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9th Apr 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #13

We look back at the best esports jobs in the last seven days.

A warm welcome to everybody on this thirteenth installment of our weekly esports jobs roundup. Before we jump into this week’s action, I believe an introduction is required. As Rich (the previous author of the roundups) mentioned last week, he’ll be passing over the weekly roundup baton to me from now on. My name is Cam and I guess the easiest way to describe myself would be as a success story of Hitmarker, as it’s now my job to work on the site. How I got here? While scrolling through the job feed one day, I saw a Content Creator position at a company called ghostwhite (Hitmarker’s parent company) and threw my hat in the ring in the form of a CV and cover letter. Fast forward a few weeks and allow for some Twitter DMs and a Skype call, and I was offered the job.

But enough about me, you’re here for juicy esports jobs and you can bet we have those in abundance this week!

These past seven days have been a record-breaker for us; we posted the most jobs we ever have in a week with 129! These came from a whopping 66 different organizations with 12 different countries offering some form of esports employment. A big shoutout has to go to Esports One, the most active employer, accounting for 6 of the job postings.

We’ve had one record-breaker, may as well make it two, right?

Well, this past week remote jobs surpassed career chances in the USA for the first time. These remote roles accounted for 37.98% of what we posted. Granted, the US weren’t far behind, sitting on a handsome 36.43%. After the dominance from the two big dogs in terms of career possibilities, France, The Netherlands and the UK were all tied on making up 4.65% of this week’s jobs. Sweden is next up, making up 3.10% of the roles posted, and after them comes Canada and Germany, tied on 2.33% each. Australia pulled in 1.55%, and China, Poland and Switzerland took up the rear with 0.78% for each of them.

Now the only thing better than being in esports is getting paid to be in it, and we’re happy to say that 64.34% of the jobs posted this week were paid, with 53.49% of these roles being full-time. Volunteer offerings saw a marked increase and rose to 30.29% of what we listed, though don’t fret if you’re only seeking compensated employment; you’ll be able to filter out the unpaid jobs soon. Freelance gigs made up 8.53% of jobs listed, whereas part-time comprised just 2.33% of our overall job posting.

Okay, now that you’ve had a load of job stats thrown at you, how about something more tangible? Like this opportunity in Manchester, UK:

Diabolus Esports are looking for a full-time Director for League of Legends. Plus, on top of the pretty swish job title, this posting means BUSINESS.

As Diabolus’ Director of LoL, you’d be responsible for the whole process behind a competitive team in League of Legends. They’d want you to scout players and form a roster, manage the team and their schedules, while performing coach-like duties such as implementing in-game strategy. So while your schedule could be quite busy, the chance to build a team from the ground up and watch them grow and (hopefully) flourish is, to some of you, worth it I imagine.

Now, such responsibility over an org’s team doesn’t get given to anyone. As a minimum, you’ll need two years experience coaching a high-level LoL team, but if you’ve plied your trade as a master strategist once before, this job certainly sounds worth applying to in our eyes.

From office work to being able to choose your workstation, this next job will appeal to the writers we know there are amongst you:

We do love to see writing jobs that allow those of you with strong opinions that you’d love to discuss with others become manifested into enjoyable and quality pieces of work. FanSided are offering just this opportunity.

As a site expert you’d have two main duties: producing engaging content that can keep the readers of FanSided's League site, Blog of Legends, entertained while also interacting with readers and the community on social media channels. Oh, and did we mention they’ll also pay for these things?

I think it’s fairly clear that if you love League and are able to pursue this job then hit that job block above. Paid writing and social media about a huge esports title has to be pretty high up the list of most people’s dream careers!

Another cool transition here, from working on a site’s content to directing a series of esports websites:

Esportspedia, who are affiliated with Esports One, are on the hunt for a full-time Wiki Director to work either remotely or out of sunny Santa Monica. For those of you unaware, Esportspedia is an awesome wiki and community resource that covers multiple games and is meticulously well-maintained. Here’s your chance to put your stamp on it.

You’ll need both a strong knowledge of websites for the optimizations they desire you to make to the collection of wikis, plus experience in managing people and teams. In return, you’ll be managing one of the most useful resources to the esports community, have the chance of earning equity and work for a company who state that their mission is to completely revolutionize the esports viewing experience.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades and can see yourself taking these Wikis to new heights, be sure to apply now using the job block above!

