18th Feb 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #56

February is shaping into one of our busiest months, and the quality of jobs is right up there too!

Welcome to the 56th weekly esports jobs roundup. We’re really pushing through these features now!

We have what you’ve come to expect in the form of 10 epic esports jobs - it’s especially been a strong week for the number of Overwatch teams that are hiring! So if you’ve been engrossed in the beginning of Season 2, you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you…

Houston Outlaws Logo

(Expired) Head of Marketing

1 year ago by Houston Outlaws

Texas, USA

We gotta kick things off with a job for an OWL team after that hype up, right? The Outlaws, who made it into the top 10 most-mentioned esports orgs on Twitter through the whole of 2018, are hiring for someone who can extend their reach EVEN more.

They’re looking for an ambitious marketer that has some solid experience, preferably in the sports or entertainment industry. They quote 3-5 years of experience being what they desire.

If you can provide that, then you’ll be joining this epic team and helping them build a brand strategy, as well as crush their marketing campaigns on social channels and other mediums. With a admirable ethos that new strategies are better than “this is how it’s always been done” and a job description that brings their personality to life, we think this role looks really cool!

We love to see any esports org hiring, but there’s something special about this one…

100 Thieves Logo

(Expired) Videographer & Editor

1 year ago by 100 Thieves

Los Angeles (California), USA

Maybe it’s how fast Nadeshot’s organization has rocket(mortgage)ed onto the very top of the scene, or the great branding of the company. Whatever it is, 100 Thieves is hiring for someone to make the very best video content in esports!

Their videographer and editor will join them in Los Angeles to work on a variety of different projects. Whether you’re editing content to promote sponsors, capturing footage of the team or producing smaller clips for social media, your touch will be present across plenty of 100T content!

That’s already cemented itself as a truly epic job, so here’s the breakdown of what you need to make it yours. 100 Thieves is asking for at least 1 year of experience where you captured and edited esports video content. As well as this experience within the scene, they also want to see 2 years of general videography/editing experience.

The technical know-how to use common recording and editing equipment is also required, though we’d say it’s likely you have that if you meet the above requirements.

Don’t sit around - come and steal this job!

Not in the USA? Maybe this will be more your speed…

WIN Logo

(Expired) SEO Strategist

1 year ago by WIN

Remote (Anywhere)

One of our full time remote jobs in this roundup is with WIN, a company that has submitted some real bangers with us over the last few months.

This time around they’re looking for an SEO strategist, who can work full time to grow the digital presence of their website and social media channels.

The candidate they’re looking for is a senior one. They want to see 5 years of experience in marketing, SEO and social media work. Chances are if you’ve worked in one of those you probably have some exposure to the others, so hopefully that’s something some of you are able to provide!

Here’s some of what you’d work on for the company. Performing an SEO audit of their website and social channels will set the basis for your future tasks, such as developing a backlink strategy, a content strategy and providing recommendations for how the website could be coded better to boost SEO.

Sound like areas you could all excel in? Let WIN know!

Here are two awesome phrases to hear: “junior” and “social media”...


(Expired) Social Media Specialist

1 year ago by ASUS

Fremont (California), USA

Yep, ASUS is hiring for a full time social media manager that can work on their general brand along with their esports and gaming branch, Republic of Gamers.

For an opportunity like that to be offered to juniors in the scene is just awesome to see. They’re asking for 1+ years of experience in a marketing or communications role, either in an agency or in a relevant industry to gaming.

If you’re at least 1 year into your marketing/social career, this is something you’ll want to check out.

You’ll contribute to the company’s social medic calendar, where fellow social media strategists and you will plot next month’s trending topic. Two channels that you’ll put some a large amount of focus on are YouTube and Instagram. Excitingly, you’ll also be tasked with amplifying the content posted by ASUS and ROG influencers.

There’s even some travel forecasted for those that like to move around as they work! Expected travel is 25% in this position.

Talking of YouTube, check out this really unique role…

ProGuides Logo

(Expired) Youtube Video Director 

1 year ago by ProGuides

Los Angeles (California), USA

ProGuides produce instructional videos to help gamers improve at esports titles using the most reputable source out there - actual pro players!

They work with several professionals in HearthStone, League Of Legends and Fortnite, and they’re looking for somebody who can manage their YouTube channel.

This will consist of working with the video producers to create videos that will resonate with YouTube users, uploading the videos to the company’s YouTube channels, as well as monitoring the different esports titles ProGuides is interested in.

