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23rd Jul 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #28

From designing Fortnite characters to leading UK esports, you're in for a ride in this roundup!

Welcome to the 28th edition of the Hitmarker Weekly Roundup, where we look back at all of the esports careers we posted in the past 7 days and chisel out the top 10 for you guys to blitz with applications.

We’ve got a fun mix of jobs this week, with senior management roles peppered amongst creative jobs, coaching jobs and everything in between. Let’s get into the jobs!

Kicking things off is a pretty epic role with the huge sports team the Dallas Mavericks. Their gaming team, Mavs Gaming who compete in the NBA 2K League, would be your major focus, and you’d be supporting the delivery and operations of this brand.

On top of that, you’ll be managing the team’s relationship with the league itself, help execute events and competitions and coordinate with sponsor requests. In short, you’d do a bit of everything. Which is awesome, because the more of esports you can be a part in the better!

What the Dallas Mavericks are looking for from you include a pretty beefy portfolio of management skills as well as a total understanding of the esports scene and its business. If you can manage that, you might be able to land this awesome job, one that includes up to 50% travel!

Taking our foot off the business/management pedal for just a minute…

Here’s something for the creatives over on the west coast! UCI Esports, the esports division of the University of California, Irvine, is looking to hire a part-time video coordinator to produce content and other video materials.

The fact that this is part-time makes it awesome, too, as that’s a contract type that is severely lacking in esports. You could spend part of your week whilst not working or in school capturing emotional moments in esports and putting them into high-quality videos for this collegiate esports team.

The requirements they ask for are 2 years of experience in videography and an understanding of professional esports content and what it looks like. If you have this, then sending off your reel is definitely a good idea; this is a super cool role for the masters of video in esports and shouldn’t be left without an application for long!

Now considering how awesome this job is we were surprised at how low the requirements were...

Now Shanghai Dragons, as we all know, had a bit of a rough first season in the Overwatch League. As such, we currently have five open jobs with the team on Hitmarker as they undergo a pretty significant re-haul, hiring for this head coach position, a new team manager and more staff roles that contribute to the success and preparation of the squad.

What this means is that not only do you have the chance to join a squad in the most exclusive league in esports, you can also do it with just one previous year of coaching experience around your belt. Oh, and it’s not like you have many expectations to live up to, either! (that's our only joke at their expense, we promise).

If this is all sounding great so far, then you could be able to land this role which would have you developing the team’s game plan, develop their training regimen as well as choosing what roster would be appropriate for games.

Want to work in an esports team but aren’t a coach? Maybe this will be more up your street...

For the experienced social media managers out there this job has got to be looking like a peach. It’s with an exciting NA LCS team who are looking for a full-time social media manager to join them in Los Angeles, California.

Some of your responsibilities will include developing a social media strategy that provides value whilst also stimulating conversation. You’ll also oversee all social media content that is produced AND travel to games and other outings to provide coverage on FlyQuest social media platforms on the ground. We like this duty the most.

And while the job sounds as fun as anything, there does need to be some seriousness thrown in. The requirements for this job aren’t light, as you’ll need 4 years of experience as a social media manager to match what FlyQuest is looking for. You’ll also need to be prepared to work evenings and weekends if the team is playing to support them and supplement your fans with coverage (welcome to esports!).

If you’re able to meet the experience requirement then there really isn’t much else to say - this is a banging job so go and give it an application!

If art is your forte, you’ll be so happy to see this next job…

This truly has to be a dream job for a gaming fan right now with a creative mind and the artistic know-how to make those pipe-dreams a reality. Epic Games is hiring for a character artist for their hit title Fortnite which, if you’re the majority of gaming and esports fans in the last 6 months, you’ll have played.

What your day-to-day would consist of is creating in-game models such as characters and weapons that have the capability to be animated as well as fit the visual style of the game.

What you need to be in the running to get this dream job? Well, they want a bit of a Leonardo da Vinci as you’ll need to possess an understanding of human anatomy and form whilst also holding some major creativity. Unlike da Vinci, you’ll need to know how to use major 3D software such as Maya or Modo. A tricky one to hit is having previous experience on a shipped game title.

If you can meet these and are available to work from Cary, North Carolina, then this is the kind of job you HAVE to act on!

We’re staying on the Battle Bus for this next job, too…

Here’s a job that’s a bit more forgiving in experience requirements and will be available to any of you - it’s remote work after all!

Fortbuff is looking for talented written content creators to come and freelance for them. That’s a chance to get paid to write about Fortnite, folks!

And while the experience requirements are lower than previous jobs, you will, of course, need to prove that you’ve got a strong command of the english language. They also ask that you have knowledge of the Fortbuff platform and prior experience in producing written content about gaming, especially time-sensitive pieces.

