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9th Jul 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #26

From creating video to playing NBA 2K with a professional team, it's been a good week!

We’re back with the Weekly Roundup, where we look back at the best esports jobs over the past seven days! We usually post over 100 jobs a week so there’s a lot to look through!

Here’s what was looking extra tasty over this past week!

We’re a sucker for jobs that let you work from anywhere, so when a remote job is with a huge company like Dexerto, is full-time and in a fun, creative sector like video editing, we get pretty damn excited!

If you’re a video editor in esports that is able to pump out videos that are filled with humor delivered with exceptional quality, you should be getting excited, too!

Something else we love to see in jobs that this role in Dexerto does is not place any unrealistic job requirements in there; if you’ve got strong video editing skills and impress them enough with your application you can get this job! Go and get into esports you guys!

As if this job needed anything more, you’ll get a competitive salary that is based on experience, benefits from partners of the company as well as playing a pivotal role in the output of Dexerto.

We’re staying with the creative job vibe whilst we hop over to our next career…

This job isn’t remote, unfortunately, meaning you’ll have to be in, or be able to relocate to, Dallas to land this job with Team EnVyUs. Still, the recent esports explosion that has taken place in Texas does give us hope that there’ll be some qualified designers out there able to take up this full-time position in one of the largest esports organizations there is.

Proven experience is needed to be considered for this, and what you’d be doing for EnVy includes social media promotions, product packaging, magazines and more making this to be a very interesting graphic design job!

It goes without saying that working for an organization with teams in a bunch of esports, including a slot in the Overwatch League, would be an ideal workplace in esports, so if you’re a talented designer you need to chase this!

Talking about jobs you just can’t turn down…

We’ve posted this particular job before, but you’ll forgive us for including it in another roundup when you see just how brilliant the role is.

As Splyce’s on-camera personality, your role would consist of being the person on camera while Splyce produce epic content! They mention how this could include travelling to 2-3 esports events A MONTH! Getting paid for that kind of travel doesn’t happen too frequently, so if you’re engaging on camera then you’ll need to check this role out.

Preferably Splyce is looking for female applicants to accompany their male on-camera talent member, Shidosha. This doesn’t mean they’re barring male applications, though!

Finally - and we love this part - they aren’t asking for an already-forged star. If you don’t bring an audience to them that’s fine. As long as you can show you’re creative, good on camera and embody the Splyce brand then you’ll be in the running to land this job of a lifetime (we really don’t feel like we’re exaggerating when we say that).

And the most unique job of the week award goes to…

The job description on this one is limited and the field it’s asking for very specific, but we still had to include this. Esports Arena have been making waves since Ninja’s Vegas event, and here’s a very well-paid freelance gig to enhance their productions!

They need someone with 2 years of experience in stage lighting that is proficient with DMX and GrandMA. In return, well, you’ll be earning between $150-$250 per day when you work.

Of course the work isn’t going to be as stable as a full-time job, but if you aren’t able to fully commit to esports for whatever reason and have experience in lighting stages then this would be great to pick up!

Splyce coming in with a second hot esports job!

For this video editing role you will need a fairly substantial body of work behind your application to reach their requirements. Splyce is asking for 3 years of experience in Photoshop and Illustrator, with the same in a video-editing program such as After Effects or Final Cut.

If you can meet their requirements, then we can get onto the awesome things you’ll be doing with them!

Top of the responsibility list is editing footage to create videos for the masses of esports and Splyce fans that lap up great content like that in the form of documentaries, narrative pieces and other mediums.

One thing they also ask for, which is prevalent in a fair few job descriptions for video editors, is that the candidate be organized. Archiving projects correctly and maintaining project databases is mentioned, so you can’t be leaving files all over the shop in this job!

If this has all sounded like a home run to you, then make sure you get applying!

This next job will have you submerged in the mesmerising world of esports tournaments…

RFRSH Entertainment, operator of Astralis and the BLAST Pro Series, is hiring an experienced Director of Execution and Production for their tournament circuit the BLAST Pro Series.

