7th Jan 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #50

Our first roundup of the New Year is here, and 2019 has begun with high quality jobs!

Welcome to the 50th edition of our weekly jobs roundup, and the first installment of the new year! We’re hoping everyone had a great holiday season, and is raring to go in order to secure a job in esports in 2019.

A great place to start if that was part of your New Year’s Resolutions is our roundup series, where we look back on the top 10 jobs that week in the scene.

We have some positions that could really start your year off with a bang coming up…

ESL Logo

(Expired) League Operations Associate

1 year ago by ESL

Leicester, UK

Kicking things off is this full time position at ESL that is tailored towards juniors looking to enter the scene. And there aren’t many companies better to enter esports in than ESL!

As their League Operations Associate, it’d be your duty to assist in various stages of the live productions and competitions that ESL hosts. Making sure the competitions run smoothly, with a focus on the ESL Premiership will be a big focus of yours in this job.

ESL hasn’t stated a set number of years experience they want to see from candidates applying, but do ask for some form of experience in online gaming administration. As you can expect, they’d love it even more if this was on ESL itself.

Come and start your esports journey with one of the titans in the scene by making esports events and leagues your full time focus!

One look at this job and you’ll see why we’ve included it in the roundup...

ProGuides Logo

(Expired) CS:GO Expert

1 year ago by ProGuides

Remote (Anywhere)

Full time/part time, remote and demanding an expert in a particular esports title? We KNOW this job will resonate with a lot of our readers!

ProGuides assist players climbing the ladder from amateur to expert in esports games, and do so with instructional material to teach newer players how to improve. That’s where you’d come in.

As their CS:GO expert, you’ll be working to create such material. Brilliant writing skills are needed, as well as the ability to source footage from CS:GO to provide examples to the points you make. You’ll even be managing outsourced writers ProGuides use, so any experience in personnel management that you could bring up would be great to mention!

Full time jobs with esports organizations are always some of the coolest roles!

FlyQuest Logo

(Expired) Videographer

1 year ago by FlyQuest

Los Angeles (California), USA

If we have any fans of FlyQuest then this job will be looking extra tasty, but even if you’re not a fan of the org, you will be when they’re paying you to work full time on producing video content about their team and players!

The company’s videographer will be responsible for capturing footage of the players in their team and turning this into the sort of content that esports fans go mad for. There’s certainly a focus on the quality of the content you capture here, as lighting know-how and technical knowledge of the production process is asked for.

3 years of experience is also asked for, with experience as a producer or director applicable. Editing knowledge as well as videography knowledge is needed, including audio mixing and an understanding of the post-production workflow.

You know we had to put a job as unique as this on the roundup...


(Expired) Computer Building Technician

1 year ago by NZXT

Industry (California), USA

There are so many cool opportunities in esports that you don’t often see elsewhere due to the nature of the industry, like jobs in social media and events, but building gaming PCs on a full time basis could be one of the most interesting we’ve seen lately.

Working in the assembly line of the gaming PC company NZXT, that you’ll see sponsoring plenty of personalities on Twitch, you’ll be the one screwing in graphics cards and arranging cables in high-quality rigs that ensure customer satisfaction.

It goes without saying, but one of the key requirements of this job is a knowledge of computer hardware, how it all slots together and, importantly, be order to build rigs all day!

They’re looking for a 2-year degree or the equivalent experience of computer support, as well as advanced computer component knowledge. You’ll be surrounded with like-minded people in this role, that’s for sure!

Talking about unique roles, how about working for a company with a network of gaming arenas…?


(Expired) Esports Partnerships Manager

1 year ago by BELONG

Basingstoke, UK

Our UK followers will know we’re speaking about the Belong Arenas, an esports initiative by the retailer GAME.

These arenas host amateur gaming tournaments and a whole host of other fun activities, and are hiring for someone to work from the GAME head office in Basingstoke to assist in shaping the strategy of the brand and finding new business opportunities.

You’ll be working to meet account targets, so sales skills are a must to allow you to effectively pitch and present new products & services that the Belong Arenas can bring to partners. As an esports expert, your knowledge will also be used to provide consultation to the company within the market.

The requirement they mention first in their list is strong public speaking skills, where your engaging manner can “take people on a journey”. Maybe a streamer could be clever with how they speak about their audience interaction to tick that box?

More sales work now, but for our friends in the US....

Chaos Esports Club Logo

(Expired) Sales Support

1 year ago by Chaos Esports Club

Atlanta (Georgia), USA

Managing clients and building sponsorship decks are some of the key responsibilities in this position with Chaos Esports Club. You’ll work closely with the CEO on both of these points, as the acquisition of new partners is such a key focus for esports teams. You’ll even be able to get your feet wet in brainstorming brand activation ideas with the marketing/video team.

The experience needed is in digital media, marketing or presentation creation, which is in line with the creation of compelling decks.

Experience working directly on decks will be very favorable for your application, as is experience within esports.

If you’re able to build impressive sponsorship decks, then don’t miss your chance to work with an esports team and getting thoroughly engrossed in the scene!

