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13th Aug 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #31

Two Overwatch League teams hiring make this is a truly exciting roundup.

Welcome to another installment of the 10 best esports jobs of the week! Each Monday at HitmarkerJobs.com we browse through our recent postings and select the 10 most exciting esports careers to collate into our weekly roundup. We’re on our 31st edition now, and it’s got a great assortment of jobs.

Let’s jump in!

Kicking things off this week is the Overwatch League team Philadelphia Fusion with this awesome full-time career in California.

As the partnership manager of Fusion, you’d be working to increase the team’s revenue through expertly managing partnerships. This means you’ll be looking to achieve sponsorship sales goals through all of Fusion’s esports properties, including the Fusion University, ensure all sponsor deliverables are coordinated correctly to the necessary teams and presenting exciting new proposals to business partners.

Taking such a prominent role in organizing some of the largest partnership deals in esports in one of the hottest leagues would certainly be an epic job to assume, and as such the Fusion do have some requirements you’ll need to meet.

They’re asking for at least 3 years of experience in gaming or esports which should have equipped you with a solid understanding of the slang and culture prevalent around our scene. A bachelor’s degree or similar experience is also required.

If you can provide that and would love to get involved in this huge esports brand producing some of the biggest deals in Overwatch and esports, be sure to check out this job and apply!

Here’s something very different, but by no means in a bad way...

ESG Law is the world’s first esports law firm, a very cool statement to be able to say about your company, and is looking to bring on some esports law interns. Positions exist for both paid internships and ones that will reward you with school credit, and this is a springboard that any aspiring lawyer with a burning passion for esports should use to gain some great, relevant experience.

The firm was founded by Bryce Blum, an active esports personality who also serves as a consultant for some key companies in esports. For lawyers looking to get into esports, there won’t be many better mentors!

You’ll need to be attending an ABA-accredited Law School to be able to pick up this internship, and must be a die hard esports fan (we imagine you tick this box since you’re on an esports jobs website!)

If those two points are something you can meet with no issue, you’ll need to get drafting an application - they want a writing sample to be included in your submission!

Sticking to those interesting jobs in esports…

This full-time career in Los Angeles from Ader has one bullet point in it that we’re sure you’ll all find very exciting: perform general research and talent tracking across the Twitch & Youtube ecosystems.

And since this company is an esports marketing agency, you can bet that you’d be finding people across the scene to do some awesome promotional activities with!

Some of the other responsibilities in this role include producing lists that the marketing team can use to find talent, keep on good terms with professional teams around the space and handle the outreach that Ader performs daily.

The experience requested is nice and light, too. Ader wants someone who has worked in the digital/esports/Twitch landscape for 1-3 years, and with the broad definition of that phrase and the fact you only need a year of experience we bet a fair few of you could apply for this role.

To top this brilliant opportunity off, you would have the chance to own equity in the company and receive a strong salary with even stronger bonuses. This really is the sort of job you need to check out!

Entry-level jobs in esports aren’t common to find, especially ones of this quality...

Esports can be a tricky industry to get into, which is why this superb job at CORSAIR just had to make this week’s roundup. With its opening sentence stating this job is for anyone who has dreamed of getting a job in the industry, this is a job the Twitch experts and PC gaming connoisseurs will be all over!

CORSAIR, one of the biggest peripherals and hardware companies in esports, is hiring for a junior candidate to help out in their sponsorships team. What this entails is lots of Twitch browsing and stream watching, as well as reaching out to potential influencers about CORSAIR sponsorships and communicating with currently-sponsored gamers. Bet you didn’t think an entry-level esports job would look this good from the jump!

A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not required. A massive knowledge of esports and the streaming community is required, though, and you’ll need to be an organized individual able to handle multiple tasks at once.

And we weren’t joking about this job being for the PC gamers! Besides having much better taste than console esports players, PC gamers will need to show their passion as CORSAIR is asking for your application to show your gamer side towards PC games. This should be one of the more enjoyable applications you’ve sent off, so get working on it!

You might be quite surprised to hear this company has been active in hiring on HitmarkerJobs.com recently...

The Dallas Mavericks, who control the Mavs Gaming NBA 2K League team, is hiring for a marketing manager to handle their operations in gaming and esports.

What this means for you on a day-to-day basis is coordinating the marketing and branding efforts for Mavs Gaming to increase their reach and influence, delivering professional content that can resonate with its audience through your understanding of social media trends pertinent to esports and to attend meetings and conventions on behalf of Mavs Gaming.

Those are clearly some great job responsibilities that you’d be responsible for as their marketing professional, so here’s what you’ll need to be in the running for this position. You’ll need either a bachelor’s degree or 5 years of experience in esports, as well as proven experience in marketing and branding in esports specifically. Great interpersonal skills will also come in handy in this role.

This job provides a chance to get involved in the Dallas esports boom which is being orchestrated by some of the top companies in esports. Don’t miss your chance to take part in the action.

