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19th Mar 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #10

We're in our new Monday slot and here to take a look at ten of the best esports jobs from the past week (or so).

Welcome to the tenth edition of our Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup!

If you've been with us since week one then we can't thank you enough, you're truly a saint, but if you're new then welcome along!

The regulars will have noticed that we're in a new time slot of Monday afternoon - which will hopefully become Monday morning in the very near future - and the reason for this is that we've noticed a very obvious trend lately, which points towards the beginning of the week being the busiest time for candidates.

We know you guys and girls like enjoying your weekends, so hopefully this is a more sensible time for this sort of content to drop! We've also got MailChimp integration coming soon, so we can feed this good stuff straight into your inbox, should you be that way inclined.

But for now, how about we start off in the tried and tested fashion with some numbers?

• There were a massive 132 esports jobs added to the board in the last week (and a bit), with Activision and Blizzard Entertainment accounting for 11 each! All-in-all these jobs came from 69 esports companies operating in 13 different countries (that's quite a range)!

• Quite happily for those of us with mild (ahem) OCD, the United States accounted for exactly 50% of these jobs, while Remote (22.73%) jumped back ahead of the United Kingdom (8.33%) into second place (boooo). Germany held strong on 5.30%, with Sweden accounting for 3.79% of the total and Canada/France 2.27% each. Spain followed up their Hitmarker debut last week with another couple of roles (1.52%), while China, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Vietnam each contributed 0.76% of the total.

• All-in-all 77.27% of the esports career options on the board this week (or so) were PAID, which is what we like to see! 71.97% of these were full-time, 2.27% part-time (more flexibility, please folks!) and 3.03% freelance (see note on part-time). Of the rest 6.06% were internships and 16.67% volunteer roles. Not. Too. Shabby.

We had a tough time deciding on the ordering of #1 and #2 this week, so hopefully we went with the right one first...

Is it too cheap to say that we were on cloud nine when we saw this Community Manager role from Cloud9? Uh oh, too late...

But seriously, a full-time role based in Los Angeles handling socials and community engagement for an esports organisation of this size and reputation?! Sign us up!

There's also occasional travel to events on offer here, just to tip it over the edge that little bit more!

This was just about the most popular role on the board this week in terms of views and applications, with a very similar esports job not very far behind it...

Jumping over from LA to Dallas, we find the awesome Envy Gaming and another Community Manager opening.

This one looks a little more in-depth than the Cloud9 role, and has a slightly higher barrier to entry with three years PR and/or community relations experience required (for a large consumer-facing brand, no less), but both are truly great opportunities.

You could get yourself a huge leg up here if you've got HTML, CSS and WordPress skills in your back pocket!

Now this next one has five very important questions for you...

Can you answer YES to these questions?

  • Do you love esports?
  • Do you have a strong sense for outside-the-box creative and design?
  • Are you able to produce high quality, eye-catching content formatted for all social and digital platforms?
  • Are you challenged by the thought of growing a highly-engaged audience through digital media?

See, five questions! However, the really important answer is to #1... so if you just shouted YES and can work from Indianapolis, Indiana (one of our favourite place names on the planet and just a short drive from world famous Pawnee) then what the heck are you waiting for?

Just note that again you'll need HTML and CSS skills, along with familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Dreamweaver. A pretty tall order for a baller of an esports job.

Let's change pace, but only ever so slightly...

Our admiration for Riot is well known, and it's easy to see why we hold them in such high regard when they just KEEP dropping esports jobs of this sort of quality (and in unique locations, to boot).

How many jobs for esports writers do you find in Berlin? "Not too many" is the correct answer here (although the awesome Cybersport DO have content openings there from time-to-time).

So, if you're a fountain of creativity who loves League of Legends and could work from one of the most beautiful cities in the world why not apply? Just remember that Riot *always* ask for a fun introduction to your cover letter, so grab their attention!

Now here's one for all of you ambitious self-starters out there...

So there's no set salary on offer here, but the commission structure is pretty strong and gives the potential to earn a decent amount of money over the long-term (or even short-term if you're insanely good at the role!)

