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14th May 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #18

The HitmarkerJobs.com team check back in with the 10 best esports jobs of the week, with some real good ones in this installment!

Welcome, esports job-hunters, to the greatest collection of esports careers in the industry! We’ve got 10 jobs in esports, they’re all AWESOME (seriously, this might be our best roundup yet) and they cover multiple areas of the globe. Get yourselves ready for this one; we aren’t playing around when we say these jobs are epic. But first, let’s look at our week in numbers, shall we?

We say look, but brag would be more accurate. We had a hot week here at Hitmarker, posting plenty of esports jobs - the vast majority paying you for your hard work and at very reputable companies in the industry!

That’s right, we scored 124 jobs in esports these past 7 days (an impressive average of 18 jobs a day, if we do say so ourselves) at 62 different companies over 14 countries.

As you’d expect if you’re familar with the esports careers landscape, the USA was heads and shoulders ahead of the other countries when it came to the amount of jobs located there, with a whopping 47.58% of all roles we posted this week being in the US. Coming in after the US was our good friend remote esports careers, which made up for 20.16% percent of what we posted; that’s a lot of positions in esports where you can work from home! Germany and the UK were found in their usual positions, just after remote careers, and were both tied on 7.26% of the job share this week. Sweden had a healthy number of esports professions over the course of the last seven days, with just over 4% of our jobs being situated there. Surprisingly only one of these five roles was at DreamHack, so be sure to check out our jobs in Sweden if that’s where you’re based. Next came France and Poland, each with a 3.23% claim to the jobs pile, followed by less-seen countries in Singapore and Vietnam making up 1.61% of what we posted. Rounding out the rear was Austria, Canada, China, Denmark and Serbia, all just possessing one job or 0.81% of this week’s haul.

Paid careers in esports continue to be the overwhelming majority of what we post, we’re glad to say, and this week 77.43% of our roles were paid. Full-time jobs in esports made up 68.55% of this, freelance positions in the industry were 5.65% of what we posted and part-time jobs, an element of esports that is lacking, only came to 1.61% of our postings. In the unpaid region, we had 19.35% of our postings being volunteer roles and 4.84% of what we posted being internships in the scene.

Right then, time to show you how crazy this week has been in the esports jobs front…

Straight in there with the full-time social media! If you’re from the UK like we are, you’ll have seen UNILAD all over the place - from viral Facebook posts to their acquisition of an esports division.

It’s that very same esports division that they’re seeking a Social Media Manager for. Besides being a full-time social media position with esports as your focus in the capital of the UK (reason enough for being on the Weekly Roundup, we think), this job has some pretty cool duties that we noticed.

First of these is to train players to increase their social engagement. That’s to say that you’d be passing on your social media know-how to professional esports players! Secondly, and something we all love to see in job adverts for esports, is that you’ll sometimes be tasked with travelling to games and events for on-site coverage! The dream.

We’re sure this job has sold itself to you, so if you’re equipped with 2-3 years managing a social media department, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

From managing the socials of a huge brand, to managing the community of a huge brand...

And this huge brand is even more embedded in esports than the last! Team EnVyUs is a household name in the scene, with squads in a plethora of games including Call of Duty, Overwatch and CS:GO.

For that reason, we were super happy to be able to add a full-time job in a profession as involved with the fans as a community manager! Some of your duties in this position of their company include monitoring forms of fan communication to gauge their opinion of the organization, be a publicly known representative of the company and more!

They want their candidate to have 3+ years in PR/Community activities, as well as ideally having some form of managerial experience (you’ll be managing a team of community moderators). As with all the jobs we post, you’ll need a strong familiarity with esports and they prefer it if you have experience with online forums like Discord & Reddit, which we’re sure most esports fans live on anyway.

If you meet some (or preferably all) of the criteria, definitely don’t miss out on this job!

Surely we can’t find another full-time job as good as the last in an international esports org…?

Maybe other jobs websites wouldn’t, but we’re Hitmarker! Posting badass career opportunities in esports is what we do, and there’s no better place to work than your favorite team. This time the opportunity is for the Graphic Designers out there, and is a totally epic one.

Stationed in Splyce's office in Rochester, New York, you would be making graphics for any and all occasion and answering to the Creative Director.

Besides the obvious pull of this job being that it’s a chance to go full-time in esports graphic design, they also list an “Esports Event Package” in their list of benefits. And if there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s events in esports.

Oh, you thought we were done with you, graphic designers…?

