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2nd Jul 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #25

Our 10 best esports jobs from this week, which features some prestigious teams hiring.

Hey again, Hitmarker fam! Welcome to esports jobs paradise. We have 10 careers here in the scene which stood out from the massive amount we posted this week, and you can check out our stats in more detail at the end of the article!

Our first job of this Roundup is a testament to how many different career paths esports is opening; you can do anything in this industry!

The Philadelphia Fusion, an Overwatch League team owned by Comcast Spectator, is hiring for a house manager. If you’re confused by the simplicity of the job title, the responsibilities of this employee are literally managing the team house of the players in a full-time capacity!

We’re honestly tempted to just copy the whole job into the Roundup; there’s no duties that aren’t epic. Still, the strongest selling points of this career are that you’d be literally living in the same house as the Fusion players, ordering furniture and organizing excursions and dinners out for the team, planning team-building and fun activities at the house and more!

And if you’re someone who loves the spotlight, you’d even be the on-camera presence for content that the organization will be creating!

For this dream job (seriously, these are some epic responsibilities!) you will need some experience in relevant areas, such as managing a house or being a floor leader in the past, and they also want you to have worked 3 years in a full-time role in any field. An odd request, but if you can meet it we’d better see you applying!

Don’t let this sweet career pass you by! We can't imagine you'll find a way to work in esports like this in the near future...

And if you thought that last company hiring was awesome, how about this humongous game publisher looking for a dedicated esports role…

Ubisoft, creators of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry to name just a few of their projects, is hiring for an esport legal counsel to work from France.

We can forgive the annoying presence of their Uplay client whenever you try and get some historic assassinations done by the fact that their job ad is awesome. No misspelling of esports like a lot of brands not native to the scene do, and their description of the person they’re looking for is great. “You play, dream, live and breathe esports. The esports ecosystem has no secrets for you.”

To land this job you need to have the ability to speak French and English with equal accuracy, as well as have a law degree with 2 years of experience in an area of law that you is transferable to esports.

Some fairly heavy requirements coming from Ubisoft, but law is a sector of work that does not have a low barrier so it’s to be expected. There’ll be no chance to Mike Ross these guys.

Next is a job that will have the Dota 2 fans in the United Kingdom jumping with joy…

And don’t worry if you don’t recognise the company name, either. Although it’s Totally who is hiring, you’ll be manning the social media channels of Betway Esports!

Betway Esports has really set the bar high for content that a brand in esports puts out, with their current on-camera talent for CS:GO, Rob4, being the face of their CS:GO efforts that have really built them up in the scene.

Now it looks like they’ve got their eyes set on Dota 2, and you could be one of the driving forces behind this push. As their social media executive your responsibilities would be to create or source great content that their fans will love on their social media outlets, act as a community manager for the brand on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as interviewing players at esports events internationally. This job is bound to involve a lot of international travel which is pretty damn epic, too.

One of the best things about the job? There aren’t numerical amounts of experience you need to meet to be able to apply to this job. If you can show experience in creating cool social content as well as managing social media campaigns then you could prove to them that you’re the right person for the job!

If you’re more suited to being behind the camera rather than in front of it, we’ve got you covered as well...

Much of the last description of the role will apply to this one. Once more, you’d be working for Betway Esports and enjoying the same international travel experiences that the last role would involve.

This time your responsibilities are much more in line with a videographer/video editor position. From being behind the camera at esports events and content bootcamps to turning these raw videos into beautifully crafted content including any subtitles and motion graphics needed.

Your input into the creation process will also be valuable; you’ll be part of the development of content ideas.

Some things you’ll need to meet to land this wicked job is to have an excellent knowledge of Dota 2, possess prior experience in filming, as well as being able to use editing software like Sony Vegas and Photoshop.

A curveball in the job requirements is that you will need to be sufficient in Mandarin for subtitle editing.

Moving from a junior role to a job needing someone who’s seen a fair amount of esports management experience in their time…

You’d have a really cool set of responsibilities in this job. OGN is an established esports broadcaster and TV channel in other areas of the world, and now they have their eyes set on bringing top quality esports to North America. Oh, and there’s also a mention of a state-of-the-art esports stadium in Los Angeles…

For someone with several years of experience as well as a degree, this job is sounding pretty epic. You’d design and operate OGN’s esports leagues, managing on-air talent as well as competing players and make recommendations on which new games the company could break into.

In their required qualifications is a degree with varying experience alongside depending on your type of degree. What they would prefer, however, is for you to speak Korean and English, have 3 years in esports project management and also have 3 years in managing players/on-air talent.

Pretty hefty asks, so we’d recommend if you meet at least some of them spend a couple of hours on an application and see what comes from it! They can only say no, at the end of the day.

Taking the experience needed down a notch here to a more intermediate level…

Streamlabs is a set of tools that Twitch and YouTube streamers can use to enhance the viewer experience of their streams as well as help streamers monetize their streams. Their service is used by a whopping 70% of Twitch streamers, so these guys are definitely a respectable force in the esports industry.

