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21st Jan 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #52

Nike, NYXL and a whole host of other epic companies were hiring in esports this week!

Welcome back to our weekly jobs roundup, where we break down the 10 most epic careers we’ve posted in the past 7 days. Headlining this week’s feature is an esports job with Nike, and there’s plenty of other awesome opportunities that were floating around the scene this week.

Let’s get right into it!

We can’t tease an esports role with Nike without showing it first! The fashion giant is hiring for someone to join their Global Brand Innovation team at their world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

This exciting role will have you working on the daily development of Nike’s creative plan in esports & gaming. It sounds as though you’ll definitely have some creative freedom of how you want to approach the company’s esports & gaming strategy, which makes this even more exciting than it already was.

They’d like someone with past experience in esports, as you’ll use the contacts you’ve developed within that time to come up with potential opportunities for how Nike can promote their brand within the space. To talk specifics, they’re asking for 3-5 years developing gaming and esports organizations, as well as 3-5 years developing creative marketing strategies.

We can’t overstate just how great it is to see Nike hiring for this job, and we’re hyped to see what their chosen candidate will do in the scene!

DreamHack were bringing the heat this week…

We’ve got all of the magic words when it comes to esports jobs in one role. Remote, paid and junior. In fact, DreamHack lead into the role by saying that it’s primarily aimed at juniors, which is something that is certainly refreshing to see.

You’ll work with the company through the entirety of 2019 to help manage & promote their social accounts based on Halo matches and events.

You might already have an idea of how this would be done, and we can confirm that memes and trending social posts make up a key part of that! You’ll also be the person responding to questions from the community on their social accounts, and devising the communications strategy that DreamHack will use in Halo.

A basic understanding of Photoshop is needed so you can meme it up with the best of them, and any experience in video editing will be a big plus by your name. After those, if you have experience with a project management tool like Asana then you could be fit for this!

Hopefully these first few jobs have given you a taste of how great this week was…

One of the most active brands in esports through their three different brands, Immortals are hiring a full time events manager that can deliver exceptional events to their community & players. Working on events in esports is one of the coolest areas to be in, and working with an esports team has to be one of the best places to work, so when you combine those you have a brilliant combination!

Some of the things you’ll keep in mind when planning and running the events is managing the finances, the marketing of the event in collaboration with other departments in the organization and working with the third party vendors to bring the event everything it needs.

There’ll be a varied workload in this position, no doubt, so possessing experience as an event manager with proven events that you’ve run successfully is imperative in this role. We’d say being able to run esports events as a job is a solid benefit, and Immortals are also offering free lunches, unlimited vacation time, company holidays & more brilliant perks!

The NYXL and their constant hiring is very welcome for whenever we’re asked to post more east coast jobs!

This position is perfect for some unrelenting that can establish new business leads. It will be your duty to drive revenue for the team by sharing the brand story with prospective partners and managing the sales pipeline to make sure you’re always up to date with leads.

As well as locating leads, you’ll also be working with the sales & marketing to come up with creative solutions on what NYXL can offer partners to further their business goals.

The experience you’ll need to land this job is in client services / sales marketing, and NYXL is asking for 3 years in this field.

If you can provide that, be sure to work with this team that is looking to really make waves in New York esports!

Now for one of the coolest esports jobs you’ll have EVER seen…

beastcoast is an esports organization that is active in various games in the FGC, and is hiring a full time remote employee to manage their players. Not only is this an opportunity to make esports your full time career from your home, it’s also a chance to work with top esports professionals. That really fuses two epic scenarios together!

You’ll be communicating regularly with the players under their banner and managing their calendar to be sure they’re always prepared and aware of upcoming events and have the correct sponsor gear & team merch to represent the company. You’ll even assist in the team social media efforts by feeding back videos & photos to the social team that they can use to engage with fans.

One of the main requirements on this job is that you’ll need to be over 25. They also stipulate that candidates must have at least 1 of management experience in esports to pick up this job, and have the ability to travel internationally as needed.

Anyone skilled in all forms of visual content…?

Until the Overwatch League teams move back to their home cities, California has been getting a wealth of epic jobs working with the various organizations involved in it.

To keep their fans entertained and their social pages popping, the Guangzhou Charge is hiring a content producer that can keep their organization sitting on a cache of visual content. Their candidate will need to edit video content, take and develop still photographs and produce graphics.