If this is all sounding doable to you so far, click through to the job to see if you’re feeling what they’re putting down and send an application their way if you are. If Fortnite can rise to the heights its $100 million competitive prize purse demands of it, then you’ll want to be on board for the ride. It could also be your way to get into esports if you've got a great grasp of the English language!

This next job is VERY cool, particularly as we’re from the UK ourselves!

Riot Games is making moves into the UK esports scene with the opening of an office in London. On the back of that, the company is hiring a UK Senior Esports Manager to plant the first seeds in the UK and manage the operations as they make a foothold in UK esports.

It’s certainly an exciting opportunity, and not only because of the scope of the company you’d be working for in the esports world, but also on the fact that you’d be getting involved early in their UK operations.

Some of your responsibilities include building an infrastructure of amateur players where they can undergo a “kick ass player journey”, lead the development of the esports scene in the UK and develop the strategy Riot leagues will take in the United Kingdom.

Exciting stuff, and something that will take a senior candidate indeed. For this job Riot is asking that you possess 7 years of experience in a high up role in esports or a similar industry to it.

If you’re reading this whole description with your jaw wide open, you’ll need to see if it’s something you can put an application together for!

From working in one of the biggest companies in esports to one of the biggest teams…

Okay, probably THE biggest esports team is the employer in this next role. Team SoloMid, best known for their League of Legends squad and, more recently, their Fortnite roster, is hiring an Internal Sales Coordinator to boss the sales side of things for TSM.

What this includes on a day-to-day basis is speaking to clients, handling their requests and attempting to find a solution for these, as well as this fun one - manage sponsorship deliverables. This might include the cool sponsor activations that TSM have been doing including the chipotle sponsorship announcement of the TSM Fortnite team. Getting involved in those would be awesome!

TSM is pretty keen on their candidate having a degree, as they ask for at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area. On top of that 3 years of work experience in sales or a similar area will also be needed for this career.

If you’re anywhere in Europe, you could be working full-time in esports REMOTELY with this job…

This is a super cool chance to get involved with a brand remotely. EGL.tv is platform that allows people to play esports titles with each other, as well as somewhere they can watch games and socialize with like-minded gamers.

You will essentially take ownership of the EGL platform which includes the EGL.tv website. You’ll assist customers with their queries, liaise with the development team to make sure that the website is kept in good shape and updated when it should be, and create events on their website.

EGL acknowledge that the job encompasses many different areas of work, and encourage versatility in people and offer training for you to take on more responsibilities in the future to grow in tandem with the company.

To round this beautiful package off, they offer generous compensation for this job as well as the epic chance to work in this industry full-time from wherever you want in Europe!

We usually try and stay away from roles that are too senior in the roundups, but we think you’ll understand why we included this next job…

MGM know how to start a job advert, and their opening sentence is both epic and quite accurate to how much responsibility you’d have in this role. It opens “Become one of the stars behind the show and become part of the world’s most powerful entertainment brands”.

You’d have some awesome responsibilities in this job, but some of our favorites include delivering the strategy of esports events to encourage visitors as well as working on more companies coming to host events at MGM resorts to drive revenue. You'll also lead the MGM Esports brand through mediums like social media and develop relationships in the industry to connect with potential partners.

Some serious stuff there that would have you making a significant impact on esports!

Jobs of this calibre don’t come light on experience, though, and for this one you’ll need 8 years of experience in entertainment, sports, or a related area and a degree. If you’re packing this kind of experience, then you can’t waste any time applying, this job is awesome!

Those were our 10 best jobs this week! Some more senior roles than usual but we feel this is justified, the quality was super high on them all!

If you’re sticking around with us for just a little while more and love a little stats breakdown, check out our numbers from the past week!

It was an especially exciting week as today was the day we hit 5,000 signed up candidates on the Hitmarker website! Our growth across the board is ludicrously strong, and we’re confident our candidate pool now makes us the ONLY place to hire esports talent from an esports crowd.

We did well for jobs, too, reaching 134 posted over the past 7 days, which averages out to an impressive 19 a day! These came from 86 different companies.

Let’s check out the location spread of what we posted:

Something that was particularly strong this week was our percentage of paid jobs. As our recent infographic showed, 76.64% of what we posted in the first 6 months of 2018 was paid work. We’re happy to say that this week our paid jobs figure was at 79.1%!

Here’s our breakdown of paid jobs:

And our unpaid roles:

That’s it from us this week! Thanks for spending time with us and if that mention of an infographic piqued your interested you can see it here.

We’ll be checking in next Monday for Roundup #29.

Until then!