5th Mar 2019 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Job Roundup #58

Fnatic, 100 Thieves, SteelSeries and more awesome companies inside...

Welcome back to our weekly esports jobs roundup, where we count through the most epic 10 careers in the industry in the last seven days.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to say this...WE’RE HIRING!

Hitmarker Logo

(Expired) Weekend Content Coordinator

11 months ago by Hitmarker

Remote (Anywhere)

We’re looking for an esports-loving, job-posting, tweet-writing individual that can cover our daily operations on the weekends! Since we started focusing on Hitmarker full time in January 2018, we’ve been pulling 7 day weeks between us to keep the site updated each and every day. Christmas Day 2018 was the only day we didn’t post jobs!

But the time has come for us to pass on the weekend torch to someone new.

The job will entail you keeping our jobs board updated and to the high quality that our users have come to expect from us. This means moderating the jobs that are submitted to us, as well as scouring the internet for additional jobs to ensure we have the most comprehensive list of esports jobs there is.

Then you’ll be heading to Twitter (or, more specifically, the tool we use to schedule Tweets) to line up posts to go out throughout the day, one every hour, promoting the day’s jobs.

In between all of that you’ll be interacting with our wonderful users on Twitter, live chat and email and ensuring our brand has an active and personable presence on the weekends.

This is a junior, freelance role, and we’re not looking for any past experience. If you have some that can impress us then great, but essentially we’re looking for a talented and trustworthy individual that can grow into the job.

We’ll train you up into an esports job connoisseur, so don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with the hiring space just yet!

Whilst we’re only able to offer hours on the weekend currently, we’ll endeavor to bring you on full time if you’re able to seriously impress us.

Drop us an application letting us know why you’re the right person for the job, how long you’ve been using Hitmarker and anything else you think we need to know about you. Let’s change how this scene operates for the better, and allow everyone to pursue their dream!

Okay, advert for our job over, here’s what else was looking tasty this week…

100 Thieves Logo


11 months ago by 100 Thieves


You’ll recognize this brand for being one of the coolest and fastest-growing in esports. Ran by Nadeshot and with backing from significant investors, it feels like 100 Thieves do it all correctly, from their merch drops to their partnership announcements (looking at you, Totino’s announcement vid!)

They’re looking for someone with plenty of experience in sponsorship sales to cook up even more brilliant deals, and then serve as an account manager to make sure these partnerships are mutually beneficial.

Their asking price is 5 years of experience in B2B or media sponsorship sales. Great communication skills and being a creative leader will also boost your application.

It’s not a roundup without a remote job from Dexerto!

Dexerto Logo

(Expired) Campaign Manager

1 year ago by Dexerto

Remote (Anywhere)

The esports media and coverage giant is hiring for a bit of a different role this time. Strong writing skills remains a staple in their job requirements, but a knowledge of the media landscape, such as understanding agency objectives and being able to monitor campaigns, are asked for in this position.

Digital communications should be your playground, with familiarity on social media, PR, and influencer outreach all asked for.

If you’ve got that in spades, then here’s a full time, remote opportunity to work on Dexerto’s marketing campaigns!

Oh my, just look at this job title…

SteelSeries Logo

(Expired) Global Head of Social Media

11 months ago by SteelSeries

Chicago (Illinois), USA

With a Twitter page of over 400,000 followers, a Facebook page with close to 2,000,000 likes and an Instagram with 500,000 followers, this position has a LOT of responsibility!

And with great responsibility comes great experience requirements. SteelSeries are looking for 5 years of high-level social media experience at the minimum to be able to craft their strategy across these channels.

Key in this job will be the ability to monitor data and metrics, manage staff and have the creative drive to stand out in an industry of digital natives. Game on!

Oof, we know some of you will be all over this one…

G2 Esports Logo

(Expired) PUBG Team Manager

11 months ago by G2 Esports

Berlin, Germany

There’s two huge draws to this job. One, you’d get to work full time with G2 Esports. And two, you’ll be involved in the forefront of esports, managing a team for a global organization. It doesn’t get better than that!

So to be able to make that dream yours, G2 is asking that you come to them with proven work experience as a team manager or coach, and accompany that with strong knowledge of PR and branding. You have to make sure the team is upholding the G2 brand as well as winning games, of course!

If you can do that, then you can snap up a chance to work with G2 senior leaders to help guide where the PUBG roster is going, manage its daily duties and assist in the management and coaching of the players!

Love the LEC? You’ll love this…


(Expired) Graphics Designer

1 year ago by EXCEL

London, UK

Working full time as a designer for a team within the LEC is as good as jobs come, and when that company is open to bringing on juniors then it just gets even better.

Working from London with the team at Excel, you’ll put your creativity to use to produce media pieces, graphics for their website and social channels, pitch decks for use in marketing, and other visual assets such as apparel designs and banners.

That’s a solid list of job responsibilities, and their requirements to land this job is skill in graphic design and some skill in web design. Videography experience will serve as a big plus!

Here’s ANOTHER brilliant social media role - you know how we do things at Hitmarker…

Fnatic Logo

(Expired) Social Media Lead

1 year ago by Fnatic

London, UK

This time it’s one of the world’s biggest teams hiring. It’s certainly been a good week for the social media marketers, eh?

Fnatic’s huge social channels will be under your watchful eye in this position, as you incept creative and engaging content to be shared on them to impress their followers and remind on-brand. Management will also play a part in your role, as you’ll be overseeing a team of social content creators who can assist your wider strategy.

You’ll need to work closely with the Fnatic partnerships team, as social media is a distribution method a lot of sponsors will be keen to utilize!

A love for start-up environments, track record of building massive social pages and of building out content calendars to rival the best is what Fnatic ask from you here!

Here’s a unique role for someone who will be able to relocate to NYC in the not too distant future…

beastcoast Logo

(Expired) Operations Manager

1 year ago by beastcoast

Remote (USA)

Whenever beastcoast post jobs with us they’re always of the highest standard, and this position in operations was no different. Initially remote but with the requirement to move to New York City down the line, you’ll work with the CEO to prioritize company tasks and distribute workflow to ensure productivity is high.

Some of what you’ll work on is monitoring key company KPIs, assisting in operations where needed and recruiting additional staff where needed.

They’re looking for someone experienced in management that has proven experience as a senior leader to step into this role, that is versatile and able to wear many different hats as needed.

It’s always cool to see the largest media site in the world hiring in our niche...

YouTube Logo

(Expired) Head of Gaming Creators, Gaming

11 months ago by YouTube

Los Angeles (California), USA

Gaming truly has a home on YouTube, and the video company is looking for someone who’s incredibly experienced in partner management to manage their key influencers.

It’s a beefy experience requirement on this role. YouTube is asking for 8 years of experience in partner/account management within an industry similar to entertainment, with a plus if this is in gaming.

With that experience, YouTube is looking for you to be a thought leader in gaming, and a strong leader capable of managing relationships with many influential figures.

Truly not a position to turn down, you’ll want to go for this if you’re experienced enough!

Fnatic hiring for two positions in a week? You have to love that!

Fnatic Logo

(Expired) Videographer

11 months ago by Fnatic

London, UK

Charged with the awesome responsibility of producing content for the masses of Fnatic fans to consume, you’ll be the person behind the camera ensuring everything captured is on-brand and to the general vision of the content.

You’ll answer to the Video Content Lead and work to keep projects on brand, on budget and engaging to the audience.

Their experience requirements do ask for relevant work experience in videography, though they don’t specify a set number of years. So if you think your portfolio can impress the people at Fnatic, get it over to them and make the dream happen!