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16th Apr 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #14

The top 10 esports jobs from the week beginning April 9th.

Welcome back to the fourteenth edition of the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup, where we delve into the greatest esports jobs that are floating around the scene right now for you to apply to. This week we’ve seen a plethora of remote jobs once more, with a strong amount of these compensating you for your work!

This week we came shortly below the amount of jobs we posted last week, providing 110 jobs in esports as opposed to our figure last week of 129. These came from 64 companies which just goes to show the breadth of esports hiring; everyone has need of getting employees and help on board in a bunch of different positions. 11 countries were looking for people to help them build their esports business this week, including uncommon ones for us like India and Brazil.

For the SECOND week in a row remote esports jobs have been the majority of what we’ve posted, having a clean 40% on the board as they pip the USA to the post for the second week in a row. The US as always had a large number of esports opportunities and finished just one job behind the remote category, and accounting for 39.09% of our job posts this week. The UK, another country we see churning out esports careers on a weekly basis, was behind these guys by quite the margin - sitting on 8.18%. Over in Canada, there were 3 esports job roles posted (2.73%) securing them fourth. China, Germany, India and Ireland all made up 1.82% of the job roles we posted on Hitmarker this past week allowing for those of you in those countries to have some juicy applications to be working on! The rear was rounded out by Brazil, the Netherlands and Spain, who all sit on 0.91% from posting one job.

62.73% of the 110 jobs we posted were paid - that’s pretty good going when you think more than half of the jobs on Hitmarker will get you involved in esports and earning money from it. Also making up more than half of the jobs we posted were full-time positions in esports, though only marginally as their figure is 50.91%. Only a small portion of our jobs were freelance, 7.27% precisely, and we had 3 esports internships for you guys to form 2.73%. Part-time roles saw a nice increase, almost doubling their occurrence as 4.55% of our posted careers. Volunteer esports jobs were 34.55% of what we posted and remain a great way to get a foot in the door for a keen fan trying to get into esports.

There’s the fans of statistics satisfied with our in-depth breakdown of what kind of esports jobs make it onto Hitmarker, so time to recap the best 10 job opportunities we saw in esports this week.

Let’s start things off with a bang, shall we…?

BOOM! Splyce, an international esports organization with a team in nearly every game that has a competitive circuit it seems, is looking to PAY someone a full-time wage for attending esports events and being the face of Splyce at these events for their video content.

In other words, you’ll get recorded doing the entertaining stuff you’ve planned out at esports events and this will constitute as your main job duty. You’ll also be the star of talk shows that Splyce will produce focused around esports, and generally have a creative input into how the organization can create content to engage with fans and promote their teams.

They are primarily looking for female applicants so as to have a balance in genders with their other star of the camera, Shidosha, though males shouldn’t be discouraged from applying!

Be sure to get creative in your applications to this one, folks. They ask to see your creativity put into your application, so we know you guys can smash that one and wow this org with your content ideas and polish!

Now we’ve had an awesome full-time job in the East Coast of the US, so how about something full-time that ANYBODY in the EU can apply for…

That’s right, if you have experience in management, marketing and esports you could be who 12Knights are looking for to help steer the direction of their brand. They are looking to take on a CEO or COO that has a strong executive presence. If you can get things done without messing around, be sure to check this one out.

You’ll be receiving a full-time wage for your troubles, and will be in an executive position in an esports organization where your voice and ideas will truly be heard and could have a huge impact on decision making. For the management gurus out there, this has to be somewhat of a dream role if you’re in the EU, so waste no further time - get your application ready and out there!

Working for an esports organization would be fun, and here’s another chance in one of the titans of Overwatch…

If you’re a fan of suits and see yourself as a bit of a Harvey Specter, this one might have your name on it.

The Philadelphia Fusion are seeking a full-time sponsorship manager to work from sunny California - more precisely Burbank. If you believe you can achieve annual sales targets for the team and would love to be involved in sponsorship activations, finding and securing now sponsorship opportunities, AND have a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years experience within digital media sales/ sponsorship sales then you’ll HAVE to apply for this one.