Here’s something that won’t require you to go all-in to work in esports…

DivisionOLT, an esports tournament website that hosts wagers and tournaments across multiple esports titles, is looking to hire a Graphic Designer to join their team. Working on a freelance remote basis, you’d be completing and providing the company with graphics whenever called upon.

Speed is of the essence in this job, as they ask that you be able to complete design requests within 24 hours of being given a task. On top of this, you’ll need to have 2 or more years of experience in esports-related graphic design to be in the running for this paid role.

If you’ve been around the scene for that time or you think your portfolio is going to wow them to the extent they forget about your past experience, be sure to chase this paid graphic design role!

We can’t have two awesome Overwatch League teams hiring in this roundup, can we...?

We don’t just say we’re the biggest esports jobs website, we really are! Second great job in the Overwatch League of the roundup.

The Boston Uprising is looking to fill a role that creatives in the scene could really have fun with.

As the team’s Digital Associate Producer, you’ll be responsible for crafting exquisite content for the Boston Uprising website and other digital properties, including social media. This means you’ll be shooting video footage and editing it together to the sort of thing that takes over Reddit and drives comment sections mad.

You could be producing anything from short form videos for the brand’s social media accounts to longer, more in-depth pieces than can tell a story. Creativity is a must in this job role as you’ll be coming up with content ideas as well as seeing them through to realization.

What the team is asking from you is 1-3 years of professional experience, though with this being a preferred requirement it could all come down to how your past reel impresses them. Overwatch knowledge is essential to this job, and you’ll need to have some past experience in esports to make this fantastic job yours.

One little thing to add: though the role is in California you can’t get too comfortable there! This job requires the candidate to relocate to Boston with the team when the Overwatch League decentralizes from California.

Managing the community of the world’s hottest game right now sound okay with you...?

Epic Games is recruiting for a Community Influencer Manager to work on Fortnite by defining influencer plans to promote the game and keep the community engaged.

This means that some of your day-to-day duties will be communicating with Fortnite content creators on mediums such as Twitch and Mixer about the sorts of content and contests they could produce that would captivate the Fortnite community, keeping these content creators engaged with Fortnite and build relationships with the top players and entertainers to help market the game.

Aside from the obvious benefits of this job including the fact that you could be working alongside some of the biggest creators and personalities among Fortnite, you’ll also get to travel to community events to work from there and contribute to a game that has taken gaming and esports by storm!

Communication skills, endemic understanding of the content creator space and experience creating content will all help you secure this epic job. If that sounds like you, don’t leave this job without an application!

Now for a chance to get paid to be on Discord…

One of the most recognisable headsets in esports takes our next spot in the roundup. It is, of course, Turtle Beach, a brand synonymous with console esports prestige.

The job they’re looking to fill is a product manager stationed in San Diego. You’ll need to be business savvy and a passionate gamer in this job, as you’ll be spotting trends in the market before they fully develop. You’ll also be taking products through a multi-year life cycle and producing roadmaps across several different countries. In short, you’ll take ownership of your product and do what you can to make it succeed in the competitive market of gaming peripherals.

As you can probably tell from the job duties, Turtle Beach is looking for a supreme business person. 5 years of past experience in a role the same or similar as product management is what they ask for, in addition to skills in research and an affinity to reaching typical gamer demographics with your products.

If you’re able to provide the marketing and management skills needed in this job you can’t let this one slip past. This is Turtle Beach who is hiring!

Gfinity is an esports company that hosts everything from smaller esports tournaments that casual players can enter all the way to premium events, like their Elite Series seasons. It’s the latter that you’d be contributing to in this part-time job in London.

As Gfinity’s live event runner, you’ll be working a few days a week for an eight week period to assist in the production of Gfinity Elite Series Season 4. They ask that candidates have some experience in a customer service role.

The season starts on October 13, and for each day that you work you’ll be earning a cool £100 for your trouble. Definitely not shabby for a junior position in a company that would be very useful to build up contacts in!

You may get the chance to work other Gfinity events throughout the year and would build up some precious experience within esports that so many jobs ask for. This really is a great opportunity.

That concludes our 10 great careers! Weekly esports jobs statistics coming up next. We hope there was something for you in this installment, but you shouldn’t panic if there wasn’t! As our numbers will show you, there’s plenty more where these came from…

Across the past seven days, we’ve welcomed another 298 signed-up candidates to HitmarkerJobs.com! We’re sure we’ll find you a career in this brilliant industry.

A warm hello also goes out to the 23 new companies who joined us. With such a huge database of esports candidates, we’ll find you the perfect hire.

We had a rare week where we posted under 100 jobs, with 95 going up on the jobs board in the last seven days. These came from 56 different companies and spanned 13 different countries. But whilst the job count was lower than usual, a dominating 82.1% of the listings we posted were paid. That’s a lot of paid work in this business!

The location breakdown for that wealth of jobs was as follows:

Here’s what different contract types were dominating esports this week:

Paid jobs:

Unpaid roles:

It was a really strong week for the quality of jobs posted and the number of paid roles available! We hope this continues into the next week, and we’ll check in with you again next Monday to find out!