14th Jan 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #51

January is off to a brilliant start with some really interesting careers opening up!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup, where we take a trip down the esports jobs memory lane and explore the top 10 postings from the last week.

We’re on the 51st edition this week, and have another 10 exceptional careers from you. The opportunities offered give you the chance to do it all from planning social media campaigns for the next Call of Duty to coaching an NBA 2K League team.

Let’s get into these!

DXRacer Logo

(Expired) Partnership Marketing Executive

1 year ago by DXRacer

Los Angeles (California), USA

DXRacer is one of the most recognisable chair brands in esports, active in tournament and team sponsorships across a variety of games. Maintaining that weapon in their marketing arsenal is what you’d be doing in this role, where you’ll build new partnerships for them with brands, influencers and other businesses to promote the company.

Once those deals are in place, you’ll also take the lead on generating ideas for how DXRacer can work with the partnered businesses in a way that is on-brand and enjoyable for customers.

The skills that a multifaceted job like this demands lie primarily in marketing, though you’ll also do well to have some experience negotiating contracts. Software skills in programs that show analytical data is a big thing for you to have, in order to show the numbers behind a decision or campaign you managed.

This job is the definition of how you can work with top brands and events, so you better not miss it if you have 3 years of relevant experience!

We teased at a job working on the NEXT Call of Duty in our intro…

Activision Logo

(Expired) Social Media Specialist

1 year ago by Activision

Foster City (California), USA

This is one seriously cool job. Activision is looking for a social media guru who can join Sledgehammer Games and lead the social effort of the studio and the next Call of Duty game they’re developing. That’s not Black Ops 4 - we’re talking about the CoD that’s still in production!

We’d say that’s enough of a hook for a qualified social pro to get applying on this pronto, but if that’s not enough for you you’ll also be managing the online community for Sledgehammer. Writing skills are a must as you’ll also need to maintain their website blog content and support customers over social mediums at times.

Your day-to-day would look amazing in this job, so let’s talk about what you need to make it a reality. Activision haven’t put a set number of years of experience you need to bring to the table, but do ask for someone with experience working on successful community plans and has excellent written communication. Passion for social media and gaming is a must, too.

From a little bit of website content in our last job to a lot of it in the next!

PUBG Corporation Logo

(Expired) Content Writer

1 year ago by PUBG Corporation

Santa Monica (California), USA

Once more you’ll join a game developer to draw engagement from players, only this time the primary form you’ll do this through will be with your written content.

Your prose will appear in multiple areas of the PUBG world. As well as maintaining their website’s blog content, you’ll even play a hand in creating the in-game text that millions of players see.

PUBG Corp will lean on your brilliant writing to fill their written marketing materials with captivating messages, such as newsletters. As a master of grammar, other departments in the company might also approach you for you to proof and edit their copy that will be going out into the world.

For such a brilliant job, their requirements aren’t excessive. This job is available for anyone with at least 2 years of experience in writing & communications, is well organized and well-versed with Word, PowerPoint or the Google Suite equivalents. Bonus points for Photoshop experience and for genuinely being a PUBG player!

This job went down a real hit on Twitter…

Mizzou Logo

(Expired) Esports Coach

1 year ago by Mizzou

Columbia (Missouri), USA

...which we’ll credit to alumni seeing this, which draws the questions, did any of you reading this attend Mizzou? We think this job makes returning to school a real treat!

Where a lot of esports jobs with universities require the candidate to wear about 53 different hats at once, this role sounds as though your focus will be kept on the esports teams and prospecting new talent to pick up for Mizzou.

By this we mean you’ll be coaching the gameplay of students in the esports program to improve their skill and be seen as a leader that can guide the team through their challenges. Excitingly, you’ll even be tasked with creating a team account on Twitch and managing this to allow outside eyes to watch university sessions to build a brand and draw in prospective players.

We really like the sound of this role, and here’s what you’ll need to get it. As a university, they are keen to see a bachelor’s degree with 3 years of experience where relevant skills were used. The games they mention are League of Legends and Overwatch.

It feels like this next company is on our roundups more frequently than they’re not...

Dallas Mavericks Logo

(Expired) Mavs Gaming eSports Assistant Coach

1 year ago by Dallas Mavericks

Dallas (Texas), USA

...it seems like the Dallas Mavericks have a knack for posting really elite esports jobs on a near-weekly basis!

This time around they’re recruiting for someone that is incredibly savvy in the strategic side of NBA 2K that can review demos of opponents and report their tendencies as well as develop relationships with players and level their game up.

A requirement you’ll need to meet for this position is to be able to coach players through issues as they arise, whether that’s in game or offering support outside of it. Together with the Head Coach you’ll lead this time to be the best in the NBA 2K League.

Not only have the Mavs produced a glorious job here, it’s a junior position, too! Experience in coaching is needed, but the number of EXP they’re after isn’t stated and there aren’t any curveballs in there to squash your application dreams before they start. You love to see it!

This next job isn’t strictly esports-focused, but hear us out...

Twitter Logo

(Expired) Social Media Coordinator

1 year ago by Twitter

San Francisco (California), USA

Twitter is the unofficial home of esports communications, to the extent where some team’s announce roster updates solely on Twitter and some companies even post jobs to Twitter! The last one threatens to send us off on a tangent, so we’ll just get down to this job…

As a social media coordinator for Twitter, you’ll interact with their community constantly as well as scheduling posts to go out across relevant accounts.

