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16th Jul 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #27

Fnatic hiring for a social media lead tops off this great roundup. Come inside...

Welcome to the finest collection of esports jobs around! Each week we comb through the jobs we’ve posted and compile the mightiest into this here Weekly Roundup, which hopefully houses your next dream career.

This week we’ve got some epic roles at prestigious companies from all areas of esports - teams, game developers and more - and a nice collection of different sectors. So, without further ado, here are our 10 best jobs in esports from the past week!

Let’s start things off with a bang for the Rainbow Six Siege fans!

Ubisoft has been hiring with intent this past month, with a respectable number of vacancies on their company page. Among these roles is one that simply couldn’t be more relevant to a Rainbow Six fan.

As Ubisoft’s esports manager for the Rainbow Six Pro League, your duties would consist of expanding the league, track it’s KPIs, work with teams in the space to create additional content around the game and more!

It’s certainly a job that would suit a management professional like a glove, and indeed they ask for 3-5 years of experience in an industry similar to esports.

They also want you to be a self-starter, so even if this job is unattainable for you, here’s a reminder to set yourself up strongly in the future for jobs - find a project of your own you can start to be able to call yourself a self-starter. From YouTube videos to streaming, if you work to create your brand you’re showing you’re a self-starter.

If this job sounds like something you can do and you’re a Rainbow Six fan, go chase a full-time job in your favorite game!

We did say we had some prestigious companies in this roundup...

AMD, manufacturers of CPUs, is hiring a go-to-market manager to join their gaming team to lead marketing strategies.

As well as getting deep into the world of gaming, you will also be building go-to-market plans for esports! AMD do sponsor Fnatic after all, so they’re no strangers to getting involved in esports!

A job with such epic responsibilities does, of course, have an experience requirement. 6 years is how much relevant experience they ask from you to suit what they’re after. If you’re sitting on that much experience or near to it then you might be sold by their final bullet point - there’s lots of travel involved and with the gaming nature of the job who knows what kind of events you could be attending!

You’d still be creating in this job, but it’s designs rather than marketing strategies!

It’s got a heavy experience requirement on it, true, but this job is way too epic not to have included in our roundup. As the Senior Digital Designer, you will be in charge of the brand presence SteelSeries hold on their website - that’s a pretty cool task.

You’ll also be creating designs that benefit sales and conversion rates. And, nicely enough, they will help you out on doing that!

With a minimum of five years work experience needed, it’s not a wonder to hear that you’d also be leading a team of 7+ senior and mid-weight creatives! You’ll definitely be able to make a difference in this job, and when that difference is at a company like SteelSeries that has grown alongside esports in mutual support then we think that’s pretty cool.

And when applying, they say that your work does the talking. So polish that portfolio and land the career of a lifetime!

Here’s something now for those of you who like to be in the spotlight!

HYPD Gaming is a new company out of the UK that is seeking someone to work in a full-time or part-time basis for them as their Gaming Livestream Influencer. What this means, as they point out in their opening sentence, is getting paid to play games on stream!

You’ll be taking part in daily or regular livestreams on Twitch & Facebook, with your emphasis on Fortnite and FIFA - that’s a duo that goes down well in our office!

As any streamer needs to be, keeping your chat entertained whilst you’re on camera is a key component to this job and you’ll need to be fearless when it comes to entertaining an audience - there’s even food challenges as a possibility in this job!

The only requirement they’ve put on this role that could cause issues for people is that you must already be an established gaming influencer with a following. You can’t be getting into this as your first job.

If this has all sounded doable to you then be sure to get an application going!

How do we find a job that’s as fun as that last one…

Full-time social media at Fnatic ought to do it! The job description of this role is fairly standard to what we see when companies hire for social media managers, but the scope of this job and Fnatic as a company is just too awesome! We’re talking about running their Twitter page of 1m+ followers!

You will own the social media calendar and be responsible for managing and filling it with the help of the social content creators who will answer to you. Content will be a key part of this job; you will be creating and posting it for the brand’s social media channels as well as collaborating with the content team.

You will be the gatekeeper of Fnatic’s social media - pretty cool thing to say.

To be in the running for this job you’ll need to have experience in managing a structured content calendar and not be afraid of a fast-paced work environment. What they don’t ask for, which immediately makes them a cool hirer, is a set number of years experience. You’ll need to show you’re more than adept with social media, don’t get us wrong, but there’s no finite number of years needed….so no excuse not to throw an application their way!

We’ve had an epic opportunity that needed experience, so let’s look at jobs that are a bit more entry-level, eh?

If you hold a flair for writing and have a brain just bursting with esports knowledge and opinions that you want to share with the gaming world, this is just the position for that. In this paid internship, you will be writing about esports for The Daily Esports. They state that they’re looking for writers for all relevant esports titles, so whatever your game of preference is this job should cater to it. They also call themselves one of the fastest growing esports content outlets there is, so you don’t want to miss their journey!

