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20th Aug 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #32

Can we say it yet again? This might be our best esports jobs roundup ever...

Welcome to the 32nd addition of the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup! Each Monday we take a magnifying glass to our job posts in the last seven days and select the 10 best careers to present in this roundup. This is the best collection of the finest esports jobs you can find, so you’re in for a treat - especially after a week like this one where we had so many top tier companies hiring!

Let’s get to the jobs!

Let’s start the roundup off with this esports job at one of the largest NBA teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this seasonal role you’ll be acting as the first point of contact for all esports related activities in the organization. We think that sentence alone is enough to sell this job as a truly awesome role!

Some of your more detailed responsibilities in this role would include liaising with corporate partners, managing the logistics of their esports activities, including maintenance of the gaming house and ordering promotional activities as well as assisting in the esports content creation of the brand.

You must, unsurprisingly, possess a passion for esports. Since you’re reading an esports jobs roundup we’d say you probably have that one covered! You’ll also need to have experience managing multiple tasks - you’ll be wearing a few different hats in this role so multitasking will definitely be something you have to do.

If you’re liking how this job is shaping up and are local to Cleveland, you have to apply to it. For the size and prestige of the employer as much as anything!

Only at HitmarkerJobs.com do you see two esports jobs consecutively with NBA heavyweights in a week…

This job is even more awesome than the last (if that’s possible) with it being full-time. The LA Lakers is looking for a full-time esports operations manager to manage the Lakers Gaming NBA 2K League team, ranging from its planning and execution of business operations to revenue generation.

You’ll be juggling more than just that, though. Also under your umbrella will be acting as a team manager who can facilitate travel, sponsor and media appearances and scrims that the team heads into to, on top of driving the organization to have a strong brand presence and be recognized across NBA 2K esports.

Esports is 24/7, and this job knows it! They ask that you have a flexible schedule and can be on call if you’re needed on short notice out of hours.

As well as being able to commit fully to live the esports life, you’ll also need some more tangible qualifications such as a hefty amount of marketing experience - 5 years at least. This also can’t be your first position in esports/gaming. Having a team in the NBA 2K League, you’ll need to be well-versed in how that scene operates with a track record in exceptional esports management.

It’s a job that wants a lot, but you would absolutely get back what you put in by working for such an awesome company!

Switching games a moment to one of the two huge Battle Royale titles in esports…

PUBG Corporation, developers of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is looking for a full-time graphic designer to work in Saratoga Springs in New York. This is a job all packaged up to be a graphic designer who loves chicken dinners’ dream, as your work days (can you call this work still?) would be spent creating sweet designs for the in-game client and their website.

You’ll also help work on new ideas for the game client and websites related to the game. This is a legitimate chance to put your stamp on one of the biggest esports titles that has emerged in the last few years, and really isn’t something you can ignore.

To secure this incredibly awesome role you’ll need to be a master of UX/UI design, as well as the typical programs that come asked for in graphic design adverts such as Photoshop and Illustrator. A fun little requirement is that you will need stellar communication; PUBG is comprised of people from all around the world and you’ll be conversing with them across different time zones. This job also comes with the requirement that you have at least 1 year of work experience in esports or a similar industry.

Needless to say, if you’re a creative PUBG player with the talent to turn those ideas into slick designs this job more or less has your name on it.

We really weren’t kidding when we said the companies hiring this week were of a different caliber…

Echo Fox, the esports organization founded by Rick Fox, is looking for a social media director to manage the social media strategy for the organization. This is a senior role and needs at least 5 years of experience, so experienced social media professionals only for this job!

This is (another) huge opportunity to shape an esports team by defining the voice and type of content distributed on Echo Fox’s social media channels.

Some of your job responsibilities would include defining the organization’s social strategy and planning content through a calendar to ensure there is always engaging materials coming from the Echo Fox brand.

As mentioned, this requires a beefy amount of experience, with 5-7 years being what Echo Fox is asking for. This doesn’t just have to be in social media, though. Digital or content marketing will also help you land this job. Echo Fox also wants a bachelor’s degree from their successful candidate, so this really is a job for the experienced folks out there!

Here’s yet another NBA team who was hiring in esports this past week...

The Atlanta Hawks is another top-flight American basketball team competing in the NBA, and they join the Lakers and the Cavs in their pursuit of esports talent and professionals. The Hawks were hiring for two roles this week: a business manager in esports and a coordinator of player operations for their professional gamers.

What they require from their business manager is to lead their NBA 2K League team that will be entering the league in the 2019 season and its operations. If you’ve been following the league closely so far then you’ll have a leg up in this role!

Your day-to-day in this job will include developing a business model for the company’s esports operations, lead marketing operations, coordinate with outside parties for sponsor and community appearances as well as focusing on local activations to support the local Atlanta scene by exposing and educating them to esports.

You’ll have a broad job that will focus on the betterment of Hawks Esports in all ways!