If you’re experienced in the intricacies of producing tournaments that captivate esports fans globally through their entertainment value, then this job would be perfect for you!

Responsibility on you wouldn’t be light, by any means. The planning of technical production of all BLAST events, globally, will be in your hands. That’s a lot of esports fans to please!

What this job offers should be pretty clear, but as they correctly mention this is a once in a lifetime chance to join the creation of events that will serve thousands in person and millions at home. Pretty epic stuff!

Now for a job that is the most ambitious crossover event in history...

We’re interested in how these two sectors would go together. Would it be writing esports articles while reporting on the Love Island villa? Are you going to be delving into the personal lives of esports players like a tabloid would do? We don’t know! All we can do is share the job goodness.

In all seriousness, though, what this job requires from you is the ability to work with their editorial department to produce insightful news and opinion pieces that use a conversational voice to convey the message. This means fun writing, not Shakespearean English!

Self-starters with creative minds are what these guys are looking for, and award a huge plus for candidates who are able to structure articles with SEO in mind.

And in case we joked too hard and made it seem like you needed knowledge of both reality TV and esports, you don’t. Just esports knowledge will suffice!

A constant supplier of esports jobs in the UK is always good to see hiring!

Aside from the superb list of benefits that always impress us when we see FACEIT jobs, there are lots of reasons why working for this company would be great. They’re clearly a fun company; their league, ECS, is full of memes, and they’re only hosting the first ever UK CS:GO Major in September! Certainly a good time to get involved.

To get involved, you’ll need to have proven experience in building products to users on both mobile and web platforms, as well as taking complete ownership of your product.

You’ll also have a large hand in the design of the product you’ll be handling. You’ll need to design UI and UX wireframes - something we don’t see mentioned in every product manager job description.

If these sound like things you can pull off with style then get that application flying off to London!

When photographers ask us how to find jobs, we tell them that vacancies aren’t usually listed. Usually…

Here you can join an up and coming esports organization out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as their part-time photographer!

The reason we’re so hyped about this job (besides from the fact it gives photographers in the scene another avenue of work to chase) is that they specifically mention that the job is a part-time, event-based position. Esports events as your place to work - can you believe that!?

Some of the things you’ll be taking photos of include the team whilst competing at events that can convey the brand and the team’s mission, as well as more casual shots of the players chilling between games.

They’re asking for 2 years of experience on the camera to qualify for this job, as well as a mastery for the Adobe Creative Suite.

This job sounds epic. Photographers with a badass portfolio, show the Pittsburgh Knights why you’re the right hire!

Everyone has a different opinion on what a dream job is, but surely this is a fairly common match...

Just to put this in layman's: in this job, you would be responsible for playing NBA 2K with the Knicks Gaming team. That’s it! We honesty couldn’t believe it when we found this job, but that’s what its duties entail. Here are some of the “gruelling” responsibilities this job will have you do…

  • Play NBA 2K Weekly
  • Practice against the Knicks Gaming professional team
  • Assist in scouting upcoming opponents

If this is still sounding like the dream, you’ll need to have 2-3 days of the week where you can commit four hour sessions to, as well as competitive 2K playing experience. If you can bring this, then you could land the job of dreams and help coach this team by just playing NBA with them!

And that’s it for jobs! It was a REALLY strong bunch this week!

If you’re interested in the numbers that go into our weekly job postings, take a browse through our weekly figures!

We posted 119 jobs over this past week from a massive 75 companies in 17 different countries - that might be the most spread out week we’ve had at Hitmarker!

We welcomed 139 new candidates who have taken the big step into finding esports careers, as well as 18 more companies signing up to post their roles on Hitmarker.

Our country spread saw the indomitable USA get knocked down a place by the remote jobs!

67.23% of what we posted this week was paid. Certainly not our best figure; we’ve hovered around 80% quite often, but not bad either!

On the unpaid side of things, volunteer roles led the way as usual.

That’s everything from us! We’re hopeful one of those jobs caught your eyes, but if not then our stats will have shown how bountiful esports jobs are across the globe!

See you next week!