25th Feb 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #57

It's been our busiest week EVER, and the quality jobs were rolling through in abundance...

Welcome back to our weekly jobs roundup series!

10 awesome careers, just like you've come to expect...

TSM Logo

(Expired) Player Manager

1 year ago by TSM

Los Angeles (California), USA

TSM is one of the largest esports organizations in the world, but it wasn’t even this fact that earned them a spot on this roundup. It was the pure brilliance of the job they’re offering.

As their player manager, you will, surprise surprise, manage their players. And since that includes some of the best gamers on the planet across a multitude of different esports titles, that’s an insanely attractive offer.

Their day-to-day schedules will be in your hands, such as ensuring the delivery of content for sponsors and for the org, along with arranging travel for players and assisting them with their own brand.

Perhaps the best thing about this job is its requirements. Years of experience usually put people off jobs in esports, but this glorious role only asks for 1 year in a relevant position.

A lot of you will be able to provide that, so go and make this dream career yours!

Talking of working with awesome characters…

PUBG Corporation Logo

(Expired) Streamer Partnership Manager

1 year ago by PUBG Corporation

Santa Monica (California), USA

Influencers and streamers around PUBG influencers and creators counts, right? We’d say so!

In this awesome marketing position, you’ll create a strategy that can build strong relationships and loyalty with influential streamers in the PUBG community.

That means managing their streamer program, recruiting promising streamers on behalf of PUBG and plan the creation of content to be used on PUBG mediums. As with any marketing role, you’ll also need to be savvy in analyzing key metrics to determine the success of your work.

If all that sounds amazing to you (of course it does), then here’s what you’ll need to meet to fit their criteria.

3 years of experience in a related position is the largest requirement, with knowledge of streaming and social trends coming in as key also. You’ll also need to be social as a butterfly, and able to build relationships effectively.

Looking for something a bit more junior than that? We got you…

Corsair Logo

(Expired) Intern, Collegiate Esports

1 year ago by Corsair

Fremont (California), USA

This has to be one of the greatest esports internships we’ve posted to date. Working under the hardware and peripherals giant CORSAIR, this position will task you with assisting company initiatives surrounding collegiate esports.

The world of college esports is an exciting one, especially when you look at the giant scale of conventional college sports, so a hands-on internship in the space really sounds great.

It’s specified in the advert that CORSAIR is looking for someone who wants to take their first step into the gaming and esports world as a career. What you’ll learn is how to execute events and collect key metrics from these, as well as assisting with any deliverables expected from CORSAIR in the activities they’re involved in.

The experience you’d harvest in this job would be invaluable, and combine that with the connections you’d make at a company as reputable as CORSAIR then you truly have a winning position on your hands.

NYXL is hiring once again - if you’re a New Yorker looking for an esports career, they’re a company to consider!


(Expired) Esports Event Production Manager

1 year ago by NYXL

New York City (New York), USA

To sum this job up, you’ll work on NYXL’s esports events from ideation to execution.

This will require hefty experience from you, as project management and communication skills are something NYXL have to see. You’ll also need to be an organizational titan, able to juggle your responsibilities to sponsors with the smooth running of an event that meets budget.

With such a variety of skills needed, it’s no surprise that NYXL is looking for someone with past experience in event management to step into this role as you’ll have already demonstrated the key traits in past positions.

So if that’s where you’ve already established professional experience of 6 years or more, then this epic job with an Overwatch League team making serious hiring moves could be your next home!

If you’re an esports writer who appreciates a brilliantly-told story, Dexerto has something right up your street...

Dexerto Logo

(Expired) Storyteller / Long Form Writer

1 year ago by Dexerto

Remote (Anywhere)

Esports has a lot of talented writers capable of producing compelling stories to highlight the drama woven into each tournament. This will be news to all of their ears: Dexerto is hiring someone full time, from anywhere in the world, to produce these sorts of articles!

It’s incredibly rare to see an advert for a full time feature writer - an area of journalism usually filled by freelancers / staff writers pitching in with feature and news writing. This is just one thing that makes this position so epic!

On top of that, this remote position comes with a competitive salary that is dependent on your experience, as well as future opportunities in a growing business in a growing industry. If stories are the focus of this position, we have a best seller here!

A junior position working with influencers at a huge company in gaming? Yes, please!

Twitch Logo

(Expired) Influencer Relations Manager

1 year ago by Twitch

San Francisco (California), USA

The home of gaming and esports streaming, Twitch, is hiring a junior candidate that can manage and improve their influencer programs.

We saw the power of influencers on Twitch when Apex Legends was released and quickly gathered momentum in the community from the number of top streamers that were streaming the game.

