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25th Jun 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #24

We know we say this often, but this could be our best jobs roundup yet...

Welcome back to Hitmarker’s haven of esports jobs! This Weekly Roundup may be our best yet (we know we’ve said this in a few others, but we aren’t kidding) so get the resume at the ready; we think you might be needing it!

Before we send you running to the application pages, let’s break down what this past week has looked like for us in numbers…

It wasn’t a record breaker for how many jobs we posted this week, but we’d still call 110 careers in esports a pretty solid number all the same! This came from a huge 70 different companies who were hiring in 13 different countries.

Our database grows and grows, cementing us as the only destination for companies and candidates alike when it comes to careers in esports. This week we saw 234 new candidates sign up with us, and 17 new companies. If that figure doesn’t include you, we’re sure we’ll see you in the next roundup’s figures!

The USA led the way with jobs as it usually does, which our country demographic shows:

As ever, it seems that if you’re not an esports professional in the US, your best bet to finding jobs is with remote esports careers.

We had a strong week again in terms of paid opportunities vs unpaid:

Unpaid opportunities in esports were as follows:

You’ve put up with our stats spam, so it’s time to show you these EPIC jobs we curated this past week…

If you asked most of our followers what a dream esports job would like, we’d imagine that a paid, remote role like this one would be what comes up!

Where to even begin on the positives for this part-time career? Maybe with the fact that it’s part-time! We know lots of people looking for esports work are in college, school or another job, so this one allows you to chase the dream, build your portfolio up and earn some good money on the weekends!

As Dexerto’s Weekend Writer, you’d be responsible for self-sufficiently finding topics that their large number of readers will find interesting, writing them up and then posting them to their social media pages. The sort of content they’re looking for is esports, gaming and streaming related.

Oh, you want another pro to this job? It states that writing experience is preferred but not necessary. That means if you can craft a mean application you’ll be in for a shot at this job!

We’ll close off on the most attractive part of this job. Weekend Writers will be paid $650 (that’s £500 for our British friends) each month! That’s a solid wage, and only adds a cherry to the top of this very sweet cake.

Well go on, get applying, you wordsmiths!

Talking of things that make a job epic, we love the perks and duties of this one…

If your passion is esports and your forte sales, this job will really resonate with you. Esports Insider is looking to hire a full-time Sales Manager to work from London to generate leads across all of their services.

This includes ticket sales for their real life events, sponsorships and more.

In return for this you’ll be offered a competitive salary AND commission on all sales; it’s a good sign when a sales job provides a strong salary on top of the commission. You’ll also travel to esports events for the company and have the chance to build your own contacts in the industry through the numerous people involved in the business of the scene that you’ll inevitably meet.

And now an old favorite of the Hitmarker fam, it’s full-time social media in esports!

Not just that, though. Full-time social media here for the Philadelphia Fusion, an Overwatch League team which definitely amplifies the epicness of this job!

If you can meet the requirements for this role (which the most difficult of these is the requirement of a degree) then you could be meme-ing, creating content, helping the players with their social accounts and more for this giant of esports.

It sounds like you’ll have a great amount of freedom to produce some epicness in this job, so you can let your creative self go to build innovative ways for these guys to grow their presence on social media.

Oh, and not to be misled by the name of the team, this job is located in Los Angeles just as the Overwatch League is centered at the moment.

Now this job will look great to the CS:GO and Dota 2 fans who have seen their tournaments…

Beyond the Summit, a tournament organizer who is known and revered for their relaxed offline events in the Summit house, is hiring a cinematographer and video editor to create video content for them.

For this you’ll need to be creative (you really will, some of the content these guys have produced in the past is brilliantly outlandish)

And…since the job advert mentions you’ll be creating skits, documentaries and commercials among other projects you can hope that it could be you behind the camera of the next CS:GO talent Baewatch!

The qualifications you’ll need to land this epic position are fair and reasonable. You’ll need past work to show them and a reel, as well as strong knowledge of the Adobe Suite - more or less what you’d expect from a lot of video editing jobs, only this is not at your average company.

You’ll definitely want to send in an application if this all sounds like something you can do!

Here we are again with another full-time social media job, and the company is just as epic, if not more so, than the Philly Fusion!

