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18th Jun 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #23

We've got five of the top teams in esports hiring this week, so get yourself in here!

Welcome back to the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup of esports jobs! We’re on installment #23, and it might be our best one yet. We’ve got jobs at a whole host of epic companies in esports, primarily top-tier teams, so you’re in for an epic ride!

First things first, though, let’s look at our week in numbers.

Thanks to a big weekend of esports jobs, we had a strong 7 days with 115 jobs posted. These came from 61 different companies in 14 different countries.

We continue to add to our growing database of esports candidates, and this week we had 206 new professionals join the esports jobs revolution, as well as 15 companies sign up to use Hitmarker for their hiring to take us to almost 400 total companies. A warm welcome to all of you!

Here is where our 115 careers in esports were located this week:

The US dominance of the job market in esports will come as no surprise to our frequent readers; it’s just what we’ve come to expect with so many companies centralized in California!

Here is the spread of what different contracts were being offered by companies this month.

Something to celebrate: 80% of everything we posted was paid!

Over on the unpaid side of things - a decent way to build your experience, by the way - this is what we were playing with.

Numbers out of the way, it’s time to show you why we said this might be our best weekly roundup to date…

Kicking things off is something special (we’ll probably say this a lot this roundup) as it’s full-time social media/community work with a very established org!

This job is your typical dream esports job - full-time social media work with a globally-reaching team - but with a slight twist. On top of your social media duties such as designing and producing social media content and other initiatives to engage and grow the fanbase, you’d also have a large hand in interacting with the Immortals fanbase - a duty akin to what you’d find in the job description for a community manager.

Another awesome feature of this job post is that you’d be training Immortals and LA Valiant players to boost their social media game!

For this job you’d need a bachelor’s degree as well as 1 year in social media, community, or communications. Skills that would help you land this job are photoshop and video-editing experience - a necessary set of talents to help you produce social content - as well meme knowledge!

It’s for a sure a winner this job and is the exact post that brings a collective cheer from us in the office, so be sure to apply to this one!

Why change perfection in an esports job, we say…

That’s right! We’ve got more of the same here; another full-time social media job with a respectable org over on the west coast. Boom!

This time it’s Echo Fox seeking you social media gurus out, though this job is a bit more on the senior scale than the last. Your duties would be very similar to the Immortals job: defining and implementing a social strategy and engaging with followers of the brand, but the experience they ask for is a notch higher than Immortals.

Echo Fox is asking for 5-7 years of professional experience in strategic planning for social media or another form of digital marketing, as well as a deep understanding of the major, and even emerging, social media channels.

On top of this they also want a degree, so this really isn’t a job for someone who hasn’t been in the deep-end of social media and content marketing jobs for a good while.

If you’re stacked with experience like this job demands, though, we can’t picture many better places to work than the organization of Rick Fox!

Now this job was very nice to see; it’s not everyday a full-time writing gig is floating around in esports!

Just as the Echo Fox role did, this one will need some experience from you. But let’s have a look at the duties that experience will get you…

Super League Gaming is looking for someone to write copy for them across several projects and several channels. That means you’ll need to be adaptable and able to bring strong writing that has a personality shining through to whatever your pen (or keyboard) touches.

As you’d expect in a writing career, exceptional grammar and proofreading is needed to ensure no errors slip through the cracks.

If these sound like things you can provide, Super League Gaming looks for 3-5 years experience of copywriting, which should come from a gaming or advertising background. What the company itself does is provides a way for gamers to experience esports as a pro does through sixteen real city clubs around the USA!

When you’ve got companies as sweet as Immortals hiring, you can’t just leave it at one job!

From social media to video editing, Immortals are giving everyone in every awesome sector of esports a chance!

In this role it’d be your full-time job to edit Immortals video content as well as assist in the direction of it. We’ll just let that sink in. This is by far one of the best esports careers we’ve seen for video editors because of that.

To be a bit more detailed, what it is that you’d be doing is editing their videos from start to finish, including coloring, motion graphics and sound editing. There’s also the possibility of you creating and producing your own series of video content, too!

Requirements for this dream role include experience in documentary and/or sports editing, which hints at a documentary-like feel for what you’d be doing. What is awesome to see is no demands for a degree or X amount of years experience - so let your portfolio do the talking!

We’re globe-hopping for this one, though sticking on the video theme…

We’ve got an awesome job in Australia for you all! GAMURS is the umbrella company that brands such as TeamFind.com and Dot Esports belong to, and is looking for a video content producer to contribute to another of their brands, DoubleXP. In this full-time role you’d be creating short-form video content as well as nicely designed images over a broad variety of topics for the brand.