In this position you’ll have the pleasure of helping to manage the @TwitterSports and @TwitterGaming accounts, which is where the esports relevance comes in for this job. Your Twitter Gaming duties require strong familiarity with the esports and gaming world. Much of esports lives on Twitter, so it’s a way to get involved in the scene in a very unique way!

Considering you’ll be running social media for the social media platform itself, requirements aren’t too heavy on this job. 2-3 years of experience in community management by running social accounts for a brand is a key for you to hit. A broader understanding of marketing, digital advertising and media is also something you’ll need to have, with unchallenged written communication skills to boot.

This is a great way for an experienced social manager to transcend to a new level of employer!

Our friends over at Esports Insider are looking to expand their team coming into 2019…

Esports Insider Logo

(Expired) Esports Sales Executive

1 year ago by Esports Insider

London, UK

With a website covering the business of esports and a series of business and networking events for esports professionals running throughout the year, Esports Insider have plenty going on!

The person they’re hiring for will be responsible for driving sales across the various activities of the company, including their events, website and services. This will require creativity, as you reach out to brands and show them how ESI can be the perfect partner for them.

There’s even the chance to attend esports events on ESI’s behalf, which is a job duty we will never get tired of seeing!

There’s no set years of experience that you must possess to be suitable for this job, though you will need proven experience in a sales position and people with experience inside of esports will be favored.

Dexerto are back on the roundup, and you can bet they’re bringing full time remote work!

Dexerto Logo

(Expired) Multimedia Video Producer/Editor

1 year ago by Dexerto

Remote (Anywhere)

Moving away from the typical writing focus of their jobs is this epic opportunity for an esports video editor to take their passion into their career, all from the comfort of home!

Dexerto are after a multimedia producer that can produce entertaining videos for their followers across social media, as well as to show their website visitors. This content will take a variety of forms, from on-site video at events to live-produced shows specifically for social.

What you’ll need to show Dexerto to impress them is expertise in the Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Premiere and After Effects, as well as the capability to produce motion graphics and a portfolio that can back this up.

As you’d expect when working for a media brand, you’ll need to be able to tell a story in everything you create!

We know there’s been lots of full time work in this roundup, so hopefully this suits those who can’t commit to that…

Valor Uprise Logo

(Expired) Social Media Manager

1 year ago by Valor Uprise

Remote (Anywhere)

Valor is a team based in Dallas, Texas, though are offering an opportunity to work remotely for them on a part time basis!

Just recently the company came under new ownership, and they’re looking for someone experienced in social media to grow their channels in this new beginning for them.

The duties you’ll be undertaking in this position is overseeing the company’s presence on social media. This involves both creating posts that their fan base will engage with, as well as managing that fanbase by regularly engaging with them.

Creating social media strategies to drive growth is another key focus in this role, and then reporting back to team members with statistics of this.

Knowledge of esports and 2 years of experience in social media are the main requirements, along with the knowledge of how to create effective marketing strategies across the most common social channels.

With freelance graphic design gigs popping up so often, it’s always great to get a solid full time role too!

J!NX Logo

(Expired) Graphic Designer

1 year ago by J!NX

San Diego (California), USA

J!NX is a clothing and accessories company for gamers, and need designers to produce the high quality visual work they’re known for.

Some of what the successful candidate would work on in this position is designs for product launches, such as promotional banners and assets for ad campaigns. As a company that has a whole host of different projects they work on and require designs for you’ll fill in with designs for various departments when necessary, with a focus on marketing where you’ll assist in brainstorming ideas.

J!NX is asking for a degree in graphic design or the equivalent experience to match the 1-3 years of design experience they’re asking for. A love for video gaming and geek culture is also required, so be sure your application materials highlight that side of you!

Their San Diego location looks like a dream to work at, and we’re sure a talented creative would be happy in this role!

Those were the 10 best esports jobs this week! We’ll be listing out our stats to show you what this week in esports jobs looked like, so don’t go anywhere!


Over the last 7 days we posted 129 esports careers - not bad going at all for the second week of January! Of these, 80.62% were paid and came from 84 different companies from 18 different countries.

Activision were the most active hiring company with 5 jobs from them this week.

Here are the 18 locations active in posting jobs:

  • USA - 71 jobs
  • Remote - 29 jobs
  • UK - 12 jobs
  • Germany - 4 jobs
  • Canada - 3 jobs
  • Singapore - 3 jobs
  • Australia - 2 jobs
  • Netherlands - 2 jobs
  • Austria - 1 job
  • Bulgaria - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Denmark - 1 job
  • France - 1 job
  • Indonesia - 1 job
  • Israel - 1 job
  • Malaysia - 1 job
  • Poland - 1 job
  • Ukraine - 1 job

Here is the breakdown of our paid jobs:

  • Full Time - 91 jobs
  • Part Time - 6 jobs
  • Freelance - 6 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 2 jobs

Here is the breakdown of our unpaid jobs:

  • Volunteer - 20 roles
  • Unpaid internships - 4 roles

Be sure to check in with us next Monday for another 10 elite jobs.

See ya then!