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23rd Apr 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #15

Your weekly dose of the best esports jobs from the week beginning April 16.

Welcome to the Hitmarker weekly round up, where we compile the most epic jobs in esports from the last seven days, tell you a little bit about them and then send you off to apply for them. This week we’ve had a solid number of paid esports jobs which we love to see!

We’re proud to say we put up 115 esports jobs over the last week from a whopping 70 companies. There was certainly some esports work for everyone no matter their country, too, as we had 11 countries that had at least one job in them!

For the third week in a row the USA was NOT fielding the most jobs in the scene, with remote jobs in esports taking its place! 40.87% of what we added allows you to work from home which is good news for those who don’t live in esports hotspots like the west coast of the US! The USA came in slightly behind remote positions, making up 40% of our postings. As usual, next was the UK which provided for 8.7% of what we added to the job board. China was sporting a nice amount of jobs this week and accounts for 3.48% of the jobs we posted. Behind China was Sweden, a company steeped with history in certain esport titles, with two jobs which made up for 1.74% of the week’s careers. Austria, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates all popped in with a single job in esports, which makes for 0.87% of what we put up this week.

We had a very nice 72.17% of our jobs this week being paid, with the majority of these allowing you to work in esports full-time, 52.17% to be exact. Part-time roles had a marked increase compared to last week also, making up 10.43% of what we put on the jobs board. For the freelancers out there, 6.09% of the esports jobs this week were in a freelance capacity with another 3.48% counting as internships which is great to see for those people looking to break into the scene. Talking of breaking into the scene, we posted 32 volunteer roles which make up 27.83% of this weeks postings, so there’s a good way to get a foot in the esports door if you’re unable to start with a paid role.

So there’s a numerical showing of how many esports jobs there are out there, so let's look at the most awesome ones we had this week!

Shameless plug first, I think…

Aside from a very cool job description, this will have you working with us in beautiful Newcastle! That’s right, NØSLEEP is a ghostwhite project, just like Hitmarker!

In terms of the job role, you’d be handling photography and videography of NØSLEEP, an esports clothing brand. That means some lovely esports events as part of your work, too, where esports is celebrated in epic fashion. Having just launched, it’s a super exciting time to get on board and the job is even available in both a full-time or a freelance capacity!

If you’ve got your own equipment then come and join us and make some sweet esports content!

Now one at a true behemoth of esports…

Infinite Esports and Entertainment may sound unfamiliar to you, but we’re certain you’ll have heard of one of the projects they own: OpTic Gaming!

These guys are looking for a Data Analyst to eventually move to their HQ in Texas and who has at least a year of experience in data.

It definitely can’t be overstated how cool this company would be to work for and the scope of their projects, so if you’re qualified waste no time in applying!

Totally pivoting job sectors to another epic esport job…

A remote, freelance position for a League of Legends caster is certainly something you don’t see every day! With casting being an area that has no clear route of how to get your name out there, this is definitely a great way for aspiring or experienced casters alike to get involved in one of the more public areas of esports.

If you’re not sold to make a reel and apply, this is a chance to get paid for commentating over your favorite game. There’s a dream right there, right?

Oh, and we see you there, CS:GO casters!

Similar story for this one as the League of Legends casting role, but we thought we’d include it as paid commentary is an ideal job for a lot of people!

Who knows where this position could take you, so don’t let it slip if you find yourself commentating in your head when you’re watching CS:GO!

Another shameless plug incoming…

Second chance to come work with us in Newcastle! This time it’s suited for the web designers/developers out there to contribute to HitmarkerJobs.com!

If getting people hired in esports isn’t enough, job perks include possible equity, video games in the office and weekly meals with the team!

If you’re a fluent developer then come and work for the largest esports jobs board there is!

Here’s a cool job for the creative designers now…

Being a remote freelance position is just one of the things that make this job sound awesome. As well as that, you’d be creating designs for Twitch/Mixer streamers and a whole host of other cool projects.

They also offer a competitive pay/commision structure and don’t have exceedingly high requirements that bar most people from applying.

If you’re a talented designer then this is a great chance to get paid for doing what you love!

Different sectors now, same awesomeness…

We’ve been getting excited about the launch of the NBA 2K League, not just to witness it but also because of the awesome job opportunities it has let us share!

This is one such opportunity, with the league looking for a Game Administrator to work on the league on a contract.

Despite not being full-time, this is no job to sneer at as you’ll be essentially refereeing the matches being played and assisting in their smooth running. And with a project as cool as the NBA 2K League, that certainly is a good job description.

Oh, and they list in the “Required” section that you must play video games regularly. That’s the sign of a good company.

Talking of jobs we love to see…

Paid writing jobs in esports are always a pleasure to see, and XY Gaming are looking for a writer who can publish 3-4 articles a month on their blog area of their site. The pay is $10-$40 initially, depending on the quality, with the mention of part-time/full-time work being a possibility in the future with the company.

As well as a chance to get paid this also allows you to create content pertaining to your favorite esports titles, get your name out there in the scene and build up an impressive resume with past work. Not bad, huh?

From paid writing to paid editing, damn we're smooth…

If you’re an expert with content and the editorial world, then you could snag this wicked position in Austria with Red Bull!

Some things you’ll need is to be a self-starter, have exceptional English (written and spoken) and have some strong knowledge of marketing content.

In the cover letter Red Bull ask that you get creative and see your personal style so be sure to make it impressive - this is a really cool opportunity in esports and one we don’t see too frequently!

Surely we can’t top that unless there was some sort of paid way to use social media…

BOOM! Two awesome esports jobs in different sectors - if either of these suit your skills then get applying for them!

Esports Arena, who are doing really cool things in esports right now, are looking for a part-time Social Media Associate who can take their social media game to the next level. There is a mention of memes, too, if this job didn’t sound awesome enough as it is.

What’s more, it’s part-time which is rare, so perfect for people without the time to commit to a full job!

Check this one out if you’re a budding social media manager; it’s without the requirements that may have prohibited you from applying to other jobs in the scene!

That’s it for this week, everyone! Some true beauties in here that suit a nice amount of different skills.

Be sure to check in next week for more snazzy esports jobs!


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