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4th Jun 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #21

We continue in our strong streak of esports jobs in both numbers and the quality of the careers in our Roundup.

The Hitmarker Weekly esports jobs Roundup centralizes the best careers in the esports industry and tells you what you need to know about them, and you’re here for our 21st addition! Welcome, welcome!

The 10 stand-out jobs on our board this week were definitely special, but first, the obligatory gloat about our numbers…

This week we had a huge amount of esports jobs, largely down to a day where we put 40 jobs in one day out! I (Cam) wasn’t around for that day, so shout outs to Rich for bringing you guys the heat! We clocked in with 138 over the last 7 days, narrowly missing an average of 20 a day. These came from 68 different companies in a massive 20 countries - global scale indeed!

Countries hiring were more diverse than usual, though the pack leaders were still the US with a 37.68% share. Remote careers came next (shock) with 33.33% of our postings. A recognizable face in Germany was third with 5.8%, and next came Canada with 4.35%, which is higher than we usually find them (if you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us say we’re trying to get more Canadian careers). The United Kingdom trailed in next and hold 3.62% of our listings as theirs. After these came the Netherlands with 3 jobs, or 2.17%. Sitting on 1.45% of the jobs board was Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Taiwan. And somebody’s got to bring up the rear, only this week it was a shared burden, to say the least. Austria, China, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Spain and Sweden all sat on 1 job, or 0.72%.

Let’s talk money. We had a strong 72.45% of jobs paying this week. 60% of all our jobs were full-time careers in the esports area. 7.25% were freelance opportunities which will usually be remote! Part-time jobs remain an unfulfilled esports sector and only made up 2.9% of our listings. In the unpaid region, 23.91% of the jobs we posted were volunteer, and 5.8% were internships.

Oh, and if you don't want to see unpaid listings on our board, we have great news for you! With our new filters on our homepage you can filter out volunteer roles, and internships, too, if you'd like.

Now then, we believe we promised you all 10 wicked jobs in esports if we remember…

This first one is one of the nicest UK esports jobs we’ve seen in a while...

One of the largest retailers of video games in the UK (probably the largest since our dear old Gamestation was acquired by GAME) is hiring for an esports partnership manager! We can’t stress enough how sweet we know this job would be; you’d be the esports go-to in securing partnerships with other brands in this industry. How cool would that be?!

You’ll also be providing consultation on the status/trends within esports, build proposals for the Arenas and National Leagues the company has (we’d imagine that’s their Belong arenas) and attend industry functions (that becomes very exciting in esports jobs!).

What do you need to land this job? Well, here’s one of our favorite things about it, they haven’t anchored it far away from most candidates with crazy requirements. They want you to have a strong interest in esports, financial acumen as well as good presentation and speaking skills. Without mention of a degree or years of EXP, this could be yours if you show them you know esports and its business like no one else in your application!

Now, if only there was a full-time job in a really popular sector we could use to compete with that…

Never doubt us in securing the best careers in esports for you guys! This job is VERY cool and is a full-time position in graphic design! That’s rare as it is, and is made epic by one of the clients that Triggerfish has - OpTic Gaming’s parent company Infinite Esports.

Some of the things you’d work on in this position is creating proposals and activation ideas, infographics and showing to potential partners how Triggerfish’s vision would look like if the potential client entered into an agreement. You’d be earning a salary of between $30,000-$40,000 a year, too!

In order to land a career as wicked as this one, Triggerfish ask you to be fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. On top of this, you’ll need experience in creating business presentation-related materials, preferably in Sales and Partnership marketing, and a degree in a relevant field.

From one creative field to another…

Esports Betting Tips came in clutch for the writers in the industry, bringing three freelance positions to the table in three popular esports - CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends. We’ve chosen to highlight the CS:GO position in particular purely out of chance and not at all because the author of this Roundup is a huge CS:GO fan…

For this position, you’ll need to be “submerged” in both the esports industry and CS:GO, or League or Dota if those are the games you apply for. Esports Betting Tips require you to follow or play CS:GO and be passionate about esports and for your writing to reflect that love. You will, of course, need impeccable written English and possess the creativity needed to craft engaging content. The most difficult requirement to meet is the previous experience needed in esports, but if you’ve got that as well then you should be plain sailing!

We’ve had freelance writing, and we’ve even got full-time writing!

Dot Esports, one of the largest esports news and media outlets, is hiring a full-time managing editor for their more general gaming vertical, The OP. Jobs for editors are limited in esports, so we want to see qualified candidates jump on this one!

What does a qualified candidate look like for this one? Well, they set the bar high and are asking for 5 years experience in writing and editing making this a job only for the select few. If you’ve got that, though, this job in their Austin office would be absolutely awesome as you’d be responsible for the daily output of The OP and mapping out the coverage for events and game releases.

