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11th Feb 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #55

Another super busy week for jobs means there are plenty of awesome careers to apply to!

February is on track to be one of our best months ever at HitmarkerJobs.com, and when you see this past week’s top 10 jobs you’ll understand why!

Let’s kick things off with a banger…

Boston Uprising, one of the initial teams to compete in the Overwatch League, is hiring for a full time community manager than can market the brand to local fans.

There’s lots to say about this job, and some of the key areas you’d work on is marketing the brand to locals of Boston, using influencers, community leaders, media members, brands and more. You’ll also utilize events such as watch parties, meet and greets and other publicity events that can build positive sentiment towards the Uprising.

Additionally to this, you’ll use your expert knowledge of esports to educate department leaders in other areas of the company. They expect you to be the leader of OWL expertise, so an intense understanding of the game and league is essential!

As you can probably glean from the duties this job holds, Boston Uprising need somebody with some good past experience in marketing. 3-6 years is what they state, accompanied with excellent communication. You can get a plus on your application for having event management experience!

Berlin houses some of the coolest companies in esports, including this one...

That’s right, Misfits are hiring for a full time graphic designer to work full time with them from their European HQ. They join the likes of G2 Esports and the LEC in bringing esports to this city!

Their job advert is short and sweet, and details how you’d serve under the company VP of Content as well as a senior designer, meaning there’s a chance to improve your craft here as well.

They don’t state a set number of years experience that you need to bring (which we love!), and only ask that you be well-versed in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

So if you’re ready to design assets that will be used all across this company’s social channels, marketing, and messages to partners, then get applying here!

Yet another weekly jobs roundup where this sports team is hiring for a banging esports role…

It’s the Dallas Mavericks again hiring in the esports hotbed that is Texas. This time they need someone who is experienced in event management with 3-5 years of relevant experience to make their events initiative thrive for Mavs Gaming, a team in the NBA 2K League.

Some of the things you’ll do in this role is ensuring you keep to an events budget and using it to supply catering, event services, and the other pieces that fall together to make a memorable event.

There’s also duties to drive the monetization of the events, such as assisting with event-specific merchandise and managing sales.

Along with the 3+ years of experience the Mavs are asking for, they also want to see a degree in an area related to events or marketing. If you can supply those along with the characteristics needed to run live events, then be sure to jump on this one.

We’re not near to running out of epic jobs just yet...

...and we’d say that a full time role driving the business needs of Immortals falls under that banner!

Immortals have an impressive portfolio of esports teams. LA Gladiators from the Overwatch League and the CS:GO team MIBR join the primary Immortals arm as what you would work on here.

What is it that you’d be doing for these brands is find new partners for the various brands and then deliver, and over-deliver, on what they’re expecting the Immortals brands to do for their business needs.

Immortals state that they would like to see 2+ years of experience in partnerships / sales in a sports or entertainment industry, but they don’t state this as a concrete. If you have the experience and drive to prove them otherwise, then it looks like they’re open to letting you do so! That’s certainly an admirable approach to have in a young industry like esports, and one we’re a fan of.

What’s that? You want a job with ANOTHER top esports team?

Does an Overwatch League team competitor fit the bill?

The NYXL are hiring once more - creating another awesome opportunity for a New York esports fan to work with their local team.

Their finance team is the one they’re hiring for this time, and are looking to bring on a junior to work under their CFO. We say working under, but one of your duties would be to work alongside them to account for revenue transactions, so there’s definitely a learning experience to be had in this job!

As well as that job, you’d also track financial coals and report on trends in revenue among the company, helping balance their accounts and produce reports.

To join New York’s team, you’ll need to have at least 1 year of experience in accounting or working with tax. They also want to see a degree in an area related to finance.

All gamers will know of the Battle Royale hype going on at the moment, and you can channel that energy into paid work with this company!

We always celebrate when we see an Upcomer job come through as they’re usually awesome, and this freelance position is no exception.

Working from wherever you choose, you’ll assist this startup on their mission to change how fans follow esports with your Battle Royale feature articles.

The arrival of Apex has really shaken up the BR scene, providing a real contender to topple Fortnite’s from the no.1 position it held for the majority of 2018 in the genre.

Upcomer expect 1-2 pieces of content a week in the form of interviews, analysis, game breakdowns or any other topics you think would be of interest to their audience and spark discussion.