The mission statement you will help Streamlabs reach isn’t bad, either: “Change thousands of lives. Enable Streamers & Content Creators to turn their passion into a real career.”

Some of your duties in this position would include generating outbound sales, establishing and fostering relationships with top streamers on Twitch (that’s a fun one), provide information to users on new features of the service and more.

The main requirement they ask for is 2 years of sales experience, with some bonus points if that’s in gaming. With a number of people who’ve worked in some form of retail store at some point in their lives (many of us included), you might possess this experience in some form! You’ll also need to either be streaming currently or have streamed in the past with some seriousness; you’ll need to understand the space completely.

As a jobs board, we liked this next job!

Scuf Gaming is a company that all console gamers will have heard of, and they’re hiring for an experienced recruiter to work from their Suwanee, Georgia, office (which gives us a nice amount of jobs in the US that aren’t on the west coast).

Now, as one of the successful candidate’s duties is posting job openings on job boards including social media and LinkedIn, we’d love to speak to the successful candidate if they go through us - we know a wicked job board they aren’t including in that list!

As well as signing up to Hitmarker (hopefully) you’ll also be responsible for sourcing quality hires through networking, industry research and cold-calling.

They’re not after someone new to the game for this job. Scuf Gaming is after 2-5 years in recruiting, as well as stating that they prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree.

In return, you’ll receive a competitive salary and a benefits package (surely this’ll include a Scuf or two, right?). Sounds pretty good from here!

From HR to PR, you would think we plan the order of these…

One thing we didn’t plan was how epic this job is, though! As the Senior PR Manager for Fnatic you will take a pivotal role in their London office as the main person answering for PR queries.

A portion of your job will be handling press-related matters, both inbound and outbound to the org, to ensure that the Fnatic brand maximizes exposure on their products, announcements and more.

The Fnatic organization has a whopping 70 employees spread over 5 offices. As esports orgs go, you don’t get a bigger one than Fnatic to join!

What Fnatic want from you in order to secure this job is a track record in getting coverage from outlets against all success metrics, 5 years of experience in public relations and marketing as well as, ideally, a degree in a discipline related to PR.

Aside from the obvious perk of working for Fnatic, one of, if not, the largest esports organization there is, you’ll also get a stack of tech and gear (remember they have their own esports equipment line, Fnatic Gear) for the office, frequent lunches as well as joining a work space with some former employees of some giant companies.

Oh, you want more esports teams who are hiring…?

The job advert from this Misfits role isn’t a huge one in length, but we can tell you that working in this org that is competing in League of Legends and the Overwatch League would be something special indeed!

We’ve posted the job before, but astonishingly Misfits is still hiring for it - someone go jump on this full-time job with a Tier 1 organization!

Working from Florida, an area we really don’t see many esports jobs crop up from, you’d ideally be a passionate salesperson with a track record of taking a sponsorship sale from its infancy to completion in an industry like, or indeed identical, to esports.

We’ve seen a steady number of sales jobs in esports now, and this is one of the best purely for the employer! Get on it!

For the creatives in the industry who can make mind-blowing graphics, we’ve got something for you…

12 Knights is an esports org from the United States and, unlike most smaller teams, they are already a registered company which indicates that you can expect a level of professionalism from them not apparent in other teams of their size. Props to them for that!

Even more props to them for this sweet freelance role they’re hiring for. As their graphic designer, you’ll provide 12 Knights with advertisements, announcements, scorecards, graphics, designs for merch and more.

They’ll send you their graphic design needs and you’ll send them back the finished product, and then they’ll pay you for it. Sounds simple and great, right?!

To snag this sweet opportunity you will need to have at least a year in graphic design under your belt as well as a strong portfolio.

If that’s you, you know what to do…

And that freelance job caps off our 10 jobs! Hopefully there was something for you to get your application ready for! While you’re here, let us show you our stats from the past week…

We had 207 new esports job hunters sign up and join us this week to go with the 20 new companies who decided Hitmarker was the best place for their hiring - two smart groups of people, we’d say.

Jobs-wise, we were able to put 112 on the board which is fewer than we’ve boasted before but still a solid number. These came from 68 companies in 9 separate countries around the globe.

Remote esports jobs really flourished this week, largely down to a large increase of the number of volunteer roles we received.

Our ratio of paid jobs to unpaid jobs in esports took a pretty big hit from the volunteer spike.

Here’s how many paid careers in esports we had from the last 7 days:

Over on the unpaid side of the fence, this is what we were looking at:

A nice boost in internships this week, so if you’re someone who needs to establish themselves experience-wise before applying to the paid jobs, we’re sure you can find something in the volunteer/internship roles we posted that will lay the foundation of your esports career.

Thank you for tuning in to another roundup! We’ll be back next Monday with 10 awesome jobs in esports, just like you expect.

Have a great week and happy applying!


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