Scuf Gaming, manufacturers of custom controllers for console gaming and esports, is looking for a full-time social media manager to work with them from Suwanee, Georgia.

As well as experiencing running a Twitter account with over 1 million followers, you’ll be creating awesome content designed to boost the reach of their brand.

To qualify to do this you’ll need some fairly substantial experience in the form of 2-3 years of managing a social media department and a bachelor’s degree. If you’re able to bring that to the table, though, you’ll definitely need to send in an application to try and land this monster job.

More big brands keep rolling into the roundup, and this time it’s the graphic designers in esports who’ll be glad to see this!

Misfits is looking to add someone to their Berlin office on a full-time basis to work with the Creative Director and Head of Content to produce awesome graphics surrounding the topics of sponsor campaigns, memes, thumbnails, headers for social media pages and more.

Needless to say this is an epic opportunity to get involved with a legit team in the space to take a big role in their visual image, and to land it you’ll, of course, need to be able to relocate to Berlin. On top of that you’ll need to be an expert on the Adobe Creative Cloud and have the skills to hop between different projects in a given week.

Not much selling needs to be done on this job; full-time graphic design with a team as esteemed as Misfits is awesome in itself!

Talking of things that sell themselves, a paid internship in a company that’s legendary in gaming should do just that...

If you asked any of the Hitmarker team who makes the best job adverts in esports most of us would probably say Riot Games, but SteelSeries has just given them a run for their money with this nicely-crafted post.

It radiates a passion and true love for the gaming and esports industries, and that’s exactly what they want their candidate to do, also.

They want someone who will love to work with SteelSeries and will make an impact; they modestly refer to themselves as a “small company” despite having sponsorships with some of the biggest brands in the scene and being one of the biggest peripheral companies in esports. But we took that as just another reason this job ad was great!

As well as learning a hell of a lot over this internship about marketing, you’d also get paid, receive “great benefits” and make contacts in an influential company in the space.

For sure something to apply for if you’re in the US and hold an interest in marketing to help land a job in esports in the future.

Junior jobs in esports are great to see as they offer the younger blood a way to accumulate some experience and chase the dream, so when you combine that with a sector like graphic design and make the hiring company the largest esports company in the world you’re on to a real winner!

They state in the job advert that they’re seeking a “talented recent graduate” which should answer the question of “what do I do after I’ve got my degree?” In this situation, you apply to this epic job!!

Adobe Creative Suite will need to be a second language for you to create the graphics ESL desires which include motion graphics, merchandise and broadcast graphics.

If you’re a graphic designer in the US you really won’t see a junior role at a company this prestigious again for a long while.

One way you don’t see many job descriptions start off is with by asking for a “friendly and open-minded individual”, but it certainly is nice to see. The people looking for a friendly individual are GIGABYTE, computer hardware manufacturers best known for their motherboards.

They posted two roles with us, this job and one for a social media manager, but we highlighted this role because of how diverse the job duties are. You’d be working with esports influencers, monitor key stats, manage admin duties, support GIGABYTE-run events and more! If you’re seeking diversity in your job where your day-to-day can’t be fixed down to one or two things, this looks like the job for you!

Oh, and the benefits list is HUGE! From the staples of US-based jobs like medical insurance all the way to paid holidays and paid time off, you’ll definitely enjoy work with this company.

Now a job at the biggest third party marketplace for skins in esports...

While OPSkins has just taken a substantial blow following Valve’s cease and desist on steam bot accounts for the company trying to avoid Valve’s 7 day item lock rule, they’re still a major force in the skins trading game. As such, we think being their community manager would be a pretty awesome gig!

In this job you’d be moderating forums, designing community engagement programs and travelling to events sponsored by OPSkins or their cryptocurrency, WAX, as necessary. You would fulfill the role of most community managers of monitoring sentiment towards the brand.

To land this career you’ll need to provide links to events you’ve managed, possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience as well as 3 years of community management experience. It’s a fairly beefy list of requirements, but this company brings a whole new level of professionalism to the skin trading world, so it makes sense.

And that ends this week’s jobs madness in esports! Lots of awesome jobs from awesome companies just as always - it’s what we do at Hitmarker!

Hopefully you found something in this list that you can get applying on. If not, remember to check out the other 100 jobs that didn’t make the roundup as well as tuning in next Monday for more juicy careers!


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