What they’re looking for in their visual content master is at least 2 years of experience editing and capturing video & photo content. Technical proficiency is a huge must as you’d expect, including in the products you use to record content and in the software you’ll edit it in to turn it into what esports fans will love.

You’ll see Riot Games jobs frequently on our website, but rarely are they as epic as this position!

Joining their team in Los Angeles, you’ll assist in the running of their esports events - including the World Championships!

This is certainly a dream job for someone passionate about League of Legends that loves the majesty of live esports events, as you’ll have such a large hand in the production and operations of the largest esports productions on the planet.

With responsibilities like that, you won’t be surprised to hear that Riot need somebody with proven experience in running live events to step into this role. They’d like to see people with experience running events with an attendance of 6k - 60k people, so only go for this if you have the experience to back it up!

We’ve got some awesome paid work at an organization that is really doing good for the scene!

Women of Esports is an organization built up by prominent female professionals in esports that aims to empower women in esports through their mentorship program and community, and to shed light on the challenges women face in this industry.

The role they’re hiring for is for a talented artist that can produce freelance work on a regular basis for them, drawing headshots that the candidate is provided in a unique style, similar to this Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/OeD95ic

That gives this job a pretty unique position as you’ll be getting paid for your creative work in esports while also contributing to a brand that is doing great work for the industry!

You’ll be creating visuals in this next job too, but with an interesting twist…

Esports Arena are hiring in Santa Ana, California for somebody who can produce awesome graphics that can boost the quality of their broadcasts. That means unlike most design jobs in esports where a focus of your designs is to draw engagement on social media, this job will place you in the trenches and working on live esports broadcasts for an established name in the scene!

We think that’s a pretty fun way to jazz up your regular design job. There’ll be lots of new things you need to pick up on, such as broadcasts operations programs and the hardware used in productions so that you can assist with their live streaming during events.

As your job will revolve around the production of esports events which are usually focused around the evening and the weekend, your work hours will certainly not be standard in this role! Availability on the weekend and in the evenings is a must.

We’re finishing the jobs portion of this roundup with yet another remote esports job! It’s been a great week…

Upcomer is a company that is looking to make it easier than ever to follow esports. They’ve already got an active user base and funding from investors, so it’s certainly an exciting time to join them!

For this position they’re looking for someone who can produce all of their CS:GO written content, coming in clutch with both feature articles and breaking news stories as they drop. You’ll also work with the video team to write the scripts and brainstorm new content ideas for their videos.

There’s even the mention of their candidate being potentially comfortable with voiceover work, so you’ll be able to branch out and expand your skill set if you’re up for it!

There isn’t a wall of requirements to contend with in this position which is always a joy to see. What Upcomer wants to see from you is deep game knowledge about CS:GO as well as an understanding of what type of content gamers want to see.

If you can provide that, full time remote work in esports could be in store for you!

That’s everything in our job section of the roundup! We’re hitting you with our weekly stats now. As a hint, this past week played host to the highest percentage of paid careers we’ve ever had!


In the past week we’ve posted 128 new esports jobs, with a gigantic 88.28% of these being paid! We’re thrilled to see this number - the highest since our site’s beginning - and can’t wait until we see that figure raise even more!

The most active employer from the last 7 days has been Riot Games who have posted 9 jobs, and join 81 other companies that have advertised an esports job in the last week. Opportunities in esports existed in 16 different countries over this time period which is great to see!

Here are the countries active in hiring last week:

  • USA - 76 jobs
  • Remote - 25 jobs
  • UK - 8 jobs
  • Germany - 6 jobs
  • Canada - 5 jobs
  • Sweden - 3 jobs
  • Australia - 1 job
  • Belgium - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Denmark - 1 job
  • Italy - 1 job
  • Mexico - 1 job
  • Poland - 1 job
  • Russia - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job

These were the contract types that we had in the last week:

  • Full Time - 95 jobs
  • Part Time - 8 jobs
  • Freelance - 8 jobs
  • Paid Internship - 2 roles

These were the unpaid roles we posted:

  • Volunteer - 13 roles
  • Unpaid Internships - 2 roles

All in all, with the quality of jobs that were posted and the crazy number of careers we had for a January week, it’s been a wonderful 7 days!

Check in with us again next Monday for another micro breakdown of the esports hiring scene!

Until then, Hitmarker fam!