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28th May 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #20

20 Weekly Roundups in and we're going stronger than ever. Here are the best 10 jobs we posted this week in esports.

Welcome back to the finest collection of esports jobs around. We have social media jobs, we have entry-level jobs, we have all the top orgs hiring because, well, we’re Hitmarker! It’s what we do!

You can always count on us to bring you incredible amounts of awesome esports careers, and this week was no different. 115 jobs was our haul over the 7 days, with those coming from 64 different companies in the space spanning 12 countries. Wherever you are and whatever your skill, you can find something with us!

The USA remain heads and shoulders above remote esports careers after the little dip they suffered a month or so ago, putting up 46.96% of the jobs we posted to the 26.09% that remote jobs had. Coming in next and with some real steam behind it was our very own United Kingdom, with 13.91% of the career listings being located here. Germany only put up 3.48% of the jobs this week, followed by the trio of Canada, Ireland and Singapore with 1.74% each. China, Cyprus, France, Spain and Sweden all had just one job, or 0.87% of what we posted.

We had a satisfyingly round number of 80% of our jobs from this past week paying you for your time - very good going in an industry as young as ours. 66.96% of these paid jobs asked for all of your focus in a full-time capacity, 8.7% allowed you to work freelance in the scene and 3.48% of the careers we posted were on a part-time basis. In the unpaid sector, Volunteer roles made up 13.04% of our postings and internships came to 7.83%.

Now, on to the jobs…

Our first role is one the part-time jobs we just mentioned....

This one looks like it would suit a graphic designer like a glove. You’d be joining eUnited as a part-time graphic designer and would be responsible for creating the graphics for their social media, merchandise (a very nice job duty) and more!

In return, they ask that you provide 2 years of experience in Graphic as well as expert-level skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. If you’re also a team player, then the other requirements they ask for are only as a plus so you could certainly qualify for this role. And if you qualify, then it’s always worth an application!

The next job strays from the career path but keeps the awesome level of employer...

This one really stood out to us when we saw it. Of course, for starters it was posted by a huge organization in the scene which always makes a job appeal to us, but it also had very modest requirements for a job with so much involvement in the scene.

Misfits only ask for one year of experience in coaching, making this a job that is feasible to get for any League expert who can provide that. Who knows where this role can take you if you take Misfits’ academy team to new heights?

If when you’re watching esports documentary’s you liken yourself to the coach and the leadership they bring, then this may be worth your time applying to.

Our next career to show you combines two of the most popular professions on Hitmarker…

That’s right, Esports Arena are looking for a marketer who can also run their social media platforms to work full-time from Las Vegas.

Now if you follow the Fortnite scene even somewhat closely, you’ll know that the Vegas arena that this company runs hosted a huge event just recently and it’s a very exciting place to be for esports so the location is a big plus.

The job isn’t too shabby itself. If you’ve got 3 years in marketing or social media you could be managing all their ad campaigns, special events and social media activities. Lots of responsibility in cool areas of esports, in other words.

For nothing else, this job deserves a spot for its name…

How crazy is that?! EA is hiring a competitive balance play tester, which sounds colorful language to say test games. And that’s awesome.

Of course it’s not that simple and you can’t just idly sit on a console all day, but your duties would include providing feedback from the perspective of a top tier player, find issues with the balance of the game and other analytical based tasks.

They don’t hamper this job with lots of experience requirements, either. If you could do the job and have what it takes skill-wise, they allow you to prove that which is really great to see.

And now a job that could not have been posted at a better time…

Of course it’s a job to do with Fortnite! With the level of buzz surrounding this game at the moment it comes as no surprise that we’re starting to see jobs crop up around Fortnite.

In this particular one, you’ll be editing videos for Rookie, a platform that will improve the level of play that gamers have through online classes. You will be their driving force behind video content and will plan and create it.

If your portfolio impresses Rookie you will be given a two month contract with fixed compensation prior to launch with the possibility of relocation to a full-time job with an equity plan if things go well. Needless to say, this is a pretty super opportunity.

From a job in Fortnite, to a job in an org who’s in Fortnite…

compLexity is an esports organization that has been around longer than most people have been aware of esports’ existence. They recently received investment from the owner of the Dallas Cowboys that prompted the company to move over to Frisco and ever since they’ve been steadily hiring.

This time they’re hiring for a Chief Marketing Officer. In this job you’d lead all of their marketing activities as well as their creative projects. This should go without saying, but you’ll need lots of proven marketing experience to land this one, though you certainly won’t go unrewarded.

Perks include fully paid travel when you go away, including per diem, relocation assistance and access to the Dallas Cowboys Fit gym (cool, right?!). If you can make this work, go for it!

We’ve had a sweet marketing job in the US, it’s only fair to give the Europeans one, right?

There you go! From one legendary org to another. The Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas are also hunting for a CMO at the moment which you could fill the shoes of.

You’ll need to creative, ambitious and driven to make it work in this job and would be tasked with overseeing many awesome initiatives of the Ninjas.

They want 3 years of experience from you in a similar position as a CMO. For that, though, you’d be rewarded with a full-time salary, a working location in the centre of Stockholm as well as being able to take a place in one of the most prestigious organizations there is in esports.

From 3 years experience to a job that could be gotten with none…

This job with CORSAIR appealed to us so much because they state in the beginning of the job advert that “this role is a first step in the gaming industry”. To see such an inviting line at the start of a job advert at CORSAIR no less, we had to share it with you.

As their Sponsorship Programs Specialist you would take a large hand in coordinating CORSAIR’s influencers, tracking down new ones and approaching them and monitoring the activity from them.

It’s certainly a dream job for people who spend lots of time on streaming platforms already, and explicitly being named as an entry-level career only makes it more appealing.

We’re moving up a gear for our next career…

We bet you never expected to see McLaren hiring in esports, did you? Well, unless you saw a tweet about the fact that they’re included in this roundup, or unless you saw them hiring for esports roles before...okay maybe you have seen it before! But respect where respect is due, look at this job…

As McLaren’s esports manager you can assume that you’ll be playing a huge role in their esports activities, and the four years experience tag on the job certainly seems to suggest that. You’ll also need experience managing the delivery of events, and as you’ll know if you follow us on Twitter (if you’re not, get yourself following) we LOVE to see jobs that involve esports events in their job description.

We shouldn’t need to sell this job on you, just believe that it would be a sumptuous one!

Back-to-back UK jobs in esports! This makes us happy…

And a full-time career in social media! We bet that makes a lot of you happy! Gfinity always bring the goods when it comes to jobs in esports, and they’ve outdone themselves with this one!

They don’t include how many years of experience you should have, only the awesome responsibilities this job would give you. You’d also get a generous amount of paid holiday and be able to work in the awesome Gfinity Arena!

Social media folks in the UK, do us proud!

That’s everything we have for you in this week’s roundup! We post this every monday, so be sure to visit us next monday and find what 10 jobs have us raving that week!

Until next time…


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