Dexerto Logo

(Expired) Fortnite and Call of Duty Writers

1 year ago by Dexerto

Remote (Anywhere)

Once more Dexerto are hiring for full time remote positions, bringing even more epic opportunities to the esports scene for people to get involved in from around the world.

This time around they’re hiring for two content outlets not attached to their main website: FortniteIntel.com and CharlieIntel.com. Even better is that there’s two positions open with each of the websites, meaning there’s a total of four open positions with the company.

Fortnite and Call of Duty fans with a knack for writing should get an application going for this, as the opportunity exists to create unique content that readers will find engaging as well as writing news stories as they drop.

Previous writing experience is preferred, but they aren’t demanding it as a requirement - that’s what you love to see in esports hiring. What is required though is experience using content management systems (such as WordPress) and a high standard of written English.

Something for our Fortnite fans coming next!

Epic Games Logo

(Expired) Community Coordinator (Contract)

1 year ago by Epic Games

Cary (North Carolina), USA

Epic Games, the company behind the Battle Royale that keeps evolving, Fortnite, is hiring for someone who can work with their community, influencers and Fortnite content creators to help market the game and keep players engaged.

Some of what you’ll be doing in this varied role is starring in videos produced by the company such as streams and other video creation, hosting small and large tournaments that can entertain players & spectators, and building relationships with influencers.

Those are certainly some enjoyable things to be doing in a job, especially when Fortnite is your backdrop, so let us tell you about some of the things Epic Games is asking for from candidates.

Social media knowledge on the key platforms is one of the asks, as well as strong written communication skills. Familiarity with video content platforms Twitch and YouTube is also important, as so much of the gaming community on those platforms currently are creating content about Fortnite.

This job is suitable for someone who has experience as a video content creator or streamer themselves, as you’ll get a bonus for having on camera experience and experience managing a gaming community is asked for - which can definitely be seen as your subscribers/followers!

Moving up a level from a slight focus on social is this brilliant job with Red Bull!

Red Bull Logo

(Expired) Social Media Manager - Esports & Games

1 year ago by Red Bull

Salzburg, Austria

You know a job is great when the only thing you think people may not find ideal is the location! Red Bull is a company active in esports through several team sponsorships as well as having numerous influencers under their umbrella. Because of that, they need a strong social media game, which is exactly the reason they’re hiring!

Some of your responsibilities in this position are to grow the Red Bull social media pages through the thoughtful posts you create that speak to an endemic audience.

A key focus of yours will be planning out a content calendar that includes timely posts around sponsored teams and influencers. Strong knowledge of esports is a must to hit that responsibility well.

Red Bull is looking for 3 years of experience in posting content on large social media channels. Aside from this the other requirements aren’t too crazy. Photoshop and Premiere experience is asked for, something increasingly common in social media jobs we’re noticing.

Let’s end off the jobs section of the roundup with a job working on the esports section of Twitch...

Twitch Logo

(Expired) Esports Project Manager

1 year ago by Twitch

San Francisco (California), USA

As the Esports Project Manager, your primary responsibilities will be monitoring the metrics of the esports section on Twitch, manage primary KPIs that the department is working to hit and manage the department project roadmap.

Those are some pretty serious responsibilities, and it’s certainly an exciting prospect to be that involved in the team working on the esports section of Twitch. In order to make it happen and take your position assisting the team with the esports content business, you’ll need 2-5 years of project management experience where you liaised with various departments and stakeholders.

Bonus points in this role are a native grasp of the esports culture and terminology used within it (which you’ll almost certainly have if you use our website!). An active presence on Twitch, be that as a streamer, moderator or lurker, will also assist your application.

There are great perks in this position which only adds to how desirable it is. Don’t miss out on applying!

Those are the 10 best esports jobs of the week covered. We’ll be covering our weekly stats below to show you what the first week of esports careers in 2019 looked like in numbers!


Considering how much the holiday season affected the steadiness of how many jobs were posted, the past 7 days were much stronger than we expected! 115 jobs were posted this past week, with 83.48% of these being paid roles.

Full time positions were very much the majority once again, with just under 80% of our postings being full time roles. Skillz, a company in mobile esports with funding from some really big hitters in the US sports world, were the most active hirer, posting 9 roles.

The location breakdown of where our jobs were located are as follows:

  • USA - 75 jobs
  • Remote - 19 jobs
  • Canada - 5 jobs
  • UK - 5 jobs
  • Singapore - 3 jobs
  • Australia - 2 jobs
  • India - 2 jobs
  • Austria - 1 job
  • Bulgaria - 1 job
  • Germany - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job

Here is the contract breakdown from last week’s jobs:

  • Full Time - 91 jobs
  • Part Time - 2 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 2 jobs
  • Freelance - 1 job

On the unpaid side of the fence:

  • Volunteer - 12 roles
  • Unpaid internships - 7 roles

It’s been a very good week considering the time of year, and definitely makes us excited to see what the trend will look like as 2019 moves forward.

Join us on the ride through our weekly roundup and social channels where you’ll catch all of our thoughts on esports jobs. You can expect this feature to drop each Monday.

See you next week!