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3rd Apr 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #12

A fresh look at a selection of the latest and greatest esports jobs posted on HitmarkerJobs.com in the last seven days.

Welcome along to the twelfth edition of our weekly esports jobs roundup!

We've got ten great esports roles from the past seven days that we want to tell you a little bit more about, and although this last week was one of the quietest we've had for a while (we're blaming you for this one, Easter Bunny) there's still plenty here for everyone!

• In total there were 78 esports career opportunities posted in the past seven days, which came from 47 different organizations based in 14 countries around the world. Freaks 4U Gaming were the most active employer, being responsible for 7 of them! We'll talk more about our favorite of theirs a little later, but if you want a head start you should hit up their company page here.

• Of the 14 countries represented, the USA led the way for esports jobs YET AGAIN with 39.74% of the share. That's quite a drop from the week before, however, meaning that Remote roles had a little popularity boost up to 25.64%. Germany moved into third spot from fifth with 7.69% of the total, while it was great to see Canada in the top four for the first time with 6.41%! Our very own UK was down in fifth with 3.85%. while China, France, India and Japan had 2.56% each. Finally came Australia, Czech Republic (welcome to Hitmarker!), Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan with 1.28% apiece.

• Of these esports roles an impressive 71.79% were PAID, with 64.10% being full-time, 1.28% being part-time and 6.41% being freelance. Last of all 23.08% were volunteer openings and 5.13% were internships - a little more than the week prior, but still not enough for our liking!

Look at us being all sneaky-beaky like and dropping those stats on you unannounced for the second week in a row!

Now let's get to the jobs, starting in Scandinavia...

Those awesome Ninjas in Pyjamas are on the hunt for a Head of Partnerships in Stockholm!

We appreciate that we don't have too many readers from Sweden, but if you know of anyone who could fill this huge esports role then it's definitely worth giving them a heads up.

Just to give you an idea of exactly WHO to give the heads up to, the Ninjas are looking for someone out of the ordinary creative and innovative, who is also a natural born leader. A pretty tall order, we think, but what else would you expect from an opening like this?

The rewards are here for all to see: working with a legendary esports team, a competitive salary and benefits, plus a warm working environment. So if you could work in Stockholm - or know someone who could - get to work! (Click the job block!)

Now we KNOW a lot of you are based in the US of A, so this next awesome job goes out to you...

We were delighted to add three great BlitzPredict roles to the board this week and it was genuinely a very difficult choice for our favorite!

However, because of the size and scope of this particular job we just HAD to go with it. The really awesome thing is that the barrier to entry isn't even that high here, with Blitz just asking for 3 years of management experience for an esports company or content platform.

So the offer is to work in esports doing business development IN VEGAS, getting paid a competitive salary with full benefits and tokens! If you haven't already applied, then just what exactly are you waiting for?

Hit the job block to see the full description, because it really is as good as it sounds!

A little change of pace with this one, which is no less awesome than the last, just in a VERY different environment with VERY different day-to-day responsibilities.

Defiance College have one of the most excellent names we've ever seen an educational establishment have - guess they were lucky being founded in Defiance, OH - and they're searching for someone with knowledge of the esports industry to work full-time for 10 months on campus.

So if you have strong leadership skills, fancy yourself as an ace recruiter and have some competitive gaming experience in your past then it's well worth taking a look at this one. They aren't hanging around with hiring someone, so you shouldn't hang around waiting to apply!

Now who's ready to get freaky? (We're getting lots of mileage out of this...)

Freaks 4U Gaming are YOUR gateway into the gaming industry and they're also one of the world's largest marketing and communications agencies. They specialize in esports and gaming, holding office locations in Germany, Serbia, Taiwan and the USA.

This particular role comes from Germany and is full-time paid, for someone with a university degree (or equivalent) in addition to two years work experience in customer or campaign care, ideally in an agency.

If you've got those two things down and you like the idea of working in beautiful Berlin, then we can highly recommend these guys as a company to work for. They're an international team with an open corporate culture who offer benefits like free coffee and tea, in-office gaming and free car parking. This may not sound like much, but believe us it is!

