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21st May 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #19

HitmarkerJobs.com brings you the 10 best jobs in esports over the past week, including some sweet roles at huge organizations.

Welcome back to another superb Weekly Roundup from HitmarkerJobs.com with the 10 greatest jobs in the esports scene. Just like last week’s, this addition is teeming with huge names in the esports industry offering attractive jobs with enjoyable duties. Get yourself ready for another awesome installment; we’ve got some jobs that will blow you away.

Before we blow you away with jobs, allow us to blow you away with numbers. Over the past 7 days, we posted 103 jobs in esports on our board from a massive 72 different companies hiring in esports in 14 different countries. That’s an average of 15 jobs in day - esports opportunities are abundant with Hitmarker!

As they usually are, the USA were heads and shoulders above the rest of the world in terms of how many esports jobs it provided. 41.75% of the careers we posted were in the United States. It’s next closest competitor, which many of you not in the States will be glad to hear, was remote jobs in esports, which made up of 21.36% of those 103 jobs we posted. The UK and Germany came in third and fourth respectively, holding 7.77% and 6.8% of the vacancies we posted. Canada had a nice little boost this week, with 5.83% of our posted jobs being in the Great White North. Singapore sat on the same figure as Canada, thanks to hiring giants Razer whom posted 6 roles in that territory. The Netherlands posted up a 2.91% score of the number of jobs in their country, followed by Australia who accounted for 1.94% of our listings. The following countries sat on 1 job a piece, or 0.97%: Bulgaria, China, India, Malaysia, Poland and Taiwan.

Paid jobs in esports had a VERY strong week! We were thrilled to see 85.44% of what we posted rewarded its employee (you!) financially for their work. Of these, 66.99% were full-time paid roles in esports. Freelance enjoyed a lift this week and accounted for 11.65% of our career postings. Following that in the paid region was part-time roles with a decent 5.83%. Over on the unpaid side of things, Volunteer roles came to 10.68% of what we posted, and internships made up 4.85% - both being viable options in the right circumstances to build up your esports resume.

Okay, let’s start the jobs off with a bang....

This one really is golden. NRG Esports, global esports organization that has enjoyed investment from truly A-list celebs such as Shaquille O’Neal and Jennifer Lopez, is looking for a full-time social media manager to work remotely!

Their ideal candidate has a solid understanding of social media and esports, is fluent in memes and can make engaging content on social channels, is cognizant of their spelling and a nerd who plays multiple video games!

If that sounds like you then you might be in line to be able to snatch up this dream job. Among your duties in this position will be interacting with fans to form relationships, creating and posting engaging content as well as being the voice of NRG.

We know this one sounds awesome so we’ll leave you to apply for it now. Best of luck!

If the last job was starting things off with a bang, this one is starting things off with a shock…

These two dream roles came in last night together just in time to make the Weekly Roundup. San Francisco Shock is the Overwatch League team that NRG field, and is looking for a dedicated social media manager to live in LA with their team!

If living with the Shock players isn’t enough to have you checking to see if this job fits your skills and experiences, you’ll be living and breathing Overwatch all day and managing one of the focal social accounts in the scene.

To land this sweet job you’ll need to meet the same sort of criteria that was required from the NRG social media role, though do remember they are different jobs. That means good written english, knowledge of social media and the content that goes well with it and a purveyor of high-quality memes (particularly those that are pertinent to Overwatch in this role.)

If you can cross those off on your list of skills, then be sure to take a more detailed look at this fantastic job!

From a good level of written English, to an excellent level...

We absolutely had to include this job in the Roundup, partly because of how few jobs we see for editors in esports - especially full-time paid ones! This is with our friends at Freaks 4U Gaming and they’re looking for an esports Managing Editor. It sounds as though this role will include lots of content creation and pitching, too, making it a nicely varied role as editors go.

As you’d imagine, your writing will have to knock their boots off with its impeccable accuracy and outlandish creativity. They also require some form of higher education for you to fill this role.

You get a plus by your name if you speak German on a business-to-business level as well as for having a keen interest in Dota 2.

In return for your work? Well, their perks are looking pretty nice including gaming sessions after work and a stocked kitchen.

If only for the rarity of these kinds of jobs in esports, anyone with a journalistic background should check this one out to see if they qualify!