BOOM! Two awesome careers in esports with graphic design, both in the US; we’re sure a lot of you will be applying to both of these!

As EnVy’s graphic designer, your responsibilities would include many of the things you’d be doing in Splyce as each company is a top esports team.

EnVyUs don’t list benefits like Splyce do, but you can bet this job will be an absolute scorcher as you’d be doing work for one of esports most established teams.

Okay, this next one is our last job involving EnVy or Splyce, we promise!

You guys were loving this job on Twitter! We think the reason that’s so is because this one explicitly states it’s an entry-level opportunity in esports. You don’t often see those in a full-time capacity, especially not in a company as big as Spylce!

Your work as an Office Administrator would involve general managing of the office including answering emails and other contact paths, support travel arrangement planning and assisting staff and the on-boarding/off-boarding of players and staff.

Just like their Graphic Design job, this profession will give you esports travel benefits, and they promise additional benefits may be gained through great performance such as sponsor perks.

This is a winner of a job, especially being as it’s tiered to be an entry-level career in esports, so be sure you get an application going!

We’ve stopped with EnVy and Splyce jobs, but we didn’t say anything about awesome esports orgs in general!

100 Thieves, Nadeshot’s organization, has entered esports with a bang, and here’s your chance to join them while they're still in their infancy.

They’re looking for a Videographer & Editor to join them, full-time, in Los Angeles. Your day-to-day responsibilities will largely be based around the org’s content creation. From capturing the video files to editing them into the pristine end product that has been coming out of 100 Thieves youtube channel, you’d have a hand in all of the brilliant content output from these guys.

To snag this awesome job in an awesome esports company you’ll need 2 years experience in videography and editing, as well as 1 year capturing and editing esports video content.

Needless to say, if you meet those requirements, you won’t want to miss this job…

Now we’re aware that a lot of the jobs on this roundup need experience, so how about a handy esports internship to help get you there…

Esports Arena has been making waves in esports and competitive gaming lately, with Ninja’s event at their venue in Luxor Las Vegas making serious headlines.

Now you can join them in an internship focused around production. They say it's an opportunity to learn about pre-production, setup, live production and post production - the whole process!

This is an unpaid internship (as most are) and requires up to 3 days a week of your time if you’re successful.

This is a great route into the production side of esports, so if that’s where your career train is headed, be sure to try and get this role!

This next job is a personal favorite of ours…

That’s because it’s with us! ghostwhite is the parent company of Hitmarker and we’re hiring for a UI Designer to join our small but dedicated team in the heart of Newcastle.

We’re doing some pretty cool things in esports, if we may say so ourselves, and would love to have you! Besides operating Hitmarker, ghostwhite is also a digital design agency in esports and even owns an esports clothing/lifestyle brand called NØSLEEP (you might have heard of it).

We’re still a startup in our early days, but benefits in the position include possible future equity, weekly team outings and a relaxed working environment (that includes frequent stops for some Fortnite on the office PS4/Xbox/PC!)

So if your immediate salary is not your biggest concern, be sure to send in your applications and come build some great things with us in esports!

Did someone say full-time social media?

We’ve got more full-time social media work, this time across the pond in the US. Clutch Gaming, an esports org owned by the Houston Rockets, is looking for a social media wiz to work full-time from Houston.

You’d be manning their social channels, producing content for their events and matches and looking for creative ways to sell merch through their channels. It sounds like a great job for an all-rounder, with responsibilities in many different facets of work, so if that’s the sort of thing that suits you - and you’ve got 1 year of experience in digital media, then don’t let this awesome career path slip by you.

In-game observers, we struggle to find jobs in your industry, but here’s a full-time one by the owners of OGN!

That’s right, this is a full-time position with a large and respectable company in esports to observe games as your job. They have an esports division which you may have heard of... OGN. You’d be choosing how and when to show the spectators the action in the esports titles they’ll cover.

As if the profession wasn’t sweet enough, their list of benefits is HUGE and includes small but awesome features like covering your cell phone bill up to $50, activities as a company like movies or esports and plenty of time off.

We really don’t see these kinds of jobs role around very frequently, so don’t let this one by without an application!

That’s everything we have for you, folks! We hope one of these awesome jobs was up your street, both geographically and skills-wise, and at the very least you learned more about what jobs are out there in esports and what skills and qualifications you need for them.

If you’re still unsure how to go about getting a job in the industry, check out our comprehensive esports career advice guide.

Until next Monday, happy applying!


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