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7th May 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #17

The latest and greatest jobs in esports from the week beginning April 30.

Welcome back to the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup, your weekly dose of the 10 best jobs in esports! We’re on addition 17 and this one has some real beauties from some of the biggest organizations and teams in esports!

This week had a cool 86 jobs coming in, leaving us averaging a decent amount of over 10 jobs a day! These came from 53 different companies hiring in the esports space in 16 different countries! The worldwide spread of esports is certainly evident in the jobs in the esports space!

The USA smashed the other regions of the world for the most esports jobs this week with a dominant 55.81%, something we haven’t been able to say for a long while. Their closest competitor was remote jobs - careers and roles that allow you to work or contribute to esports from home - which made up 20.93% of what we posted. Moving into the third was Germany, a country that we’ve been saying has been becoming a hub for esports for some time now, which secured 8.14% of the jobs we had. Our good old United Kingdom fell this week by some distance, only accounting for 3.49% of our postings. Canada, Japan and Sweden followed behind with 2.33% of the jobs we had up, with the Swedish roles in particular being ones you should check out here and here. Boasting one job each and 1.16% of the share was: China, France, Greece, India, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Similarly to last week, our paid careers were popping off, with a massive 83.72% of the roles we posted rewarding you financially for your time. The bulk of these were full-time esports careers, which came to 73.26% of what we posted giving you your passion as a full-time career, 5.81% of our jobs were freelance, 4.65% were part-time paid and 1.16% was internships. Volunteer roles in esports made up just over 15% of what we posted.

With the stats out the way, let’s get into the 10 best esports careers from the hefty amount we posted!

Let’s kick things off with a full-time job in the parent company of one of esports’ biggest brands…

That’s right, Infinite Esports and Entertainment are majority stakeholders in OpTic Gaming, and is hiring a Communications Manager to work from Frisco. In this position your job would be nicely diverse, with parts focused on marketing and others focused on the editorial output of Infinite. Writing press releases, managing the website posts and managing press/media at live events would all fall under your responsibilities.

In return, Infinite ask for 2 years experience managing press bodies in the gaming or sports industry - a fair requirement given the scope of their company and the places this job could take you. This is certainly an awesome one to go for if communication, press relations and content are all strengths of yours!

From the parent company of a huge esports org to a huge esports org itself…

Wow! How about this one, eh? A full-time job at G2 Esports as a Video Editor / Videographer working from their Berlin office. Having wildly successful squads in multiple esports titles, this job is likely to appeal to any esports fan able to hold a camera or edit its contents.

On the lines of contents, you’ll be working closely with the content team of G2 to produce engaging and creative video content that will be released en masse to the thousands of fans the organization has.

You’ll need to knock them out with your showreel’s wow factor to land such an awesome career at an esteemed organization like G2!

Let’s get serious as we pivot from content to strategies to produce wins…

Fnatic’s Clash Royale Head Coach position seems a sure winner to us. Full-time with arguably the biggest esports organization there is, stationed in LA to ensure close proximity with the Clash Royale League - this job has it all.

Understandably, you’ll need some sort of experience in competitive gaming to land this one, as you will have power in Fnatic’s own competitive gaming unit playing Clash Royale. But, if you’re a proven leader with the knowledge of Clash Royale to accompany that, here’s one that would get you into the thick of esports.

Totally out of ways to pivot to this next job, and you’ll see why…

Here’s one of the most unique esports jobs we’ve seen in a long while, and we love how something like this can make up a career - another reason to love esports, we guess! SLIVER.tv is a streaming service that awards viewers for watching streams and allows them to watch it in 360 degree VR if they own an applicable device!

Being such a cool company, their job posting gets even cooler! They want someone to work part-time on producing trivia around esports titles! On a hourly rate of $15-$20, you’d be tasked with creating trivia for popular games and managing part of the community for SLIVER.tv. The role can be based in California but has the option to be remote, making us even more in love with this job!

If you share our sentiment that this is an outlandish career that encapsulates everything great about esports, then be sure to throw your hat in the ring!

Relaxed-sounding jobs in esports seems to be the theme of the posts at the moment…

Everything from the working hours to the location of this next job sound ideal. It’s a full-time position as a Marketing/Social Media Specialist at MetaThreads, the company who creates many of the top esports’ teams jerseys.

Your role in their company would be rather varied, judging from the duties they list. You would be editing photos and videos, creating social media and marketing content as well as designing and executing marketing campaigns for the company.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades who thinks they can handle the tasks listed and more, then be sure to throw an application at the lovely folks at MetaThreads!

Here’s more photo editing at one of the most recognisable companies in esports and competitive gaming…

Before we get into the juicy good parts, this is a temporary contract, so remember this job will have an end date on it.

You’d be working with MLG to create icons and animations for Blizzard and Activision esports on top of producing digital illustrations that can be used across the companies’ channels.

For this, they want 3 years of graphic design experience, so if you’ve mustered that from other jobs or your own projects then you’d definitely be well-served applying for this. And hey, if you’re not from the US, they mention that working remote is perfectly acceptable!

If you’re not handy making graphics, maybe you are at content!

This one is a real gem and would give you a lot of access to pro players and the big players in the esports industry. As G2’s Content Manager, you’d be pitching content ideas for the brand, taking ownership of developing G2 Esports content as well as doing jobs akin to that of editor: proofreading and editing the written content they release.

For this awesome esports job, they ask for prior experience in content creation or in marketing and the communication field, as well as having native English language skills - both written and spoken - and being someone who is happy to relocate to Berlin.

Don’t miss out on this awesome job in a top esports org!

If you want to get involved in a succesful esports organization but aren’t savvy with content, perhaps this next one will suit you…

As the coach of CLG Red you’d be creating the day-to-day schedule for the five esports players in their CS:GO team as well as having a large amount of control over the roster's shape. Another of your tasks would be taking steps to make sure the team is ready to win by using your analytical work to support their in-game play.

They’re after someone with a bachelor’s degree to fill this vacancy in their esports org, along with previous experience coaching or managing a top esports team.

This one sounds super exciting and would get you at the forefront of competition and would likely take you around the world, so if you’re qualified enough for it you’d better be applying!

This next job got a lot of people talking this week…

Of course it’s a job in Fortnite, the game that has everyone talking right now. Rookie are hiring a Game Manager for Fortnite who would be responsible for managing Fortnite activities on their start up project that aims to help players learn through online classes.

As the game manager you’d be responsible for recruiting and managing the content creators and coaches who would be making the instructional material the company’s users would use to improve their game. Perhaps this could make scrolling through Fortnite Twitch streams count as work…?

Another thing to get excited at is that they say that the candidate will be earning a competitive salary after launch as well as an equity plan! What’s not to love?

We’ve hooked up the video editors in Europe, I wonder if we can do the same for those of you in North America...?

Of course we can! compLexity are looking for a Video Editor to work for their organization out of Frisco, Texas. You’ll need to be able to take a bunch of cool video clips and assemble them into a work of art that matches the brand’s vision.

It’s a great time to join the org, too, as they’re just putting together their new HQ in the same location as that of the Dallas Cowboys!

If you think you can meet the video needs of this storied esports franchise, then waste no time in applying!

That’s it for this week, guys!

There are some awesome gigs here at legendary organizations, so if any of them suit you be sure to snap them up quick!


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