It will be the mission of this candidate to increase the number and quality of influencer programs on Twitch, as well as adding additional broadcasters to the program. Contract negotiation and long term influencer strategy will also be areas you work on.

Now we mentioned this job was junior, so here’s what Twitch is looking for. They’re asking for a bachelor’s degree and 1 year of relevant experience.

It’s always exciting when this team is hiring…

Fnatic Logo

(Expired) Executive Assistant

1 year ago by Fnatic

London, UK

...and that’s because they seem to do everything right! From the great apparel they produce, to their winning teams, to the awesome partnerships they’ve established - Fnatic truly leads the way for esports organizations.

Next in their London hiring is someone who can assist the company executives to make better use of their time. This includes roles such as managing their diaries, organizing travel, accomodation and visas where necessary for business trips and proactively seeking out resources the executives can use to up their performance.

Mentioned in the benefits section of the job description and a clear draw to this job is the chance to work with the executive team at Fnatic, including their founder. Few full time jobs will give you the chance to work with such experienced and talented people as that!

So if you’re incredibly organized and have experience supporting senior management in a similar environment to a startup company, then don’t miss out on this!

You won’t believe this next one is a paid job…

Dallas Mavericks Logo

(Expired) Esports Mavs Gaming Practice Squad

1 year ago by Dallas Mavericks

Dallas (Texas), USA

The Dallas Mavericks own Mavs Gaming, a team competing in the NBA 2K League, and are looking for someone local to Dallas who can work with their team to help them practice.

That’s right, this job is literally looking for somebody who is talented at NBA 2K League that can practice with their professional players. And you’ll get paid for that. We try and avoid the image that working in gaming = playing games all day, but we have to say that this career matches that!

Their requirements are light and limited to extreme proficiency at 2K, with tactical knowledge to accompany your mechanical skill.

Here’s an opportunity for our UK followers to join an exciting esports company that has a lot going on…

Esports Insider Logo

(Expired) Content & Marketing Manager

1 year ago by Esports Insider


Esports Insider control the website esportsinsider.com, a series of esports business and networking events that run throughout the year in multiple countries, and also engage in performing client work.

They’re now looking for an experience content & marketing manager to assist them with a few different sides of the business. You’ll be managing the content flow on their website, coordinating freelancers and working on the client side to schedule the deliverables of projects.

The experience requirement for this job doesn’t include a set number of years needed, but as you’ll be managing a set of writers to maintain ESI content is of the highest quality having experience as a leader is something that will come in handy in your application!

If you’re tuning into esports events each weekend without fail, this job could be the one for you...

Esports Arena Logo

(Expired) Esports Event Manager

1 year ago by Esports Arena

Las Vegas (Nevada), USA

The Esports Arena in Las Vegas made headlines when it opened up a location in the Luxor Casino & Hotel, and this is the exact location they’re hiring for now!

The company needs someone experienced in running events to make the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas the go-to place for tournaments and events to be held. This means there’ll be plenty of outreach to the gaming community and tournament organizers to try and turn them into customers!

Because of this, some of the key skills you’ll need is in entertainment/programs, as well as community management so that you can provide a seamless experience for attendees at the events you hold.

If you’re able to provide several years of experience in each of those fields, then you could call an esports arena in a massive hotel structure your workplace. Not bad, huh?!


Moving on from our 10 best jobs this past week, check out our weekly stats, which SMASHED our previously highest-performing week.

In the last 7 days, we’ve posted 201 esports jobs in what has been our most hectic week ever. You’ll also be glad to hear that 80.1% of these were paid, which means there were 161 paid opportunities floating around the industry this past week alone!

91 companies were hiring to produce that figure, and created careers in 19 different countries. Twitch was the most active employer, coming in with a massive 29 positions over the last week.

Here’s the breakdown of last week’s locations:

  • USA - 96 jobs
  • Remote - 43 jobs
  • Canada - 13 jobs
  • UK - 12 jobs
  • Sweden - 7 jobs
  • Ukraine - 7 jobs
  • Germany - 5 jobs
  • Hong Kong - 4 jobs
  • Czech Republic - 2 jobs
  • France - 2 jobs
  • Singapore - 2 jobs
  • Brazil - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Italy - 1 job
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Malta - 1 job
  • Mexico - 1 job
  • Switzerland - 1 job
  • Vietnam - 1 job

Here is the contract breakdown for the last week:

  • Full Time - 147 jobs
  • Freelance - 6 jobs
  • Part Time - 6 jobs
  • Paid Internships - 2 jobs

And here were the unpaid roles we had:

  • Volunteer - 31 roles
  • Internships - 9 roles

We'll see you next week. Until then, happy applying!