No way to transition to this one, so we’ll just say it’s another epic job in esports for you...

Now don’t be put off by the “freelance” tag on this job if you were expecting a role like this with Immortals to be full-time; they mention there’s potential for a full-time, salaried position with a benefits package following the trial period.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the job. This one will have you helping “define the visual style” of Immortals’ content department. This means you’ll be working on video thumbnails and other complementary content to the videos and more graphical needs the organization will have.

They also need you to be creative and a “one-man rocketship” who is motivated enough to overcome any obstacles a brief creates.

A degree is preferred but not required, meaning your application materials such as your past work/portfolio will likely play a big part in the hiring process, so don’t be shy on applying for this one!

We’re globe-hopping again for this next job…

It was good to see a job in the Netherlands that wasn’t hogged by either Amsterdam or The Hague. And this was a great one to find in more ways than that; it’s a full-time job that is looking for two different back end website developers for Team Liquid’s community sites like Liquipedia.net.

If contributing to a massively helpful community resource like Liquipedia wasn’t tempting enough (seriously, they’re a great network of sites) then this job will also have you living the esports life all through your work days.

There’s no mention of University degrees nor years of experience, which means that if you can show you’ve got the skills needed to be a success in this job then it’s definitely attainable!

We had a few jobs from these guys a few months ago, and here they are hiring again!

The Story Mob is a communications consultancy dedicated to the esports industry and is led by some of the biggest figures in the esports PR industry.

This is one of the top companies you could get in with if you’re a PR expert and as passionate about the esports space as you are knowledgeable about it.

One of the most drawing elements to this job post is the fact that it’s remote! They give you total freedom in where you work from (they work from three different countries) and allow you to clock in from whenever, so long as the work gets done.

This company is doing great stuff and recently partnered with G2, so don’t miss a shot of working with them!

This one isn’t remote, but it’s equally as awesome...

That’s right! We’re talking full-time work with one of esports’ most loved organizations, Cloud9!

If Video Editing is when you’re on cloud nine, then this job could be right up your street. It’s full-time in LA and you’d be editing their documentary and other YouTube series’ that they have and will be launching in the near future.

Some of your duties will include sifting through the raw footage that the videographers pass onto you and editing it into a cohesive video that will entertain hundreds of thousands of fans. They also want you to be heavily involved with, and experienced in, sound editing, so be sure that’s something you have under your belt if you apply for this wicked job.

Being such a desirable job, Cloud9 have tagged it with an experience requirement of having 4 years as an editor, as well as a degree. For a job this awesome we can’t really blame them, though.

Keeping on the video editing string, but with fewer years needed...

This time over in the Overwatch League is where you’d be stationed, and with none other than Florida Mayhem!

They’re looking for some well-versed in shooting and editing videos and to start by June 1st at the latest, so you’ll need to be hot on the applications if this is sounding ideal to you!

Just like the Cloud9 role you’ll need past experience to capture a lovely full-time career in esports like this one, though they don’t stipulate the exact years needed. We take this as a good sign for those of you interested in applying; you can let your portfolio do the talking.

And, as you’d maybe expect, deep understanding of Overwatch will get you rewarded.

Moving away from creating content to creating innovative sales pitches...

For someone with sales skills to boast about this is a great job - it’s a full-time career with Team EnVyUs!

The candidate will work with the sales team and will support them in meeting objectives and revenue goals.

You’d be in charge of building proposals for sponsorships including relevant research and everything needed to enhance your pitch and better the chances on a successful relationship being established.

For this role, EnVy are looking for someone who’s seen the business and sales procedure many times, with 5 years of relevant experience and a bachelor’s degree to boot.

If sales is your thing and you’re looking for a more senior role in an organization, this will definitely provide you with that!

This one was well-received on Twitter to say the least! It’s a remote, freelance job with Generation Graphics as a Graphic Designer!

We imagine the reason it appealed to so many of you was because it doesn’t ask for any past experience and offers payment for all of the completed projects you do for clients.

This is certainly a great opportunity for the graphic designers out there lacking experience to take a swing at the more major roles we post, so get those application documents ready, the portfolio nailed and send your name in!

Whew! Another crazy week for esports jobs over here - these are all epic opportunities, most of which in established organizations of a global reach.

We’ll be checking back in with you all next Monday to see if we can top this list - catch you then!


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