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11th Jun 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #22

Headlined by a lovely job with Fnatic, here are our top 10 jobs in esports of the week.

Welcome back to the hub of careers in esports! It is, of course, the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup, where we recap this week’s action in the job scene and see what golden opportunities we found for you guys. We’ve got some huge companies hiring in esports for some SWEET roles we can’t wait to tell you all about! Let’s take a look at the week in numbers, first…

I’d say it was a slow week for us in terms of jobs in esports, but the 102 careers we posted seem to argue with that. 63 different companies were behind these roles and offered opportunities to esports fans to work in 10 different countries.

We welcomed 211 new signed-up candidates onto the website, as well as 16 new companies using us for their hiring! Welcome again, to all of you, and we hope we can provide you with the talent or job you’re after!

Here are the different spread of areas that were sporting esports jobs this week:

  • United States - 51 jobs
  • Remote - 30 jobs
  • UK - 10 jobs
  • Canada - 2 jobs
  • Germany - 2 jobs
  • Singapore - 2 jobs
  • Taiwan - 2 jobs
  • Brazil - 1 jobs
  • China - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job

Let's check out what contract types were dominating our jobs board this week.

Of our 102 jobs this week, 78.43% were paid:

  • Full-time - 70 jobs
  • Freelance - 8 jobs
  • Part-time - 1 job

The rest were unpaid:

  • Volunteer - 22 roles
  • Internship - 1 role

Anyway, we promised you some jobs...

The first of those would suit a League of Legends fan like a glove!

If you’re a traditional sports fan holding a budding passion for League of Legends and experience to boot then this career is a home-run for sure! You’ll be the General Manager of the LoL teams of the Golden State Warriors.

And while that’s enough to sell the job on its own, some of your job responsibilities would include scouting prospective players to pad out the team, developing the players, and more related to the success of the company’s League operations. In short, you would be able to build competitive League of Legends teams and foster their growth!

Now something that pivotal at a large company like these guys does obviously need some experience. They ask for a degree as well as 3 years experience in League of Legends’ esports scene. As well as this, 3 years of management experience is also a requirement. Lots of things to meet, but this career is the dream for many LoL fans!

We can’t top a company that large, surely…?

Uh-oh! Literally the most dominant force in entertainment and one that is taking strides in esports such as its exclusive broadcast rights to the ECS league is hiring!

YouTube is looking for a Gaming Content Strategist to join them in LA. Your role would be to facilitate YouTube Gaming creators in any way possible to boost their revenue generation, visibility and overall influence. Yeah, you’d be allowing more people to see awesome gaming content!

Just like the job before, they’re looking for somebody with experience, and a fair bit of it. In particular, they want 4 years of online video audience development. That means Twitch Streamers, YouTubers, or anyone else who can show how they’ve built an audience, go check this one out!

Now we mentioned ECS just then, so how about a job at the company behind that…

One of the top dogs in CS:GO, especially since receiving the next Valve-sponsored Major in September, it’s certainly an exciting time to join FACEIT, and you can do just that as their Partnerships Manager!

In this position you’d be networking and building relationships with influential companies and figures within the scene and working with other departments to help shape the partnership strategy of the company.

You’ll need to be a user of FACEIT so you understand their product to meet the requirements, as well as having skills you see lots of jobs ask for such as communication skills and strong organization.

This is a great, great job that has a list of benefits you just have to see (that includes monthly massages!) and one that qualified candidates should absolutely go for!

We’ve hit you with a few jobs that ask for some heavy experience, so here’s something a bit more achievable for those without that...

In this job you’d be working for SLIVER.tv on a full-time basis out of California, where you’d start off on a hourly wage with a prospect of receiving a salary if you turn out to be the right fit.

It’d certainly be and interesting job and one that would suit somebody well-versed in Steam Trading and in-game CS:GO skins. You would be managing the inventory of the company as they award free skins to users, which would include buying and selling the skins in that inventory, keeping it well-stocked and improving the prize experience for users by ascertaining which ones are well received.