The kind of content you’ll be making is an interesting one - DoubleXP is an educational brand so you’d be facilitating the improvement of gamers all around the world with your expert knowledge of esports titles.

For this job you’d need to possess 2 years of video editing experience as well as be familiar with common editing programs such as After Effects.

We’re glad to see a solid job coming out of Australia, and hope for many more to come!

From a fairly inactive area for esports jobs to a hotspot in the world…

Dallas produces esports careers like nothing else at the minute, and Team EnVyUs is contributing to that. We’ve posted this job on the site before, but they’re still hiring so it’s fair game to continue getting those applications in!

What they’re hiring for is a Sales Planner/Sponsorships, someone who will help them build sponsorship proposals and lead the sponsorship pitches. This means you'll need to be a smoother talker than Alex “Machine” Richardson dealing with a delay on the desk.

For a role as pivotal as this (a large chunk of an org’s funding comes from sponsors, after all) you will, unsurprisingly, need a large amount of experience to show EnVy you can handle this. They’re wanting a bachelor’s degree and 5 years of relevant experience from the ideal candidate who is a gamer and can understand the audience.

If you can bring sales and marketing experience in abundance, this would be an awesome gig to land that would bring you into the room with top professionals in this industry.

Now, for perhaps our most epic job of the week...

Well, it’s certainly the most epic job of the week for CS:GO fans reading this. In this job you would manage the Cloud9 CS:GO squad. Words can’t describe how awesome of an opportunity that is - travelling the world to events with the team and ensuring all of their responsibilities are fulfilled and any loose ends and uncertainties are handled.

Some of your AWESOME responsibilities would be to maintain contact with CS:GO tournament organizers, create the team’s weekly schedule such as meals, content activations and scrims (not to forget competitive games online!), assist in the onboarding and scouting of prospective players and being there for the player’s well being.

In short, you’re there to make some of the best CS:GO players in the world’s lives easier.

If you’re a CS:GO fan in the west coast chances are you’ve already clicked through to the job post, so we’ll stop here.

Next up, the best internship we’ve seen for a while!

As Dot Esports’ video content creator intern you would be earning an hourly wage (only $10, but that’s good going for an internship as at least you’re getting paid!) as well as learning the ropes from one of the largest esports media outlets there is out there.

You’d be required to work three days a week from the Dot Esports office in Austin where you’d be creating short-form video content as well as on-brand images, such as memes! You’ll work with their social media team to determine what content will best connect with the fans, so this really is a position where you’ll learn some great skills through your work.

Requirements for this position include having an in-depth understanding of creating short-form pieces, being able to bring creative ideas to the table and having access to post-production editing software.

If you can meet these then you should definitely get applying; this is the sort of position that opens doors in the industry!

If that last Cloud9 job missed the mark (on-brand reference game incredibly on point) then this might be more suitable for you...

We’re not quite sure what team you’d be managing if you got this job, we must admit. The wording of the job post is ambiguous and only mentions how you’d be managing one of their competitive teams. Still, esports team management for Cloud9 can never be bad and the open nature of this job description seems to make it open for everyone, so win-win from where we are!

The job description for this one is fairly similar to that of the GM for CS:GO we included earlier in the roundup. One nice thing to catch is that it only asks for one year of experience in esports, a generously low number considering the awesomeness of this job. You’d also need to be tech-savvy, knowledgeable about events and tournament structures and dedicated to player improvement.

If you were ticking boxes in your head just then, you’d do well to apply to this role and make an application that stands out - this one got a lot of attention on Twitter!

The big orgs just keep rolling in for this roundup...

Counter Logic Gaming, one of North America’s premier esports organizations, is hiring for a content producer/preditor. “Preditor” is a fusion of the words “producer” and “editor”, revealing the double responsibilities you’d need to pull off in this job.

What you’d be doing for CLG is owning the process of creating short-form video content (phrase of the day in this roundup) for the org. You’d essentially be a one man content army, and would, depending on the scope of the project, be responsible for all the ideation, planning and execution of any video content ideas.

Needless to say that’s a cool job with a very cool organization. To land this career you’ll be needing to possess at least a year of experience producing high quality videos for a company. Current residence in, or relocation to, Los Angeles is required as you’ll be working out of their office.

That it from us in this week’s esports job madness! To have Immortals, Cloud9, Echo Fox, Team EnVyUs and CLG all be hiring this week - with Immortals and Cloud9 having six and five jobs open respectively - is truly something special and hopefully something you can take advantage of.

So get those applications in and keep your eyes on Hitmarker for more epic esports jobs, and another roundup from the team next monday.

Until then, Hitmarker fam!


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