For a little background, eAthlete Labs are a neuroscience company who are using clinical research to produce formulas for competitive gamers designed to boost their performance and skill development, and they're looking to find new partners who can build strong relationships.

There definitely seems to be something good here, which is made great when you combine it with the flexibility on offer (remote work, choose your hours, gain esports experience, make good contacts, etc.)

Next up, a remote role for those of you based in the UK that comes with a salary AND paid holiday...

We're seeing more and more companies like Swipe Right getting involved in esports, which is great for the scene and just goes to show how legitimate it is these days.

This particular role is on our list because all Swipe Right employees work from home around 70% of the time, get 20 days paid holiday and are allowed flexible working hours... in addition to the fact they're not asking for any set qualifications!

At points this job description seems too good to be true, but we can assure you it isn't, so if you're looking for remote work in the UK then why not check it out?

Now let's get on trend with an esports job related to FORTNITE...

Blitz are consistently posting excellent content creation roles in esports, but this Fortnite one takes the biscuit because it comes paid, remote and with part-time flexible hours (drool).

If you love the game and want to work for one of the premier media publications in the scene, then your chance is here, but you MUST be extremely knowledgeable about Fortnite, an awesome writer AND extremely creative in your process.

They're asking for a resume and background (cover letter) as part of your application pack (which we'd be happy to help you with, for FREE) plus three examples of your work (either published or unpublished) and three sample pitches for content that you would be excited about creating.

Hmm, lots of social stuff, content creation and sales so far eh? Let's try something different...

Thank you Concur App, one of the 12 esports organisations who signed up with us last week!

They're in search of a developer proficient in both Android and iOS to create apps, but you'll have to be capable of meeting strict deadlines, attending staff meetings (daily/weekly) and have a flexible schedule to get a look in.

Esports knowledge is preferred (woooo) but not required (boooo) here, and you only need two years of dev experience behind you to be considered. Not huge hurdle to climb over, right? Makes a nice change!

Are you good people ready for an esports internship? Yeah? Let's go...

DBLTAP, DBLTAP, DBLTAP! (That's a chant, btw.)

We're constantly perplexed by the lack of opportunity in New York City, so roles like this get us all warm and fuzzy in our bellies. If you're looking to kickstart your career in esports journalism then this one goes out to you, because it's a chance to work alongside industry professionals writing about something you love.

These guys have only been going since June 2017 but already have partnerships with ESL, DreamHack, ELeague and Fnatic (quite the list), and if you do well at the internship then you'll have a great chance of moving on to a paid writing positions. Booya!

Finally, we'd like to finish with our favourite remote volunteer role of the week...

SPG is the home of professional and talented gamers in Switzerland, which is a country you don't see mentioned in esports too often! "Head of Storytelling" is a job title you don't see too often, either, pretty cool right?

To break it down, they're essentially looking for someone creative to develop their digital communication initiatives (marketing, check), sponsorship campaigns (sales, check) and to build/improve upon their existing content (content creation, check.)

If you've already got some experience in any of these sectors you've got a foot halfway in the door, but you'll also need passion for competitive gaming AND fluency in both English and German. We just killed a lot of you with that last one, huh? Sorry...

That's it for this week! We'll sign off by dropping some 411 on a couple of the new features our new developer James has released on the platform in his first full week of operations...

CANDIDATES, you can now SAVE JOBS while browsing (in case you don't have the time to apply right there and then). These jobs will fly on over to your dashboard page, where you can pick them up later and blow the hiring manager's socks off.

COMPANIES, you can now DISABLE JOBS and soon you'll be able to give a reason as to why (did you fill it? Was that through Hitmarker? Is it no longer required?)

Hopefully that's a couple of big "problems" with Hitmarker resolved, and next we're working on releasing a bunch of fun new pages (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, About Us, Brand Assets and more) in addition to completely redesigning job alerts AND also giving you wonderful people some super customisable job filters to play with so you can make browsing Hitmarker a very personalised experience.

However, if YOU have any suggestions or ideas that you want us to implement then don't be afraid to shout (you can find all of our contact details below).

Thanks for your time and see you next MONDAY,

The Hitmarker Team


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