If you apply for this then be sure your application materials are IMMACULATE. Sending documents with errors in to any job that asks for so much writing and editing experience would not go well!

You writers are getting looked after today!

This job is for our Brazilian friends!

Riot Games is looking for a full-time editorial manager to work from Sao Paulo. In this job you’d be in charge of a team of fellow Rioters and League fanatics to deliver excellent editorial content for the players in Brazil.

You’ll need a player-focused approach as you’ll be vetting any stories that Riot push to their Brazilian players to ensure they are relevant, and you’ll also coordinate publishing campaigns of content to maximize awareness of a certain product launch.

They don’t ask for any experience specifically, but to meet the traits they list you need to be you’ll definitely need to have some previous work experience behind you. We also love their final line, where they say they’ll notice a fun, well-written cover letter that can stand-out. Well go on, get making one!

We’re global in this Roundup, that’s for sure!

It’s always awesome to see Immortals hiring over on the West Coast, and this is one for those of you in more traditional walks of life than the graphics/video creation lots of esports jobs ask for.

You’d be the main point of contact for all Immortals and LA Valiant corporate partners to answer their queries and try to accommodate their wishes. And while this is a more traditional career path, it is by no means not an awesome one. Some of the partners of this org include Razer and Microsoft, so you’d be doing some very important things for this brand, make no mistake!

As you’d expect, you’ll be needing some serious experience for this job, including 2-5 years of relevant experience and preferably a degree. You’ll also need personality traits of a professional such as the ability to meet commitments while juggling several priorities.

If you think you can meet these, though, you should definitely send off an application - it’s a job with Immortals and the LA Valiant after all!

Here’s another job at an awesome company in esports along a more traditional route...

If you’re looking for esports jobs in Sweden you’ll probably be looking at DreamHack, NiP, or DH’s parent company, Modern Times Group.

The latter of those three companies has been hiring this past week for a Corporate Responsibility Manager. What you’d be doing in this role is communicating with stakeholders, investors and employees, as well as improving processes of the company like its data collection.

What they ask from you in return is a Master’s degree, which they don’t say is preferable sadly, as well as 3 years work experience in a similar sector to Corporate Responsibility. IT, excel and communication skills will also be needed in this role.

If you’ve got the business chops to handle this role and are in the EU, this company would be fantastic to work for - they’re the parent of ESL AND DreamHack!

Another job, another top org hiring...

Team Liquid, a beacon of hope for NA esports fans, is hiring for a HR and Talent Assistant to work out of Santa Monica with them. You’d be assisting in pivotal roles in the organization such as recruiting (we’re sure you’d use Hitmarker for your recruiting if you got the job…), HR, and training of employees to better their work standard and to adhere to state regulations of any training that must be given by law.

This role has fingers in lots of different pies which we like as it will keep work days fresh and different.

To be suitable for this, you’ll need to have excellent, and they mean EXCELLENT, organizational skills, 1-3 years experience in administration or a similar area. Having fluency in Dutch is a huge plus, too, so be sure to brag about that if you can boast that.

Now I know we said editing jobs in esports, and with any other job site they would be, but not with Hitmarker!

Now this is a very cool job and is with Red Bull, which only helps its epicness.

As their Chief Editor, you’d have a fairly large hand in their esports activities. You’ll also, which we know you’ll all excel at, be their recognised esports expert to assist in all content development including social content and written content to name a couple.

As the job title should allude to, you’ll need excellent editorial skills, as well great storytelling skills to help Red Bull produce evocative and interesting content pertaining to the scene. An interesting requirement is that you need to have a great reputation within the esports community, which definitely shows that building out something like a personal Twitter profile is very important in esports.

On top of knowledge in creating the content, you’ll also need to have expertise in analytics and growing an audience through what you put out.

Oh, and Salzburg looks GORGEOUS!

Let’s finish things with a gamble, shall we…?

ESP Gaming has been steadily hiring over the last couple of months, and here they are again with a very interesting-sounding role. Based in either Seattle or Las Vegas, you’d be handling both the content creation/management of the company as well as helping to plan social campaigns to achieve business goals.

The job description is far too detailed to summarize, but you’d essentially be a content machine across all fronts and all forms of content.

To qualify for this one, you’ll need a degree as well as 3 years in managing social media channels and content, with 2 years in reports and analytics. It’s not short on requirements, that’s true, but the job would so be worth!

Another Weekly Roundup is behind us with those 10 fantastic careers in esports! You know we’ll be back next monday to shove numbers and jobs at you galore, so remember to check back in with us!

Also, if you’re reading this, go and check our jobs feed and send us any feedback you have on it. You’ll find how we can be contacted below. Until next week!


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