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30th Jul 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #29

Two jobs from 100 Thieves alone mark this as a great roundup! See what else this week had...

Welcome to the ultimate hub of esports jobs, Hitmarker’s Weekly Roundup, where we look back on the 10 standout careers we posted over the last seven days. We had lots of big teams and companies in esports hiring this week (a regular occurance nowadays) so there are some juicy jobs to show you!

Let’s get to it!

This first job is a creators dream. DXRacer, manufacturer of high quality gaming chairs that are a frequent sponsor around esports, is hiring for a multimedia specialist to work in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

Your job duties would be varied but would revolve around visual content, in the forms of producing video, graphics, motion graphics and high quality photos. You’ll be making materials to advertise DXRacer across all sorts of channels from GIFs for social media to designs for adverts to serve to people interested in DXRacer products.

To be eligible for this super creative job you’ll need to possess 1-2 years of professional experience. With such a wide spectrum of duties they haven’t pinpointed what this experience must be in, so it could be worth an application if you hold that time in any professional design role.

And what we always love to see in esports jobs is a healthy amount of travel. Travel in this industry can often mean to events, and this role suggests travel could be up to 25% of your job!

So if you’re a creative esports nut with the technical experience to turn those ideas into marvelous realities then you’ve got to send an application this job’s way!

Those of you in Los Angeles, you’re about to go mad over this job…

100 Thieves, a recently-formed esports organization that is ran by Nadeshot, a former COD pro and popular influencer, is looking to bring on a marketing & social media intern. What makes this role so epic from the jump - besides the obvious appeal of working with Nadeshot’s org - is that it’s a paid internship. You can take your first steps into esports whilst earning money!

They’re looking for a hardworking and creative candidate who’s currently enrolled in college. If this is you and you’re happy to spend your weekends dedicated to supporting the team then you could land this awesome role which would have you working with the 100 Thieves marketing manager to assist in the marketing campaigns the org runs.

You’d also assist with managing the social media platforms, brainstorming content ideas and get exposed to all things marketing in the org.

There really aren’t many better internships in esports we’ve seen than this one, and the fact that it’s for such a popular team among the community only elevates its position.

While that last job was quite strict on what locations it could be, this role is totally the opposite. To quote The Story Mob from their job advert, if you “want to be a digital nomad or spend winters in South East Asia” then that’s totally fine! That’s the mark of a cool company right there, we’d say.

Whilst hiding out in South East Asia, your job duties would consist of all things Public Relations and Communications - these guys are a communications agency for esports after all. You’d be working with clients to create compelling stories for them, craft perfect announcements and other media they’re needing your help on.

You’ll also need to be a communications expert able to assist clients of The Story Mob with any comms strategies they’re coming up with by advising them on best practices.

You can’t just be a PR guru, though. You’ll also be producing project scopes where necessary and managing clients as they approach you.

To be able to pull off these tasks in this awesome remote full-time esports job, you’ll need to have 5 years of PR or media experience, with plenty of journalist connections in tow from that time. If that’s matching your portfolio you’ll want to jump on this awesome role!

We’re taking a rare trip to a country that doesn’t usually appear in our roundups now…

That’s right, we’ve got a pretty wicked job in Australia now, a country that definitely doesn’t get enough love when it comes to esports jobs. Gfinity is hiring for a Shooter/Editor over there to work on a freelance basis to assist in creating awesome content for their social channels as well as their partners.

Some of the stand out points in this job advert is that they’re looking for an up and coming shooter/editor, which should leave the door fairly open to those of you without the years of professional experience that some jobs ask for.

It also mentions how the workload is seasonal, meaning it won’t require too much of a commitment from you if you’re in school or working another job on top of this.

Be sure to send your best piece of work/portfolio to these guys - this is a really great opportunity in a country where esports jobs are scarce.

Now in an area where esports jobs are quite the opposite of scarce...

Immortals is hiring for a VP of Sales in Los Angeles, California who will work on all of the brands the organization operations: MIBR, the CS:GO team that the SK Gaming players now play under, the Overwatch League team LA Valiant and, of course, the Immortals themselves.

If you were successful in applying to this job your days would include working with partners to create sponsorship packages as well as activations and campaigns that both Immortals and their partners would find beneficial, manage the sales team and come to annual revenue targets along with the CEO and President.

As you can probably tell from the weight of some of those responsibilities, Immortals is looking for a very experienced candidate to take up this role in the organization. They ask for 5 years of partnership sales as well as preferably a bachelor’s degree for you to meet their desired requirements.

If you think you would have those job responsibilities on lockdown then you don’t want to miss the chance to work with a team as exciting as this one.

Talking of exciting teams, you wouldn’t mind if 100 Thieves popped back in with another career, would you?

