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6th Aug 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #30

We have plenty of remote working to make this a really global roundup!

Welcome to our 30th weekly esports jobs roundup! It’s crazy to think we’ve already produced 30 weekly features on what the 10 best careers of the week in esports have been, so let’s jump right into this one!

This first job rides off of two games and their huge popularity at the minute...

Yep, of course it’s the two top dogs of the Battle Royale genre! While Fortnite has undoubtedly trumped the popularity that PUBG accumulated before the release of Epic Games’ title, both remain popular games with growing esports scenes. PUBG recently hosted their mega PUBG Global Invitation event in Berlin and Fortnite has been an attractive esport for a while now, something that was rocketed up by the $100 million announcement Epic made that is going into esports prize pools.

And because of their success, jobs are opening in the games just like this one. Method, a prestigious esports organization, is looking for a part-time game manager who will be working on a remote basis, for roughly 10-20 hours each week.

Working on both of the games, you’ll need to possess a sound knowledge of Fortnite and PUBG’s metas and pro scenes as well as experience in either a team management role or as a pro player.

A cool job duty that we love to see (as it means plenty of esports events!) is that Method state that this role will involve travel as needed, sometimes up to 10 days away from home at a time.

If you think you suit what Method is looking for, be sure to let them know with a brilliant application!

This next job is awesome for so many different reasons...

Fnatic, a global and iconic esports organization, is looking to add a marketing copywriter to their team in London. Having their own line of professional esports gear as well as teams competing in a number of different games, Fnatic need someone who’s able to craft fantastic marketing copy.

Your job duties would include writing copy for a variety of Fnatic’s channels including social, video productions and even the packaging of products. You’ll also be required to assist in the brainstorming of ideas and collaborate with a variety of departments in the organization when needed.

As you’d expect, you’ll need to have exceptional spelling and grammar in this job as well as a mastery of writing copy that sells a product without seeming like a sales pitch.

Besides those skills, Fnatic is also looking for someone with 2-3 years as a professional copywriter in a marketing capacity rather than an editorial one.

If you can tick these boxes they’re asking for, this isn’t the sort of job you want to miss applying to!

This next one will really get you excited if you loved the Ninja x Red Bull announcement...

In this full-time job with Red Bull you’ll be managing their gaming athletes. What this entails is keeping tabs on all areas of the esports landscape such as popular game titles and trends in the industry, creating a sponsorship program that clearly defines the Red Bull brand and coordinate with Red Bull’s media team to produce content around Red Bull sponsored athletes.

You’ll also be charged with the exciting responsibility of discovering new esports athletes that could represent Red Bull, negotiating their contracts to allow for content availability and media commitments and brief the athletes on the Red Bull brand identity.

In short, you’ll have a massive role in Red Bull’s use of influencers which, given the size of some of these players, is a fairly epic thing to be doing in your job.

To land this awesome career, you’ll need to hold 3-5 years experience in esports. It’ll help you if this is in a marketing or team management role.

You’ll also need to be a total know-it-all (in a good way) about esports and its tournaments and players in order to appropriately manage and find new Red Bull athletes.

If you can meet these requirements along with Red Bull’s other asks then you could very well get yourself a job working with some of the biggest names in the scene. Awesome, right?!

Here’s another huge brand hiring for an esports-specific role…

The huge sports team the Golden State Warriors is hiring for a manager for their esports partnerships. Now the obvious appeal of this job is that a gigantic organization like the Warriors is throwing their esports hiring net out - which we’re glad to see - but the job itself has some pretty great duties, too.

Based in Oakland, California, you’ll be tackling sponsorship revenue targets for the Warriors’ esports brands, which includes the Golden Guardians in the NA LCS. An exciting thing to see in the job advert, too, is that you may be working with “additional properties to be determined.” It looks possible that the Golden State Warriors will expand their esports operations, and you could be there to see and make it happen!

In order to be able to act as the company’s main point of contact regarding esports partnerships, you’ll need to be able to show 3 years of working in sales or business development for a brand in an area similar to esports, such as entertainment. On top of this, you’ll need to be able to prove that you always smash sales goals and that your business skills cover areas such as contract negotiation and measuring campaign data.

If you’ve been nodding your head while reading this you had better get applying. The chance to work for the Warriors in an esports capacity would be a dream come true!

Taking a quick break from the more full-on jobs to show you this great one...

This remote job is a really nice one. Maestro Media Group is an esports production house from the Netherlands. They went for a hiring streak with the three roles they submitted this week, the best of which we thought was this paid graphic design job (but you can also find motion designer and illustrator careers on their company page).

If you can provide 1-3 years of professional experience you could be producing marketing assets and other digital properties that will assist the brand, keep their standards clean, if not increase its quality, and pitch in with the team when brainstorming to supply ideas and concepts in a concise manner.

On top of that, the company also asks that you be competent in the Adobe Suite, have experience in producing materials for social media as well as have a professional and creative demeanour around you.

