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4th Feb 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #54

After our busiest week EVER for the number of jobs posted, we have some real quality careers to show you...

On the back of our busiest week EVER in terms of how many esports jobs we’ve posted, we have a very special roundup lined up for you.

The top 10 careers from the last week truly move from banger to banger, so get ready to experience the best of what the esports hiring scene has to offer.

We’ll kick things off with an old favorite for the Hitmarker crowd…

...and that’s graphic design. Full time graphic design, no less. Full time graphic design with the Florida Mayhem, even.

That sentence should give our graphic designers all the reason they need to rush off and apply to work with this Overwatch League team, but here a few more details if you aren’t sold yet.

You’ll need to be based on-site in Los Angeles, California and possess proficiency in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. If you have any experience in motion graphics or video editing then you’ll get a plus by your application.

They aren’t stipulating a set number of years experience you need, nor do they ask for a degree, so let your portfolio do the talking!

We had esports going wild the last time we posted a chef job, so let’s see how you like the taste of this...

J.Storm, the esports organization owned by Jeremy Lin, is hiring a chef to join their Dota 2 team at their team house. We did tell you this week was full of only the best jobs…

Their chosen candidate will provide daily meals for seven people using a daily stipend provided, and ensure that the cooking area is left clean and tidy after meals have been made. That’s a pretty unique way to get involved in esports!

The team is looking for someone who has 1-3 years of experience as a chef or a culinary arts degree, meaning you’re not needing to be Gordon Ramsay just yet to pick up this spicy opportunity.

This job is as unique as it is awesome, so be sure to move on it quickly as it’s not an area we see hired for frequently at all!

Fresh off a recent re-brand, one of the giants of esports is hiring...

Dignitas is an organization that was acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers, and are veterans of the scene. They’re looking for someone senior to bring into the company that can level up their digital content creation efforts to assist in the marketing of the organization and their duties to sponsors.

As the “Director” level of this job might have revealed, you’ll be managing a team of content creators including editors, freelancers and streamers, and will team up with these people to help visualize the content strategy you develop.

Dignitas is looking for someone vastly experienced in the realm of digital content, and ask for 5 years of experience in filming and editing experience. You can expect to be involved in both the planning and creation of content for the org!

The great content that is produced in esports is one of the coolest things for fans to follow, so leading that effort is certainly an awesome task!

Remember when Nike were hiring for an esports manager? Here’s something similarly awesome…

As recent partners of Cloud9’s LCS team, PUMA has marked their journey in esports with a strong partner in the global team. It also adds the exciting prospect to an already-exciting job that you might be working with two epic brands at once - Cloud9 & PUMA!

In this temporary role, you’ll work to keep PUMA partners updated on what the brand’s movements in esports & gaming are up to. This could take the form of fulfilling requests, participating in regular calls and more.

It will also be your duty to work with esports partners of the brand, such as gamers and orgs, by delivering them seasonal look-books, being present at industry events and manage the delivery of products and apparel to their partners.

PUMA wants you to have 5 years of experience in a client/customer relations role to land this, as well as being knowledgeable about esports to keep other areas of the company clued in about the scene.

Think we’re running out of great careers? Not even close…

Boom! An Overwatch League team that was included in the most tweeted-about esports organizations (coming it at 6th in 2018) is hiring in Texas for someone to work with and please their partners.

Communication skills and client relations will be key to excelling in this role, where you’ll work with Outlaws partners to strengthen the relationships and help them achieve their business goals. Aside from that and the ability to multitask, the other big requirement is possessing a bachelor’s degree.

If you’re able to provide that, then this chance to join an epic Overwatch team with an even more epic parent company is real indeed!

A lot of our users look for part time roles, but we bet you never thought they’d look so sweet!

The gaming division of the Memphis Grizzlies, Grizz Gaming, is an NBA 2K League team, and they’re hiring someone to make sure that the brightest talent in that scene come under the Grizz Gaming banner.

Their part time scout will identify high potential players of NBA 2K by watching draft combine footage, and seeing how these players could potentially slot into Grizz Gaming based on current strengths and weaknesses in the side.

While you also help the team scout out future talent, you’ll also help them in more immediate scenarios by researching opponents they’ll face, and providing the team with actionables they can use against them.

It might seem scary seeing them ask for 5 years experience, but this is only stated for you to have been playing 2K and being a part of the community for that long, so we decided to keep it to an intermediate level on our website. Other than that requirement, they need to see a High School Diploma (or GED), strong social media skills and of course a deep knowledge of NBA 2K.

It’s not often that an internship makes it on our roundup, but this one is worth it…

Lightning Pandas is an esports organization that has come out of hiatus and are based in London, meaning our fellow British esports lovers have another place to keep a look-out for jobs!

We love the internship they’re offering so much for two reasons. Firstly, it’s paid. You love to see it. And secondly, it’s in an area that is typically very difficult to build experience - sales & business development.

That means you’ll be generating leads for the company and build immaculate proposals for the company to impress to turn leads into partners.

To be in the running for this role, LP want you to have great analytical and communication skills, along with strong knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel. If you hit all those nails on the head, come and get involved in this growing team!

Our North American followers will really love this next job...

Our earlier job with Dignitas called for someone heavily experienced in producing video content, but this job with the production studio owned by Team Liquid asks for a fair bit less experience.

Despite the “Senior” in the job title, the experience requirement on this position is only for 1-2 years in video editing in the film and entertainment industry. If you can provide that, take a look at what you’d be doing for the company…

You’ll be taking a strong position in the projects the studio works on, which range from skits, to long narrative pieces, to in-game montages and more.

An awesome thing to see in a job description is that you’re prompted to continue learning! They mention how they do what they can to provide employees with the resources they need to continue honing their professional skills. Plus 1 for 1UP!

We started off with graphic design work, and we’re finishing by going full circle…

Though unlike the position with Florida Mayhem, this job is remote and freelance, offering a nice change of pace if the first position didn’t match what you’re after.

Visuals by Impulse is a design marketplace for streamers and esports, and has worked with some huge clients in the scene. That always adds the enticing addition that on top of being paid for your work, you might see it featured in prominent places around the community!

They’re looking for a graphic designer with a strong portfolio to join their team to work on client projects of theirs. There’s a fairly large emphasis on producing work for streamers, so knowledge of the prominent streaming brands in esports will help you out!

They aren’t asking for a set number of years of experience from you. Instead, they just ask for a passion and skill for design, along with a portfolio that can impress them with your skills. That’s an approach we love to see - if you have the talent, then you should be able to prove it in our eyes!

That’s it for the jobs we’re featuring, but stick around to see our weekly stats, featuring the most jobs we’ve posted in a week EVER!


That’s right, we posted 176 jobs in 7 days, a new Hitmarker record! That’s an average of 25 jobs each day!

These came from 90 companies in 15 different countries. The best news? 82.39% of these roles were paid!

Here’s the location split for this past week’s careers:

  • USA - 86 jobs
  • Remote - 35 jobs
  • United Kingdom - 15 jobs
  • Germany - 11 jobs
  • Singapore - 8 jobs
  • India - 6 jobs
  • Canada - 4 jobs
  • Ukraine - 3 jobs
  • Finland - 2 jobs
  • Bulgaria - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Estonia - 1 job
  • France - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job

Here’s the contract breakdown from last week:


  • Full Time - 129 jobs
  • Freelance - 7 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 6 jobs
  • Part Time - 4 jobs


  • Volunteer - 24 roles
  • Internships - 6 roles

We’ll see you all next week!