The career we're talking about is this AWESOME opportunity of producing graphics full-time for the 100 Thieves organization. If you can work in Los Angeles and your Photoshop talent is second to none, we think you’ll really like this job…

What you’ll be doing is creating graphics for use across the 100 Thieves social channels, that keep the brand voice and style embodied within them and meet the creative direction of the marketing manager and the director of post-production for the org.

Now 100 Thieves already has some of the coolest designs in the industry, so you really will need to be a masterful editor. The organization asks for 3-5 years of professional experience in the design sector to meet their requirements.

The programs you’ll need to be proficient in are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. If you can meet these requirements then you’re home free to send in a badass application and land this truly epic esports job!

Here’s a different way to put that Photoshop skill to use in esports…

FACEIT is hiring for this freelance design job with the mention that it could lead to full-time employment down the line. As their Studio & Events Graphics Operator/Designer, you’ll be assisting the team by producing graphics that will be used in live productions, as well as operating their broadcast graphics software during live events.

This is certainly a unique job but one that sounds uniquely awesome. Something that only heightens how exciting this job could be is that the FACEIT CS:GO Major is fast approaching, and this job being on a freelance basis does open up the possibility of you working on that tournament.

Some of the things you’ll need to land this job is experience in Photoshop and the ability to work well under pressure - with the mention of working on a live broadcast working under pressure definitely seems like something you'll need to be able to do!

Ways to stand out from the crowd in this job include past experience in live television or broadcast experience and an understanding of the software CasparCG.

If you think you could pull this job off, it’s definitely one you need to get an application to!

If you’re a huge Fortnite fan chances are you’ve already clicked through to the job to send an application their way, but if you’re still with us then this job really is an epic one. Based in Epic Games' office in Cary, North Carolina, this job would task you with some really cool duties.

These include planning and producing local community strategies that draw engagement from Fortnite players in Europe, defining influencer plans, produce content, engage with Fortnite players both on and offline and loads more!

If you’re in love with everything Fortnite, this is really sounding like a job with your name on it.

And while the qualifications are usually the part of a job advert you’d be least excited about reading, this one even has those looking enticing!

You’ll need to have a good understanding of the content creation space such as YouTube and Twitch, great written and verbal communication, experience managing a gaming community and experience creating content. And since there’s a bonus for having on-camera experience, it sounds as though a streamer or YouTuber who has managed their own community would be a perfect fit for this job!

Ever thought you’d have the chance to find the next big CLG talent…?

This job would have you actively contributing to finding the next big esports talents. You’ll need to also be a master of analysis, as you’ll be creating systems across multiple esports titles to scout out the next big player.

A data-driven individual is what CLG is looking for in this role. Part of your responsibilities will be assisting teams in making informed data-based decisions, so you’ll need to be able to see numbers in all of their context in this job.

Some of the requirements you’ll need to meet to be in the running to fill this epic job is be proficient in the design and implementation of databases as well as understanding at least one coding language to a high level. A skill they want that might come off as a curveball compared to the rest of the job’s duties is the ability to record and edit videos of a basic quality in order to convey plays and concepts effectively.

If you can meet these eclectic requirements and are the god of data then we think you’d best put together an application for this role!

With the recent conclusion of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, what better time is there to take your passion for Overwatch to the next level...

Akshon Esports, a news and media outlet in esports, is hiring a part-time written content creator who can produce Overwatch coverage of the highest level for their content platform. This position is only workable from Vancouver, though, so this is not something you can work remotely on.

Some of your responsibilities in this start up includes creating content of all forms about Overwatch - from opinion pieces to interviews - the creation of graphics and other social media content as well as engaging with the Akshon Esports community through mediums like Discord and other forms of social media.

Some requirements you’ll need to meet for this job are, of course, an expert knowledge of Overwatch and its competitive scene, a writing style that is modern and creative and proficiency in design software.

You’ll get a foot ahead of the competition if you can show Akshon that you’re proactive and a total nut for the esports industry and if you can show you’re willing to make a name for yourself in the scene.

And that closes off what we have for you in terms of jobs! Now it wouldn’t be a Hitmarker Weekly Roundup without a healthy dose of our weekly jobs stats, so stick around for that if you want an idea of what the hiring space in esports looks like on a weekly basis (we say weekly as we’ve not long ago published a 6 month infographic that paints a much more complete picture!)

Joining us this month were 248 new esports job hunters and 13 new companies. Welcome to all of you and we’ll do everything we can to get you that perfect job or perfect candidate!

A slow weekend hurt how many esports jobs we posted, as we clocked only 107 over the past week. These came from 58 different companies hiring in 14 countries.

Here’s the spread of where our jobs were located in the world:

This is our distribution of contract types among our esports careers:

Paid jobs:

Unpaid roles:

And with those stats ends this week’s roundup shenanigans! We hope one of those jobs we posted was perfect for you, but be sure to check in with us again next Monday for more esports jobs and good times!

Until then!