This part-time paid remote job awaits if you can meet those requirements!

Rarely is the path to esports commentary so well illuminated as it is in this job…

This role eliminates the difficult question that commentators face of “where do I start?”. This job does require some past material to show the company to prove your commentary prowess, but if you’re hungry enough it might be worth commentating over past games and sending the company this if you have nothing else - what’s the worst that can happen?

What you’ll be doing in this freelance job is providing commentary to WIN Esports’ tournaments and leagues that they host. This means studying attending teams to familiarize yourself with them, planning how best to run the broadcast with other talent and staff and more.

A unique point for a commentary job is that for this one you’ll need to be local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

If you’re set on applying for this one, remember to include any other games you’re able to commentate! That could stick you ahead of the crowd for this role, which could turn to either part-time or full-time employment down the line!

Rocket League fans don’t receive a whole load of love, until now at least...

Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, is looking for a community manager to monitor the Rocket League Esports community, build relationships with the game’s players, influencers, partners and to be an active presence on external forums.

You’ll be tasked with maintaining the blog posts on both the Rocket League website and in-game, managing the social media channels for the esports areas of the game and producing reports on how the community is feeling towards the game based on your findings. Producing materials with the design and production teams to promote Rocket League esports is also something you’ll contribute to.

Now we know this job is shaping up like a real home run for the Rocket League fans, so here’s what you’ll need to get yourself in the running for the role. Psyonix asks for 2 or more years in community management and social media in an industry related to esports, a strong knowledge of Rocket League and excellent communication skills.

One last curveball before we send you off to apply: you could be “on call” to deal with urgent issues if they arise outside of work hours. Bit of late-night Redditing sounding okay with you? Get applying then!

This next job is so awesome because it can be worked remotely!

Full-time in esports at a sweet company is great to see, but when anyone who is happy working in a European time zone can jump on the role we LOVE to see that!

Battlefy, producer of smaller esports tournaments that is used by 40,000 organizations, is hiring for a community manager for their European crowd. You’ll be assisting in user acquisition, gauge community feelings to feed back to other departments as well as reach out to and build relationships with gaming and esports influencers and other influential people in the industry.

Some of the things that make this job so great besides the fact that it can be worked from home is that they’re clearly savvy about esports - just read the job description! What’s more, though, is that you’ll even be eligible for receiving equity in the company despite being remote. That’s awesome and a huge boost as to why to apply for this job!

This job definitely jumps off the page as being a really solid one, so do what you can to make it yours.

This next career is only a 6 month contract, but we know they’d be an epic 6 months!

Ubisoft, developer of some of the biggest hits in gaming, is looking for a Esports & Community Engagement Manager in the UK. You’ll work out of their Guildford office or from the comfort of your own home to perform your duties here.

You’ll then be assisting Brand, PR and Digital managers in planning and then executing social media campaigns across Tom Clancy titles, which includes the popular esport title Rainbow Six Siege.

What Ubisoft ask from you is that you possess a positive attitude, brilliant skills in organization and a passion for the game titles you’ll be working on.

Something that an esports fan could definitely have a leg up on compared to other applicants is the requirement that you should know how newer digital platforms like Reddit can be used to market to consumers. Don’t act like we all don’t spend far too many hours on Reddit!

Your job hours will be unconventional, in order to mirror when players are most active - the weekends and evenings.

If you’re okay with those working hours then don’t miss this job that you could be working remotely in!

CS:GO fans will recognize how great this next job is, other esports fans are in for a world of memes and content…

Betway esports is a very active presence in the CS:GO scene particularly, and are sponsors of Ninjas in Pyjamas, various ESL events and even the FACEIT London Major next month.

The company is looking for an esports social media executive who will handle social media management, community management and content. You’ll be producing memes and other content aimed to further the reach of the brand, as well as responding to and engaging with betway esports fans across a number of social platforms.

A super cool duty is that you’ll also be interviewing CS:GO players at events and planning content you can do with betway-sponsored teams whilst there.

This role will definitely bring you to the heart of CS:GO esports, so if you think you can handle those job duties and you know your way around creating a meme or two, this is something you should apply for!

Those are our 10 best jobs from the past 7 days. Don’t forget that we do this each Monday, so be sure to check in with us again next week to see what esports careers got us excited.

As you’ll know if you’re a frequent reader of our weekly roundup, we love to present our weekly jobs stats in these features.

Starting these off is our candidate sign ups that we have to thank you guys for! 259 new esports career hunters joined us this past week looking to take that serious step into the industry. Along with them, 15 new companies signed up to post their careers with us.

Over the last seven days we managed to post 110 careers in esports from an assortment of 65 different companies spanning 12 countries.

Here’s which of those countries were most prominent in their hiring:

Of those, 75.46% were paid jobs in esports:

The rest were unpaid, either volunteer roles or internships:

We love to see over 75% of what we posted being paid jobs. We’ll aim for more next week! Be sure to check in with us next Monday to see if we were able to.

Happy applying!