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26th Jan 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #3

The third edition of our weekly roundup is essential reading for anyone looking to make a career out of esports.

Welcome to the third edition of our Weekly Roundup, which takes a look at the latest and greatest esports jobs from all over the world.

We're coming into this post on the back of our busiest week ever on all fronts, with 80 opportunities posted and over 100 candidates signed up since you last heard from us seven days ago.

Hopefully you're already signed up yourself, but if not here's a handy link so that you can get on board with Hitmarker! Be sure to come right back here, though!

There's no doubt that gaming in general is booming right now, so if you're looking for work in the industry then we're pretty sure we'll have something that catches your eye on our free jobs board.

We've got companies recruiting for Overwatch related roles and even hiring meme specialists in this roundup, so if you're looking to launch your career in the scene then you're in the right place!

Before we get to the jobs, here are some statistics from the past week:

  • In the last seven days we've posted a total of 80 jobs from 47 esports organisations spread across 6 different countries.
  • A massive 82.5% (66) were full-time paid positions, 6.25% (5) were freelance paid and 5% (4) were part-time paid. Of the remainder 5% (4) were volunteer roles and just 1.25% (1) was an internship.
  • A meaty 61.25% (49) came from the USA, while 16.25% (13) were remote and 12.50% (10) came from the UK. Of the rest 6.25% (5) were based in Germany, 2.5% (2) in Canada and just 1.25% (1) in Poland.

Hopefully someone other than us finds those numbers interesting... If not, then don't worry, because 10 of the coolest jobs in esports are right around the corner!

If you follow us on Twitter then you'll already know that the San Francisco Shock of Overwatch League fame have signed up with Hitmarker.

They dropped an awesome role on Wednesday night that has already proven to be hugely popular with candidates:

The number of applications for this one is into double digits, but if you're confident and you feel like you've got the social media chops to throw your hat in the ring then why not go for it?

Be warned, though, they're only looking for someone with prior professional experience, great knowledge of the Overwatch Community and an understanding of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics!

If that's out of your reach, then you can see some other social media positions here.

Another company making waves in esports lately are Esports One, who just closed a $3m seed round and are now hiring talent to take their business to the next level.

These guys are a data and analytics startup who are seeking to alter the way fans watch and engage with esports. They've got six roles on our board right now, but our favourite is this one:

Based in Los Angeles (although some of their other positions are remote), this is for someone willing to hold ultimate responsibility for the UX/UI design of the Esports One platform.

The job requires someone with over three years of experience in UX/UI at a startup, technology or gaming company and a track record in managing a design team.

One huge benefit of getting in with Esports One at this early stage is that there's equity on offer to the right candidates, so why not take a look?

Again, we appreciate that sort of opportunity may be a little high level for a lot of our readers, so here's a pre-filtered search of "designer" for you guys!

Another big name to join Hitmarker this week was Team Kinguin from Poland, who just seem to be growing all of the time based on the amount of jobs they advertise.

Like the Shock, they opened up strong with a super interesting role for someone fluent in English who'd like to work in Warsaw (having been ourselves, we'd highly recommend it):

This varied position is for someone who could write killer copy for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in addition to penning articles for the Team Kinguin website AND updating product descriptions.

In addition to this the responsibilities also call for someone capable of making promotional materials and assisting with graphics or video content, depending on the circumstances.

Naturally with such a broad skillset being asked for, they're offering an excellent payment package alongside a number of great benefits! If you're interested, then you should probably read more and apply now.

If you couldn't work from Poland, then don't worry because we've got quite a few other content creation roles right here.

This was a strong week for European esports jobs and the next one JUST made the cut, as it was posted by DOJO Madness this morning.

These guys are based in Berlin, Germany and already have over 45 full time employees, having raised in excess of $12.75m in funding from some VERY serious backers!

As the newest members of Hitmarker, we couldn't let the weekly roundup get published without finding them a spot:

Being coders ourselves we're often surprised at how few serious developer jobs we see in the scene, but this is definitely one of those!

DOJO are looking for someone to design and implement features for the esports industry (specifically relating to League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and PUBG), but you must have at least three years of software development experience to even consider applying.

If you've got that behind you and you're looking for an opportunity in one of the coolest cities on the planet, with one of the coolest companies in gaming, then you know what to do!

Again, if you're not based near Berlin or couldn't relocate then don't worry, we've got other cool developer jobs on the board at the moment!

