 year ago by

Santa Monica (California), USA

It’s certainly been a visual week for esports jobs, and we have another awesome job for a creative who is handy at whipping up awesome esports videos.

Quarterback is a company that enables streamers to engage with their audience through their platform by hosting giveaways and prizes for viewers to win.

They need somebody who can help the marketing team to bring the visual and creative side to their content strategy of the brand.

The experience required is 1 year in producing video content for a live platform, such as YouTube or Twitch.

If you have that, you should be well on the way for securing this brilliant job!

We had to leave the last two jobs as something really epic...

Echo Fox Logo

(Expired) Social Media Coordinator

1 year ago by Echo Fox

Beverly Hills (California), USA

...and we’d say that full time social media work with Echo Fox does just that! The organization owned by Rick Fox is looking for a social media boss to get on their social pages and cultivate and grow the org’s community.

Some of what you’ll do in this position is develop the social strategy of the brand, maintain and produce content calendars to have a clear roadmap of what the organization will be posting and engaging with the community on a regular basis.

Unlike a fair few of the jobs in this roundup, Echo Fox are asking for a set number of years experience. 2 years in planning for social media or another form of digital/content marketing is their asking price for this job, and they also need to see familiarity in some of the most common tools used in social like Hootsuite or Sprout.

You thought we’d forgotten we promised you another NYXL job, didn’t you...


(Expired) Community Specialist

1 year ago by NYXL

New York City (New York), USA

As our last job on this year’s roundups, we had to end on a high note, and we’d say developing the local fanbase of NYXL through community strategies is about as high as you can go!

What’s more, we’re looking at a junior position here, asking for only 1+ year working with online communities in gaming. Like we often say when talking about community manager positions, streamers / personalities are incredibly suited for them through the skills it takes to build a following, and will catch a lot of hiring manager’s eyes!

If you have that kind of experience, the NYXL need you to grow your contact list of local influencers and personalities in gaming and esports. You’ll even get to manage their community swag program with the aim to get influential characters in New York rocking NYXL apparel.

In short, this is an awesome job with a fairly low barrier for entry that easily makes the list of some of the best jobs we’ve posted this month.

That concludes the jobs portion of our roundup! Let’s get into our weekly stats…


We ended last week with an impressive total of 145 new jobs in esports posted, and are happy to say that 86.21% of these were paid! That’s a whole lotta opportunities in esports that pay a wage…

Pittsburgh Knights posted the most roles this week, providing a bunch of chances for Pittsburgh locals to learn from industry leaders in their esports internships. They just got investment from the Steelers, so don’t sleep on these guys!

There were 13 different locations hiring this week, which you can see below:

  • USA - 77 jobs
  • Remote - 25 jobs
  • Germany - 14 jobs
  • Canada - 7 jobs
  • Netherlands - 4 jobs
  • UK - 4 jobs
  • France - 3 jobs
  • Mexico - 3 jobs
  • Singapore - 3 jobs
  • Colombia - 2 jobs
  • India - 1 job
  • Romania - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job

The breakdown for our paid jobs was as follows:

  • Full Time - 105 jobs
  • Freelance - 17 jobs
  • Part Time - 2 jobs

And our unpaid roles looked like this:

  • Volunteer - 11 roles
  • Internships - 10 roles

We’d like to thank you all for reading and who have been with us throughout 2018 as we’ve leapfrogged our own achievements on a monthly basis it seems. We’ll still be around posting jobs, but will wave you a fond goodbye on the blog side of things for a few weeks.

Have a great holiday season!