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30th Apr 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #16

The 10 greatest esports jobs that the scene was offering in the week beginning April 23.

Welcome back to the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup, esports job hunters! We’ve had a great week (thanks to you guys - but more on that in a second!) and hope we can make yours just as good by supplying you with an awesome esports job that you can apply for.

This past week has been a record-breaker for us as we hit the most number of candidate sign ups we’ve ever had in a week - 150! On behalf of the whole Hitmarker team, thank you. Such incredible growth wouldn’t be possible without you guys, the candidates!

Metrics were strong on the job front, too, with 115 esports jobs coming in this week from 64 companies in 15 countries. Things were definitely international this week; we put up jobs in the Philippines, Singapore, Ireland and plenty of other locations!

A dominant force returned to its podium this week in the form of the USA finally surpassing remote esports jobs again to clinch the top spot of number of jobs posted, something they’d failed to do in the last few weeks. It came back in with a bang, sporting an impressive 58.26% of all the jobs we posted! Trailing the US was remote careers and volunteer roles that allowed you to work from anywhere in the world at 19.13% of the total job count. This ends the 3 weeks that remote esports jobs enjoyed ahead of the US. The UK was in its usual third place accounting for 7.83% of the jobs we posted, and narrowly behind it was Germany with 5.22% of the share, a country that is steadily increasing its foothold in esports. The Netherlands was next, bringing in 4 jobs which made up 3.48% of what we posted. A surprise candidate in Ireland is next up, holding 1.74% of the total share with 2 jobs. Fair warning: prepare for a very hefty list of countries coming up. Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain and Sweden all ended with 1 job in esports this week - 0.87% of what we posted for each country.

A whopping 81.74% of our jobs this week were paid which makes us (and the vast majority of you!) very happy. Of these, a big 83 of our jobs, or 72.17%, were full-time careers in esports. Freelancers continue to have a fair few jobs catered to them, as 7.83% of our jobs were in a freelance capacity. Internships then failed these with a 2.61% share of the job postings we had, and finally the part-time jobs in esports suffered a decline this week and only made up 1.74% of what we posted. The rest of the jobs we posted, 15.65% of them, were volunteer roles in the industry.

Now that we’ve had a chance to show off some of our numbers (thank you for your patience!) let’s look, in no particular order, through the top 10 esports jobs of this week, shall we? Starting off at a fun job role in one of the biggest esports organizations there is…

Wow, right? On top of your job roles essentially being social media mastery, you’d be working full-time in esports, with one of the scene’s most dominant, recognizable and successful brands.

On top of this, you’d be managing other social media content creators so would be able to put your stamp on the brand’s voice.

A full-time social media position at Fnatic needs no more selling than its job title, so we’ll let you know what will put you in a better position to land the job. They state that a second language would prove most useful to the company, as would experience in a startup environment. You’ll also, of course, be in much better stead to land this awesome job if you have had previous experience in social media management.

Now while this is a hard one to top, we’ve got some jobs lined up that might be able to do so, starting with this role which states your responsibility will be to push esports into the mainstream of the US.

While the job title may sound daunting to those of you who haven’t been in esports or business forever, they actually list the requirement of just 3 years of esports experience - a very reasonable request considering the nature of the job and the responsibility it would give you.

And since we know that perhaps the best bit of esports is its events, you’ll be glad to know that this career path includes executing online and offline esports events.

This job certainly sounds awesome for those esports fans who are capable of doing a bit of everything and could envision themselves in a fairly senior position, so if that sounds like you don’t let this one sit for too long!

Now I bet the American readers we have were wishing that Fnatic social media job was in their continent. Well, never fear…

That’s right, we did it! Another social media position in one of the world’s most prestigious esports organizations that competes in just about every game that has a competitive scene. That means whether you’re a CS:GO fan, Overwatch League supporter or a Call of Duty fan you could be tweeting and posting about your favorite players in the EnVyUs squad!

They don’t bar the job from most candidates with unrealistic expectations of experience, either; this one is available for those of you with 1-3 years experience coordinating social media and marketing activities.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and have some social media experience to speak of, go throw your hat in the ring!