We think that sounds like a pretty awesome - and unique - full time job to find in esports, or any industry for that fact.

What’s more, their requirements are light. So long as you’re based in Los Angeles, have a background involving content and are a great storyteller, you’ll meet what they ask for in the job description!

What is it with California consistently producing the best jobs…?


(Expired) Digital Marketing Specialist

1 year ago by iBUYPOWER

Industry (California), USA

iBUYPOWER posted several with us, but this position with a focus on digital marketing might have to take the cake. Joining the company in their headquarters in Industry, California, it’ll be your task to optimize their digital channels to increase sales.

Some of the areas you’ll work on include online advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Google and other networks, as well as optimizing their website in terms of its SEO. The optimization of their social media channels will also fall into your ballpark.

It’d then be on you to monitor the campaigns you set up and report on these monthly to management. Some other fun areas you’ll be able to get involved in include influencer marketing and specialists in other areas of the company’s digital strategy.

To call the above your workload, iBUYPOWER is looking for you to possess 3 years of experience in digital marketing, with strong knowledge of the usual areas attached to that.

We wish we could tell our Boston users that this was close to them, but for now it’s California’s prize…

Boston Uprising Logo

(Expired) Associate Producer

1 year ago by Boston Uprising

Tarzana (California), USA

The Boston Uprising is hiring someone who is a future master of digital content to help them and their content needs around their Overwatch League team.

Some of what you’d work include short and long form video for the company website, photography for the site, as well as contributing to the social media output - an area key to any content job in esports.

The job of a content producer when you’re so close to an epic esports setting like the Overwatch League arena gets even more fun at the prospect of occasional travel. After all, the footage that you edit has to be captured somewhere!

The inclusion of “Associate” in the title marks this as a junior role, and it’s 1-3 years of experience that the company is looking for here from their candidates.

We have to admit we didn’t see this job coming from Riot Games…

Riot Games Logo

(Expired) Associate Program Manager - Influencers, North America

1 year ago by Riot Games

Los Angeles (California), USA

We’re used to seeing them hire for League of Legends, of course, but it was pretty exciting to see them looking for someone who could work with the influencers of the game. Influencer marketing is such a strong tool in gaming at the moment (take Apex Legends’ launch, for example), and there’s a spot open in Riot’s team to do this.

Working to manage their NA influencers, you’ll assist other Riot teams to define a strategy to support the cosplay community - a key area in League - as well as other content creators that support the game.

They need a strong and outgoing communicator, with an endemic grasp of the scene. A set number of years experience isn’t specified, so if you think you have the skills and experience necessary for the job then let them know!

We have some more full time remote work now, and who else to supply it but Dexerto…

Dexerto Logo

(Expired) Social Media Video Editor

1 year ago by Dexerto

Remote (Anywhere)

The esports and entertainment coverage website is posting remote, paid jobs at a frequency like no other company, with a strong amount being full time.

This is one such role, and the company is now in need of someone who can produce viral videos that are well received by the social media crowd of esports. Creative thinking will be a must in this position!

In this remote position, you’ll be tasked with scripting and editing videos that can be shared across the Dexerto network of sites, while adhering to the company voice. They’re keen to see the highest level of grammar and presentation maintained.

The perks of this job (aside from, you know, full time remote esports work) are benefits from Dexerto partners, a salary based on your experience and future opportunities within the brand. Requirements are kept brief, so hit them with a portfolio and see what happens!

This company hires at an awesome rate on the east coast...


(Expired) Brand Strategy Director

1 year ago by NYXL

New York City (New York), USA

...and it’s an area of the States we’ve always said didn’t get shown much love when it came to careers in esports. NYXL is changing that, though - one position at their company at a time.

This time around it’s a strategy mastermind they’re looking to bring on. Some of the job duties in this position would be to ideate new partner solutions that would please existing sponsors and entice future ones to working with NYXL, understand what resonates with the NYXL audience to help other departments craft communications and generally work to bring more partners onboard with the brand.

It’s a varied workload, and the experience asked for by NYXL is 3 years writing proposals, along with exceptional storytelling talent. Organizational and creative thinking talents will also be highly valued.

It’s a pretty awesome position with a brand that is hiring for plenty of positions, and is certainly one for locals to check out!

That’s our top 10 jobs of the week wrapped up - hopefully there was something there that can shape the next step of your career.

Catch us next Monday for more hot careers in the industry!