Any job with that level of responsibility requires some sturdy qualifications, and this is no different. The Hawks’ candidate must hold a degree in business or marketing, or possess an equivalent combination of experience with education, to total at least three years.

If you can meet that, you’ll want to jump into this job!

It’s always nice for us to be able to include a UK job in the roundup!

We're all from the UK at HitmarkerJobs.com, so posting careers here is always great, especially when that job lets you get creative on a full-time basis with a company like ESL!

As ESL’s graphics and video artist you’ll be working to help make all of their products of the highest visual quality. This extends to you working on graphics for leaflets, t-shirts, social media graphics, site background skins and more. Graphic design must be old hat for you.

You’ll also handle responsibilities such as producing and animating digital graphics and delivering artwork that will look at home on a high quality ESL broadcast.

The cherry on top? You must be willing to travel! With the nature of this job being video-focused, this could be to shoot incredible films at esports events...

What you’ll need in order to show ESL you’re fit for the job is a degree or the equivalent amount of professional experience, as well as two years in esports. This can be freelance or part-time, though, so doesn’t require you to have been fully embedded in esports for two years.

Full-time writing in esports is rare, so this came in like a storm…

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a full-time writing job with a reputable outlet in esports, so when Dexerto came along with this three piece it had to make the roundup!

The content and coverage outlet is looking for three full-time esports writers who are located somewhere on the west coast of the US to work remotely on Dexerto.com. That means covering the ins-and-outs of esports, gaming and the streaming world to an audience of millions.

You’ll be required to find topics the brand’s audience will be interested in, writing and publishing them and then sharing that content on social media.

The requirements for this job are fairly light despite it being such a coveted sector to work in full-time. As long as you’re on the west coast, over the age of 18, have an impeccable level of english and own gear that can run Photoshop you could land this brilliant job!

Full-time social media in esports, anyone…?

DXRacer, manufacturer of high quality gaming chairs who is a ubiquitous sponsor among esports teams and tournaments is hiring a full-time social media specialist to work with them from Whitmore Lake, Michigan. You will be promoting the company through social media in order to further their marketing reach and sales.

Some of your very nice day-to-day duties in this job include developing the social media strategy of DXRacer, planning social media campaigns and gauging how successful they were as well as attending events to promote DXRacer on social media through a lens trained on the hub of esports: live events.

Something we love to see in jobs is no rigid requirement on how many years of experience you need. DXRacer asks only for a passionate individual chasing a job in esports who is organized and can learn quickly. They would prefer their candidate to have a year of experience in social media, but, brillaintly, this isn’t enforced!

Don’t miss the chance to earn $35K-$40K a year through running social media channels in esports!

Any Overwatch fans in here?

Infinite Esports & Entertainment, an esports holding company that has OpTic Gaming in its portfolio, is looking for three freelance Overwatch professionals to help coach their academy team, GG Esports Academy.

One of those positions is this one, a Head Coaching job that will have you battling with your team in the Overwatch Contenders league.

As an esports coach, your duties will include such tasks as demo review with the team, developing strategies you can use against other teams and studying opposition to be ready to counter their play.

What you’ll need to land this sweet esports opportunity is a strong familiarity with the Overwatch esports scene and of course the game itself and its tactics, great communication skills and the ability to create a practice environment where work gets done and improvement is chiselled into the team.

We’re not going to say we left the best job until last, but an Overwatch fan would probably say we have…

Philadelphia Fusion, the runners-up of the inaugural Overwatch League season, is looking to hire a full-time social media manager to work from Los Angeles, California. True to their history of hiring in esports, their chosen candidate will be required to meme on their platforms, along with producing great, shareable social content while interacting with their passionate community.

Your daily duties will see you creating an editorial calendar and growing the company’s social media platforms, help manage the Fusion player’s social media accounts and coordinate with the marketing team to help promote team news and website content.

This job will need you to be available on some weekends and evenings, to fit around when Philadelphia Fusion is playing so that live coverage can be getting churned out across their channels.

For the requirements you’ll need to meet, Fusion expects you to have a solid understanding of the various social media channels used en masse, as well as an understanding of digital marketing through mediums such as email and social. They also require you to possess a bachelor’s degree.

And that wraps up what we have for you in terms of jobs! 10 brilliant careers here all waiting for an application. With the careers out of the way, let us tell you about what the week in esports jobs was looking like from a statistical point of view.

Over the past seven days we had 398 new users sign up to use HitmarkerJobs.com for either their hiring or to find a job in esports! We’re super appreciative of the constant support we receive from our followers that allows us to grow at such a rate!

We posted a massive 123 careers in esports this past week, from 80 different companies. There certainly are a lot of opportunities to be had in the scene!

Here’s where that crazy number of jobs were spread around the world:

Of those, this is the split of which jobs were paid:

The rest of those were unpaid:

This was one of our strongest weeks ever at HitmarkerJobs.com in terms of what kind of careers we posted, the volume of jobs that came in and the number of users (you!) who joined us!

We’ll catch you all next Monday for more great jobs.

Until then!