How about we get you some solid experience that might help you grab one of these awesome jobs at the big teams in the future…

Despite being a newer team on the block, Clutch Gaming are no small fish in esports as they’re owned by the Houston Rockets, an NBA team.

They’re offering an incredibly sweet internship that will get you fully assimilated in the world of esports, particularly League of Legends, for a person who has a High School or GED equivalent diploma.

Aside from making connections and being able to enjoy getting some hands-on knowledge of how an esports organization works, this will also look incredible on any resume and is a surefire way of gaining some super relevant experience in the scene. If you’re what they’re looking for, this is well worth an application.

You'll never believe what we have next for you...

BOOM! More full-time social media work surrounding an esports team! German football team FC Schalke 04 is looking for a full-time social media manager for their esports department in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Among your responsibilities will be managing the company’s content strategy and handling the content production for their array of social media channels. This job will be especially suitable for fans of League of Legends and FIFA.

If you’re a proactive social media expert who is always searching for new trends, then this role could be perfect for you!

From hot jobs to hot games right now, this roundup has everything…

More exciting opportunities for the German esports fans out there; this job has some super exciting responsibilities. One of which is the maintenance and support of Epic Games hosted esports tournaments for Paragon and the other titles they have.

If that isn’t cool enough for you then how about managing the channels of communications Epic have to their esports fans? In layman's, that’s being there to answer the queries of your fellow esports fans.

We know this one will appeal to a lot of you, and we hope that you’ll be able to apply, especially with the job post listing that a strong passion for Epic Games, esports and competitive gaming is a plus which we know most of you will have in abundance!

Talking of things in abundance, you’ll need to have creative ideas in boatloads for the next job.

There certainly can’t be many companies better to work for than Riot Games if League of Legends is your passion, and this job in particular sounds like one where you’ll be given a lot of creative breathing room.

A background in writing, journalism or content creation is sure to come in handy in this job, which states that you’ll be creating compelling content and storytelling pieces. On top of that, the job will involve some aspects of management as you’ll be tasked with leading a team of authors and visual content creators as you supply the League fan base with excellent content.

We know this sounds like a dream job for the US-based League of Legends fans who are teeming with ideas surrounding the production of content for the game, so be sure to move fast on this one if you’re up for it!

One of the coolest sounding roles in esports is manager of a team, and here’s one that’ll be right up a CS:GO fans street....

This job is perfect for a CS:GO fan who is fluent in both German and English with strong organizational skills, and could end up sending you to CS:GO events all over the world!

On top of these requirements you’ll need to have past experience in managing a CS:GO team. The job itself would make CS:GO your entire profession, and you’d likely be responsible in arranging the Sprout team’s schedules, finding scrims for the team, helping them with their travel and assisting them in their work.

CS:GO team managers of high-level teams are usually omnipresent where the team is involved, so this is truly an awesome chance to get yourself deeply embedded into an esports organization, and by extension esports as a whole.

Totally switching avenues, though keeping that awesome-esports-job vibe…

As GAME’s video and content assistant you’ll have a broad range of duties, all of them awesome. You’ll handle the video production of content for the company and its social medias, travel to live events to perform photography and videography duties and seeing content through to its completion in collaboration with the companies content creators.

To snag this wicked role, you’ll need past experience producing video for live events and familiarity with common editing software.

Their perks are certainly fairly nice, and include staff discounts at one of the UK’s biggest retailers for games and a chillout zone at the office with the latest gaming consoles.

Let’s switch the type of visuals you’d be making, shall we?

Here’s one of the best jobs we’ve seen all week, and it’s at one of the most prominent figures in the esports scene - DreamHack. As their Junior Graphic Designer you’ll be making esports visuals all the time, after all it is a full-time job!

What makes this appeal to us so much is that it has such low requirements seeing as this is a full-time career at a truly global player in esports. The only mention of experience that they make is that you have education and/or around 1 year of work experience with graphic design.

So if that’s you, and you’re in Sweden, you really can’t not apply for this job at this awesome company!

That’s it for this week, guys! We hope you managed to find something that applies to your skill set and background!

Don’t forget to check back in with us next Monday for the best rundown in esports jobs of what careers are out there for you.


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