Time for the journalists and writers to get a chance to get their teeth sunk into esports with one of its biggest companies…

As the editorial manager for Riot Games you will be based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil -making this a rare job with its location alone, never mind its awesome qualities- and managing an editorial team and creating editorial strategies for that the players will absolutely love.

You will have a lot of control of the output from the Riot Games publishing side, and can leave your stamp of epicness on any content you and your team produce for the millions of players of League.

Much like the Splyce job earlier, Riot also ask for some extra care and consideration put into your application materials, so be sure to spend adequate time before your excitement has you send in the application!

We do love to see this next type of job - paid social media.

Hang on, paid social media AND a mention of memes? This was a no-brainer to add to the Weekly Roundup. Fnatic, champions of esports and household names across fans of the biggest esports titles are looking for a Social Editor to work from their London office.

It certainly sounds like a cool time to get meme-ing for fnatic, as they say in the job post that they are aiming to double the number of employees they have, 60, this year alone, so you’d be well-served getting into such an awesome esports company as they expand.

Pluses to the fnatic team would be experience in a start-up and possessing skills in a second language. If this is you, there’s no excuse for not applying!

This next company is one you won’t want to sleep on, either...

Unikrn seem to be doing it all at the moment. Primarily a bookmakers for esports, they also publish news and feature articles in their editorial section as well as having their own cryptocurrency they launched a few months ago. They even offer the ability to Earn Unikoins by playing the games you love.

They’re currently on the hunt for a Senior IT Project Manager for their Berlin office. And as if the company isn’t cool enough, the capital of Germany has a strong presence in esports, from Riot Games to CS:GO teams, so you should fit right in!

So if you’ve got 5+ years' of relevant work experience, don’t miss out on this one!

Las Vegas esports job coming next. That is all.

This one will need a Bachelor’s degree from you, but if you can meet that and 3 years experience managing high-volume venues, then this real banger at Esports Arena might be available to you.

If you can wear many different hats (and there may be actual hat-wearing in the Arena’s kitchen) such as dealing with unhappy customers and some previous experience and knowledge in food and beverage and retail environments, then you could help carry the esports flag in the world’s capital of entertainment.

If esports in Las Vegas didn’t suit you, this one is likely to…

Esports and the NBA combining in a beautiful fusion called the NBA 2K League is almost underway, kicking off in May, though there’s still time to get involved in such an exciting project.

The League is looking for a Project Employee, something we’ve advertised in the past, though this time to handle the social Digital and Social Content Publishing.

The mention of the league’s Content Command Center should have those of you who love to produce content just itching to apply, and there’s also the chance of providing on-site coverage of games & events. This one sounds like a winner, so try and get in if you have the skills for it!

Now a chance to learn on the job and get paid for attending trade shows…

DXRacer have an open position for a paid marketing intern to work from their headquarters in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

Among your duties will be assisting the marketing team in the office and working at trade shows to promote products to DXRacer fans.

The pay is certainly indicative of an entry-level position, but the opportunity to earn money in a full-time internship for a leader among gaming chairs makes any wage seem worth it, as the months of experience you'll gain can make up for that.

This one is only available for people already enrolled in a degree course in marketing or a relevant field, or for a recent graduate in the same sector.

Now I won’t say we’ve left the best till last, but we’ve left the best till last.

Discord, the app that took gaming by storm a few years ago and is now on everyone’s computers and phones, is looking to hire a social media coordinator who has a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience who is at home with Discord as a product.

The position is full-time in San Francisco and their job post is genius and will have you instantly fall in love with the company.

If you’re US-based and a social media wizard, you definitely want to check out this job!

That’s it from us, folks! Some real gems in this roundup and among different skills, too.

Cam signing off until next week now where I’ll be back to throw stats and awesome jobs in your faces.

Until next time, people!


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