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28th Jan 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #53

The 10 best jobs from the past week, and there are some real hits...

Welcome back to our weekly roundup series, where we recap the 10 finest jobs in esports from the past seven days. This past weekend saved what was looking like a quiet week otherwise, so we had plenty of jobs to choose from, and we think you’ll like the 10 we’ve included in this roundup…

Let’s give you a taste of what sort of quality is to come…

SteelSeries have been around in esports and supporting the scene for many years now, and are truly a veteran brand of the industry.

And while their brand drips in history, their products are always sleek and modern, thanks to their talented product designers. Which is exactly what you’d become if you landed this job!

Hiring for their HQ near in Denmark, SteelSeries is looking for somebody who has past experience as an industrial engineer to assist them in producing the next generation of SteelSeries gear.

An exciting responsibility in this position is to define the visual language of the brand, ensuring the peripheral products you design match the company vision.

We can’t remember the last time we saw a job where you’d so directly influence the gear of the industry, so be sure to get on this one!

You might be used to seeing us post jobs for esports coaches at universities, so check this out…

Rather than a coach, Ohio State University is seeking an operations manager to work on their esports initiatives.

This means you’ll be keeping the university’s commitment to esports ticking over comfortably on a daily basis, from managing their student life esports facility, to monitoring the relevant business metrics of the facility, to even working with student employees who can maintain their esports facility.

Like most jobs at universities, Ohio State are strict in wanting to see a bachelor’s degree from candidates, and also require strong esports knowledge as well as some knowledge of Virtual Reality.

If anyone who is reading this is an Ohio State alumni, this opportunity is a chance to work in esports full time for your old school, on an attractive salary of at least $66,000!

We’ve seen some good lists of perks in our day, but DOJO MADNESS has blown that out the water with theirs…

And of course they’re also hiring for an awesome position, which is why they’re in this roundup, but just wait until you hear the perks!

As their junior influencer marketing manager, you’ll join their exciting startup in Berlin that is developing some pretty cool products in esports. Using influencer channels like YouTube and Twitch, you’ll help spread the awareness of those cool products by agreeing to deals with various influencers in gaming and esports. Awesome, right?

Their requirements are delightfully loose, too. They need to see first experience with influencers or in digital marketing, but aside from that it’s on you to impress them with your profile!

And the perks...THE PERKS. Multiple gaming rooms starts it off strong, featuring a VR room and team gaming session. They also have a daily open bar including snacks, soft drinks, beer. A massage chair ensures you’ll be in comfort. The team events they list include the likes of monthly team breakfasts, occasional BBQs and even summer boat parties. Boat parties, people!

You can probably guess we’re fans of those perks, so if you’re someone looking to build a career in marketing then you can unlock them in this great position.

Community management jobs are always cool, but this is a step above the rest...

704Games is looking for a marketer that can join them as the point of contact for their new esports league. As the developer of NASCAR video games, we’d say that’s the chance to get involved in a high-octane ride around a new league initiative!

You’ll be in charge of fan interaction, the streaming of the game and will even assist the company in the running & promotion of live events. Like most community jobs, you’ll be working on the company’s social channels to create lifelong fans of the studio by using great interaction.

To swoop up this marketing / community position, you’ll need to posses 3+ years in social media / community, or, and we love this part, have relevant experience streaming! So whether you’re an experienced streamer or a pro marketer, come and check this job out!

We didn’t expect to see this next company hiring for an influencer manager...

You know this job is going to look incredible for a League of Legends fan, as it has a focus on working with streamers of the game in Europe. Ideally they want someone who already has experience in League and has an endemic understanding of what makes a great influencer.

More specifically, you’ll be spending a lot of your time on Twitch to build strategies for League of Legends European streamers. To do this, you’ll need to develop relationships with them and come up with ways that Riot can collaborate effectively with League of Legends streamers.

The requirements you’ll need to bring to the table to make this dream position yours is being at home on Twitch - we’re talking joggers and baggy hoodies level at home as you’ll need plenty of ideas of how you could work with streamers to improve them and promote League. 3 years experience producing streaming content / managing streamers is asked for also.

If you’re reading this and picking apart what we’ve written in your head, you might be perfect for this...

...that’s because the skill that this job with BenQ demands is exceptional writing that has the ability to engage with potential customers and bring them to the decision to purchase.

You’ll be working on the esports side of BenQ’s business, ZOWIE, which is used throughout the scene by numerous pros due to its quality. In this role, you’ll produce content for their marketing campaigns, maintain product pages and create new ones to bring the benefits of their products to life and even pitch new ways that BenQ can connect with their customers.

The experience they’re looking for in this position is 1+ years of experience writing for an agency, corporation or gaming company, with the ability to mix nuanced gaming lingo in your lines of beautifully-crafted copy to speak authentically to customers. Understanding how SEO ties in with your content is also key.

Whenever betway is hiring in esports, it’s usually an exceptionally cool role…

...and this one is no different!

The content masters of esports are looking to hire someone to oversee their brilliant department. Known for their great, unique productions that can show the hilarious side of esports pros one video to reveal the thoughts behind their genius the next, this would be a really cool company to get involved with!

The key skills needed in this position are project management skills to allow you to manage the department to their maximum efficiency and and production skills, as you’ll work to define the content marketing strategy & content guidelines.

An interesting point in this job also is that you’ll work with the SEO team to build links to the betway site and attain media coverage, so some digital marketing skills will help you out in this position!

Project management skills are needed in this position, too!

Visuals by Impulse (VBI) is a design marketplace that offers its services to the esports industry as well as streamers. They connect designers with content creators, and behind that operation are talented people connecting both sides!

You’ll join this pool of people and assist VBI in their client management. Working remotely full time, you’ll identify the scope of the project that clients approach with, determine timelines and make the process stress-free for the designers and customers alike.

To do this you’ll need experience in project management, as you’ll be working on multiple projects each week and ensuring everything is running smoothly with them.

You know we’re big fans of remote work, and when the work you’ll be doing is connected clients in esports with the talented designers that fill our Twitter feeds daily, we’re pretty hyped to tell you about it!

This next company is a unique one…

...that’s because they’re a PR agency that focuses exclusively on esports & video games. We think that’s awesome, of course - ourselves being a niche jobs website, and Swipe Right is looking to expand their team with the help of a senior PR professional.

Joining them in London, you’ll work with their clients to accomplish the business goals they bring to the agency. Having an existing network of press contacts within the industry and developing that further is a big plus in this position.

The other experience that Swipe Right wants to see from you is 5 years within PR, as well as leadership and management skills. Past experience implementing PR campaigns is also a must, though that will come with the territory of possessing 5 years experience in the industry we’d say!

There’s some great perks and the possibility to work during esports events and other industry events, so don’t miss your chance to grab this opportunity!

We know that a lot of you will recognize this next company!

Enigma6 is an esports organization that is looking for a motion graphic designer who can work on a freelance basis to provide them with awesome designs they can feed out to their fans. There’ll be creative freedom in this position, as you dream up concepts that you can develop for the team and seem those into live using the Adobe Suite. Proficiency in programs like After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop is key for you landing this role!

To pick up this job, you’ll need to be experienced in the field. 5 years producing graphics or other animations is what they’re asking for, and knowledge of the social platforms you and how they best handle video and animation is also imperative. There’s mention of how you’ll design with different mediums, so knowing what video format they take is a must.


We'll catch you all next Monday for 10 more fantastic esports careers!