Like all writing positions, they ask for an affinity for writing along with a thorough knowledge of esports titles.

The best thing? They aren’t obsessed with past experience! Your application will come down to what they judge your writing strength to be, and that’s all you can ask for as a job seeker, which is great news if you're wondering how to get into esports.

From paid internships to some real, valuable esports training!

Avant Gaming, an Australian esports organization sponsored by the likes of CORSAIR and AMD, is offering a really awesome chance for an aspiring social media manager to pick up some super relevant skills in the sector.

The org’s social media manager is looking to bring on a sidekick who can assist in running the social media platforms in his downtime. Provided you’re open to learning, you’ll be taught the ins and outs of running a brand’s social media pages in esports. It’s probably evident already, but that’s SUPER valuable experience to be able to apply to jobs with saying you’ve already picked up experience from a functioning and respected team’s social media manager.

And whilst the position is unpaid, they aren’t asking for much of your time at all. They say that you’ll only need to be volunteering a few hours each week to learn with them and assist in their social medias, so you're gaining good experience without having to sacrifice too much time - that’s a winner!

Talking of winning jobs, this one is a dream come true for a video machine...

If you’re on/willing to relocate to the west coast, that is. In this role you’d be working full-time for Tribe Gaming, an esports organization that is deeply embedded in the mobile esports scene. Your job? Document and then edit the experiences and happenings the teams go through and create stunning content!

You’ll need to be a self-starter (third job so far in the roundup to ask for that) whose world revolves around esports and video. You’d experience the esports life in this job, that’s for sure, as you’d be travelling at times and must be willing to work late hours in order to finish projects on short deadlines.

From you, they ask for 2 years of experience in shooting and editing videos, as well as with motion graphics. They also want experience in narrative based content creation.

The benefits aside from working full-time for an esports organization? A competitive salary, paid travel when you go to events including a per diem (set allowance for a day’s living) are mentioned, with more to be revealed. It’s exciting, it would be a great job. You should apply!

This next one was one of our more popular jobs of the week, we imagine being a full-time remote US job was to thank for that!

It’s not workable from anywhere in the world, but if you’re in the USA then you could land this job from your bedroom if you’re sitting on the experience and skills they’re after.

And it’s for a cool company, too! RedPeg Marketing produce over 2,500 events a year for a bunch of prestigious brands, and they’re looking for a Gaming and Esports Manager to help their work in the gaming and esports areas.

They separate your work life nicely into the three main sections your days will comprise of: project management, client relationship management and developing and delivering pitches.

In order to qualify to tackle those tasks you’ll need to bring 3-5 years of marketing/esports management experience to the table as well as a degree in a relevant field to marketing.

If you could do that, and you’re anywhere in the USA, this remote job is calling to you!

Another epic job, but one that the more junior candidates will squirm at seeing!

Splyce is hiring again, though this time it’s not their Rochester office they’re filling, rather they’re expanding their operations to include Europe, and you could be the one driving this push. From Berlin, you’d be overseeing the daily matters that the squads of Splyce over in Europe go through - this includes the LCS team in Berlin and the Call of Duty team in the UK.

A business all-rounder is what’s needed in this job, with some of your responsibilities involving recruitment and management, overseeing the revenue-driving activities Splyce has, and begin to develop an EU unit of Splyce that can function separately to the team in the US.

There’s a lot of responsibilities in this job, but in the world of esports that just makes things even more fun.

To qualify for this stacked job, you’ll need some similarly stacked experience. Splyce ask for a heavy 10 years from you in operational leadership. It’s a reach, we know, but we had to include this job - it’s a pivotal role in an esports org who recently enjoyed some outside investment.

That’s us all out of jobs! We hope your dream career was in this list somewhere, but if it wasn’t you’re in the right place to fix that - we post hundreds of jobs each month!

Stick around if you’re interested in what our figures were looking like this past week. We’re by far the most active esports jobs website there is so we collect a lot of data on what the career movements of the scene look like. Oh, and keep your eyes on our Twitter tomorrow to see an infographic of the stats we’ve collected over the past 6 months. It’s huge!

The massive amount of candidates we have using the website keeps on growing - in the last 7 days 219 more people signed up to find their dream career! We’ll do you guys proud.

And there wouldn’t be job-hunters without jobs! 21 new companies joined us in the past week to post their roles to Hitmarker and it’s awesome audience.

In terms of our country spread this week, we had a surprising amount of remote roles, given how full-time careers was still the most popular contract type in the scene.

It wasn’t our best week for paid jobs, but we still sat on a decent 62.5%, with the rest being internships and volunteer roles.

Here’s how the paid contract types were looking this week:

And our unpaid roles:

10 great esports jobs and a stats bombardment from Hitmarker! Who’s doing esports content like us, eh? We’ll catch you next Monday wearing the freshest business clothes, browsing the chillest esports jobs and hanging out with the hottest jobs websites. y’all are hired lol.