So if you’re able to handle a fast-paced startup that demands an individual with extreme attention to detail then you should definitely give this job a look over!

If there’s one thing people love, it’s paid esports writing you can do remotely!

WIN Esports is the company providing that this time around and state in the job advert that they are seeking writers with knowledge of any of the top esport titles! We hope this means that there are multiple positions available to join their freelance team; more opportunities means more people getting paid for what they love which always makes us happy!

Payment would come on a per-article basis, and here’s what is maybe the best part of the job advert - there is possibile employment in a full or part-time basis in the future!

If you’re talented with the pen (or keyboard in this case) then be sure to get an application going for these guys and chase the dream!

Oh, you want more paid writing?

And not just freelance writing, but a full-time career in esports content! theScore come through with some great esports jobs, and this might be taking the cake as their best yet!

In this position you would be producing written content for theScore’s esports platforms including the website and their social and video content.

No crazy experience requirements on this, either, which only makes it better. They do ask for proven experience in the area of content and writing, though, but if you’ve got that then you should be eligible to apply for this really wicked esports career!

Oh, and the perks! Let’s just say they have a BBQ, snacks and drinks provided and a games room - now there’s a great place to work!

Talking of great places to work, we’re sure there’s a reason LA gets so many jobs…

What Collegiate Starleague do is having a huge hand in the college esports scene. And you can play a part in that exciting area of the scene as their FULL-TIME social media manager!

The responsibilities are fairly consistent with most social media jobs in esports (awesome, that is!) and revolve around designing and posting graphics to their channels, keep a continuous stream of engaging content flowing to the company’s users to grow their fanbase and live-tweet when necessary.

This really is a nice job and we were very happy to post it, so if you’ve got the graphic design experience, college degree, and knowledge of esports titles then you’ll definitely want to be applying to this one!

Not in LA? That’s not an issue for this job…

Full-time remote work. Let me say that again. Full-time remote work at a company that has deep roots in one of the largest esports there is: CS:GO.

We like their introduction to the job advert, too, which asks for somebody who loves gaming and hates cheaters - we’re sure that’s all of us!

What might not be for all of us is the great technical programming know-how this job will need. As the barrier between cheaters and the CEVO users we can totally understand how they need someone with experience in C and C++, Kernel-mode driver and more.

If you can meet these, don’t miss a chance to get into the industry that you can snatch from anyone in the world!

Now we like to keep our fellow Brits in the loop for the sweet esports jobs, and here is one that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Ginx TV is an incredibly recognizable name in the esports scene for the fact that they cover all different esports titles and that they’re the ones behind putting esports on the TV screens of millions! You definitely want to get in with this company!

As the Community Manager, your responsibilities would be diverse, but suiting someone with experience in communications, content and other similar routes of work. Affiliate marketing, video/content management and writing news piece are all mentioned as things you’ll find yourself doing in your day-to-day.

Don’t worry if some of those didn’t suit your profile, particularly the marketing one; the experience list doesn’t state this as something that is necessary!

Did we get you excited for this? Go and show it then!

Someone who was biased might say we left the best job until last…

The hiring company alone makes this job worthy of inclusion in the Weekly Roundup, that’s for certain, but it offers so much more than that!

To put it briefly you would be in charge of the “office organisation, design, events and vibe.”

Going more in-depth, you’ll need experience in Office Management on your resume, or another administrative role and be the most organized person you know.

A degree is a plus but not essential. When we’re talking about perks of the job (besides working for Fnatic, that is!) these would be discounts on their products (remember their line of gear called Fnatic Gear?) and frequent office lunches and social events.

A sure winner here if you’ve got the experience they’re asking for!

Thank you so much for checking out the 10 best esports careers of this week with us! This is a regular feature we do every Monday, so remember to visit back then to see what was giving us goosebumps that week!

Until then!


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