It seems that more and more esports companies are recognising the importance of good social media management to their marketing efforts. As such, we're seeing an increasing number of exciting social media opportunities arriving on Hitmarker.

Take this superb role with Gfinity in London as a fine example of what we're talking about:

In the Hitmarker office we believe Wendy's to be the gold standard of brand representation through social media, so if you're keen to apply to this position then you should definitely familiarise yourself with their account first!

This job calls for someone who is comfortable on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In addition to this Gfinity are looking for someone capable of project management and able to start right away.

We don't know them personally, but they seem like a cool company to work for!

Now for a rarity: a Canadian gaming job! Capcom Vancouver (famous for the Dead Rising series, among other things) have a couple of roles on Hitmarker right now, but as this roundup is a little heavy on engineering and development we thought you'd appreciate a change of pace:

We're always fascinated by skilled animators and we hope there are a few of you reading this right now, because this looks like a great chance to work for one of the most famous names in gaming.

If you have over four years of animation experience and you know Maya, Motion Builder and Unity 5 inside out then you should definitely take a deeper dive into this one. The Vancouver division of Capcom have much less verbose job posts than the San Francisco one, which is nice!

If you don't have that sort of experience, then please feel free to check out the other roles related to animation we have instead.

Although there were some questions about the $$$ on offer for this next opportunity, we couldn't resist including it because of it's sheer originality! It's also a very timely one too, based on what happened yesterday in the Overwatch League...

Yes, that's right! The Philadelphia Fusion are hiring a flipping Meme Specialist! That very same organisation who just SHOCKED THE WORLD by knocking off the previously unbeaten New York Excelsior in #OWL2018 last night.

They're seeking a freelance candidate to create memes, graphics and digital assets across all of their digital channels. This means that they need someone with an understanding of marketing, website management AND who is proficient in HTML, CSS and/or Java.

Not just that, it would also be essential for you to be a whiz with Adobe Creative Cloud!

There's a pretty high bar for this, so it's key that you read the whole description before applying.

If you're not into creating memes but ARE looking for freelance work, then we've got you covered right here.

Now for a complete change of pace, as we go from freelance to part-time and making memes to coaching collegiate esports athletes:

You may not have heard of Belmont Abbey College before, but they're one of the many institutions in the US who are getting involved in esports. They've already got pedigree in "regular" sports, being NCAA Division II ranked and all, and now they're looking for someone to start an esports program for them.

This means you'd be responsible for recruiting talent, monitoring academic progress, budgeting, scheduling and many, many other things!

There's no doubt that this one comes with a lot responsibility, but we know there are plenty of good coaches on Hitmarker who would thrive on this kind of challenge.

However, if the location or part-time contract doesn't fit you then you should check out our other coaching opportunities.

Now, where are our prospective interns at!?

You know we like to make sure that we have something for you young folks in these roundups and this one really is a doozy!

Thank you, Esports Amateur League. How often do you see remote internships available, let alone in esports!? (Yes, this particular job does deserve two interrobangs.)

As you might expect, this is another role that has been wildly popular on the site so we won't pretend that this isn't a competitive application process. HOWEVER, if you're a budding Social Media Manager who already has a year of experience behind you then you'd be crazy not to go for it, given where this sort of opportunity could lead!

If you're feeling confident, then follow this link to read the full description and apply.

Unfortunately that was the only internship posted on Hitmarker this week, so we don't have any links for you to follow if it's not suitable. Sorry!

Last but not least, we're giving out some love to our new partners at EasternMediaGG and representing the organisations who are seeking volunteers to help themselves grow.

Now if you just followed that link to their website, then you know that these guys are a little different to your run of the mill esports setup. They've essentially become a hub for esports news and content, and have a huge army of supporters representing their brand online.

We've spoken a lot with the guy that runs the organisation and we feel confident posting this position in the roundup because of his attitude and approach to things.

If you're looking to get your start in esports and you have the confidence to create content on YouTube, Mixer or Twitch then this could be ideal for you. EasternMedia need engaging individuals who can think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to being entertaining.

Sound like you? Well, get your application sent! If not, then you can find all of our other volunteer roles right here.

That's a wrap folks! We sincerely hope there's something here for you, or that you've found something else from one of the links we've scattered throughout the text.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @HitmarkerJobs if you haven't already and don't be shy, because our DMs are open!

If you're ready to sign up with us after reading then click HERE if you're a candidate and HERE if you're representing a company. We're past 1,000 members now, so it's the perfect time to get on board!

See you next week for #4,

The Hitmarker Team


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