If you can do that and love any game where you can make 30 different “dropping in” jokes each day, then it’s time to strap on your parachute, pop your glider and deploy into this gorgeous role!

Talking of Battle Royale’s, how about a junior role with one of the leaders…?

If you’ve remained loyal to PUBG through the newer arrivals in the BR scene, then they’re currently hiring for a JUNIOR esports coordinator to work on their North American esports scene.

There’s only 1 year of experience asked for in the realm of league operations. And with there being numerous tournament platforms in esports, we wonder if you couldn’t use any experience you picked up in these in your application!

What the lucky candidate who secures this role will be doing is supervising event logistics for PUBG esports programs, maintain healthy relationships with semi-pro & amateur orgs in PUBG esports, and even create a regional event strategy for community/collegeiate events. That’s a pretty awesome set of job duties!

As we said, 1 year in league ops is their requirement. Other than that, all they want is a deep knowledge of esports. So go and make this yours!

Would it even be an esports jobs roundup without this company?

Dexerto are hiring again, and once more they’re providing remote employment for the writers in esports. If you’re an esports addict and in the UK, there’s a part time position or three available at the company!

The Dexerto network operates several sites in esports, as well as their flagship platform Dexerto.com, and are looking for self-sufficient writers. Candidates will work part time primarily during the weekend, and must have a very high level of English, experience using content management systems, and own equipment that runs Photoshop.

For your time you’ll get a nice list of benefits including a competitive salary, benefits from Dexerto partners, bonus opportunities. And who could forget that delicious prospect of paid remote work!

This company is growing fast, so don’t miss a chance to get on board!

We can’t put together a roundup and leave out some social media work!

An iconic kind of job in esports, social media is one of our most popular filters that users choose to display when searching for jobs. Ultimate Media Ventures, an esports company that operates the clothing brand ULT, is looking for someone to work on their social channels full time.

That means you’ll spend your days posting content, memeing and interacting with their community across all of the major social platforms. And any job that includes memes is bound to get some hyping up from us!

There are some duties that are removed from social media in this position, too. You’ll help marketing efforts of the company by producing team news and website content.

What Ultimate want to see from you is detailed knowledge of social media and interactive marketing, great communication skills and a quick wit. Esports is an industry that runs at all hours, so there’s a possibility of weekend work and other peculiar hours in this position.

Fnatic are hiring yet again, people!

One of the world’s largest esports teams would certainly be an exciting place to call your workplace, and Fnatic is looking for someone that can drive their business needs even further.

That means acquiring new partners, analyzing how market trends can assist the Fnatic business, and manage a sales pipeline in their CRM software.

You’ll be generating leads at top tier brands on a global scale, so as you can imagine your communications skills will need to be top-notch and you’ll need a persuasive flair in your writing.

In true Fnatic fashion, even their job adverts are great. They say they’re looking for someone with a hunter mindset and an obsession for hitting targets. Their other requirements is that you have a solid grasp on the nuances of digital media, great analytic skills, and a creative mind when thinking of how brands can work with Fnatic.

That career brings a fiery finish to this week’s jobs roundup, but stick around for our weekly stats to see a look at the world of esports jobs in numbers.


In the last 7 days, we posted a humongous 163 jobs. This figure contributes to what has been a busy February so far, and we’re on track for our busiest month ever despite the length of the month. 82.82% of these were paid, so that’s a whole lot of chances to get paid for what you love.

95 companies advertised jobs to make that figure happen in 14 different countries across the world.

It was a good week to be a League of Legends fan, as Riot Games were the most active employer with 14 jobs belonging to the games publisher.

Here’s a breakdown of which locations were the most active:

  • USA - 77 jobs
  • Remote - 41 jobs
  • UK - 13 jobs
  • Canada - 9 jobs
  • Germany - 9 jobs
  • Spain - 5 jobs
  • Netherlands - 2 jobs
  • China - 1 job
  • India - 1 job
  • Italy - 1 job
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Malta - 1 job
  • Sweden - 1 job
  • Turkey - 1 job

Here’s a breakdown of the paid jobs we had on the site last week:

  • Full Time - 118 jobs
  • Freelance - 11 jobs
  • Part Time - 4 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 2 jobs

Here’s a breakdown of our unpaid roles:

  • Volunteer - 26 roles
  • Unpaid Internships - 2 roles

Be sure to check in with us next Monday to see if February is still looking likely to be our best month to date!

Until then!