We think this is a good time to hop over to the UK for our favourite type of esports job...

Social Media Managers ASSEMBLE!

You know we love seeing social media roles, as avid social media users ourselves (and temporary social media managers, we might add), and this was our most favourite of the week. We've posted a few esports jobs from Heaven Media in the past, but this one is absolutely HUGE.

Because of that fact it's also got a very high barrier to entry, though, with Heaven asking for candidates with 7 (seven) years senior social, marketing and personnel management experience to apply (in addition to a keen interest in the gaming industry, which we know you've all got down anyway).

The salary on offer is between £24,000 and £36,000, depending on experience, and this is a chance to get in relatively early with a growing company and to really put your stamp on things. The job description is LONG but really good, so if you're interested you should take a look at the full thing by - you guessed it - clicking the job block.

Canada has really been cooking in terms of esports jobs in recent times and we've been delighted to see a month-on-month increase in terms of our followers from that neck of the woods (we probably have Jason Sitak to thank for that!)

There were a few excellent Canadian roles last week, so this was another tough choice, but the flexibility of the role in addition to the huge name value of the employer meant that we couldn't ignore theScore (you get that one for free, you're welcome).

Now a Data Entry role might not be the flashiest one we've ever posted, but it's relatively easy entry level PAID work in esports - which you don't see too much of at the moment! They're also offering a relaxed work environment, snacks and drinks, BBQs on their patio and a gaming room. If we didn't already have 3/4 of those down ourselves, we'd be tempted to apply and relocate ourselves!

Hurrah for Hurrah! We only stumbled upon these guys a few days ago, but they've already posted a trio of awesome esports jobs that we've really liked the look of. They're all based in Paris, which isn't ideal due to the fact we don't have many French readers (maybe it's time to look into getting Hitmarker translated?), but even if you're NOT going to apply you need to take a look at this for the quality of the job description alone.

HOWEVER, if you happen to be the very rare breed of an English native speaker who loves esports and could work from Paris then all your Christmases have come at once! This is a freelance role to begin with, but at the end of the six month contract there's a full-time role on offer to someone who impresses them.

Either way, take a look and marvel at the quality of their advert, then it's time to move onto something a little more remote...

We're going to keep this short and sweet - just like Network N did with their job advert - but they're looking for an esports writer on PCGamesN on a freelance basis, ideally in-office but remote for the right candidate!

You could be the right candidate!

Submit your cover letter, resume and writing samples through our Apply Now button on the job page and blow their socks off! You know they're expecting big things on the cover letter front, at least, so if you need any help give us a shout at info@hitmarkerjobs.com (it's what we do).

Time for something a little different, but still remote...

It's been a while since we had an OpNoobs role on the board, so we couldn't resist adding this one to the roundup!

They're on the search for someone who has experience with live streaming (either on Twitch or YouTube), who's proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite Series, Skype and broadcasting software (Xsplit a plus).

You'll also need a high-end gaming PC, a fast internet connection and strong organizational skills. However, if you've got all of that down you could earn $15 per hour (starting salary) for handling spectator modes on streams. Pretty cool, right?

Time to finish strong...

You just know we had to sign off with an internship!

Hopefully you're already completely aware of Esportspedia, but if not then you should know that they're a family of competitive esports wikis covering League of Legends, Call of Duty, Smite, Halo and collegiate (with more on the way!) Go and check 'em out, then come right back.

A LOT of great people have begun their esports careers with these guys and their promise to you is that if you work hard and communicate well, you WILL rise fast! So take a look at the full description and throw in an application if you like what you see. We think you will, because there aren't many better ways to start off your Social Media Management career!

And that's all for this week, 10 great esports opportunities from a bunch of great companies based all over the world. You can't ask for much more than that, right?

We'll hopefully see you next week for #13, which will have a brand new author!

That's right, Cam Brierley has joined Team Hitmarker on a full-time basis in a Social Media Manager/Content Creator capacity and he'll be your esports jobs chaperone from here on out. Be nice to him, because he's awesome!

This is Rich signing off for the last time (well until Cam needs a day or - heaven forbid - a week off), so bye for now!


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