Allow me to change the pace a little…

Okay, change the pace a lot, actually. Here is a role that could possibly be every esports fan’s dream - creating, and being paid for, memes and content around tournaments. This particular time DreamHack are only looking for Fighting Game Community (FGC) content creators.

The successful candidate will be using tools commonly associated with social media management like Tweetdeck for interacting with fans and Photoshop for the production of visual content. And if those names sound unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! DreamHack explicitly say that if you don’t use these tools then don’t worry. Already sounding like a pretty cool company, aren’t they?

For anyone with a spare 10 hours a week, a brain full of FGC knowledge and, more importantly, FGC memes, this job is well worth applying to and could lead to all sorts of connections down the line.

Talking of a job that’s well worth applying to…

For a New York esports fan, I can’t picture a job advert looking any better than this. Overwatch League side New York Excelsior (NYXL) are looking for a community specialist who can drive key figures in the New York gaming community, such as influencers, to get on board with the brand, as well as appealing to the city’s gamers at large.

So if you are from New York, you could be connecting with your local community to spread the word of gaming, employed by a team competing in the prestigious, revolutionary Overwatch League.

As far as career options go in esports, that sounds like one of the best kinds. If you are as attuned to the New York area as you are to gaming and esports, show that job bar some love and send in your application.

This next one is for the videographers who’ve been patiently reading through this. I got you, guys:

The esports energy drink; sponsors of teams, arenas and influencers; you won’t find many people in esports who haven’t heard of G FUEL. That’s why this opportunity to work with them sounds very exciting indeed.

They’re looking for one skilled videographer who has experience shooting gaming or esports events. If you weren’t hyped about this job already, videographers, this experience they ask for suggests your place of work may be live esports events!

And if you’re a videographer who is still reading this entry and not already applying to try and snag this awesome gig, then go get ‘em!

It’s tough to follow up with a job at a company as awesome as G FUEL, but this one might just do the trick:

Next month’s NBA 2K League, a fresh new esports initiative that is amassing the very best players of 2K Games’ massively popular NBA video game series into one super league, is hiring someone on a contract to assist them in this project. They state it’ll last a maximum of 10 months.

Due to the nature of the job and how it’s just filling gaps as and when, you’ll need to be a skilled all-rounder to get it. They ask as well for 2+ years of experience in supporting a corporate environment.

Even so, their requirements and the limited nature of the contract do not take away from the fact that this job would have you assisting in a new side of esports since it has entered the mainstream, and is a fantastic way to build up some contacts and put your stamp on this league.

Don’t worry if you’re not down with a short contract duration, because this next job should have a little more longevity:

Esports organization Splyce are looking for a Marketing Director with a primary purpose of implementing strategies to grow their fanbase and create lasting relationships with the fans and the gaming community as a unit.

As you’d expect seeing as this is a senior role at an established org, the requirements for success are rather high, with 7 years experience in a relevant area to Marketing.

Still, despite the high boundary Splyce is sure to be a fit for nearly every esports fan as they field a team in most esport titles. If you’re still not convinced, they offer relocation assistance and esports travel benefits. Interested now? The above bar will take you to the job post.

I haven’t forgotten about you fellow social media guys, and this next one for you is a doozy:

This one is going to need veterans of the social media game, though, because this is not an entry level role. Scuf Gaming, manufacturer of custom controllers, are looking for a Social Media Director with 3-5 years experience in the field.

You’ll have to have your finger on the pulse of social media and its trends to secure this job, but we’re sure working out of the Georgia office of one of gaming’s biggest peripheral players is certainly worth this.

We threw the videographers a gem earlier, so how about those of you who prefer their video already shot?

If you can take a normal video and make it look like something OpTic would release on Vision, here’s a sweet one for you - a paid freelance role with esports team Disrupt Gaming. If you’re as savvy at storytelling as you are with Adobe Premiere Pro or other similar softwares, you might want to check this one out…

They want somebody with 1-2 years of experience in a professional editing environment who is a team player and highly motivated. We know those last two are most of you, so if you can make it a hat-trick then you may want to click on the job bar above and send some nice words and reels over to the folks at Disrupt Gaming.

There you have it - 10 fine doors into esports that, if your skill set matches, could be your way into your dream job!

This is Cam signing off until next Monday, where we’ll see what the next seven days will bring us in the form of esports careers!

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