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28th Aug 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #33

The 10 hottest jobs in esports from the past week, including a role from the NBA.

Welcome to our 33rd edition of our esports jobs roundup. Featured in this weekly highlight piece are some really awesome companies around the space and even outside of the scene - the NBA is hiring for an esports role! Let’s delve into this week’s best offering for jobs…

Of course we had to start off with this NBA role after teasing you with it. The sporting giant that is the NBA - the elite league of American basketball - is hiring someone in China to work on their partnerships team with a focus on gaming and esports. And with the recent conclusion of the NBA 2K League, they are definitely committed to the scene!

In this job you would be communicating with multiple internal partners to make sure that all NBA games that grace our shelves are of top quality in all their aspects, managing general business operations of NBA and their involvement in gaming and pitching in where necessary in event management and market research.

Being located in Shanghai, you will need fluency in Mandarin to be in the running for this job, as well as English skills that can both wrap up nicely into great communications skills. Fluency is the common theme of this job, as you’ll also need strong knowledge of Microsoft Office.

If you’re reading this and nodding at some, or all, of the requirements, don’t miss the chance to work for a company as awesome as the NBA on their gaming and esports projects!

Talking of awesome companies…

Fnatic is a familiar face in these roundups as their job posts are always synonymous with great careers in the scene. This one suits those of you with talents in marketing and account management.

As their Partnerships Manager, you’ll communicate often with Fnatic sponsors and partners to ensure their needs are being catered for and any activations or deliverables they have planned are being executed on time, to a high quality and can meet commercial goals. And since Fnatic is partnered with some absolutely awesome companies (Monster Energy, DXRacer and AMD to name a few) you’re sure to be working on some brilliant activations.

Some of the requirements Fnatic expect you to be bring to the table are account management skills to keep their partners in the loop and happy, an understanding of digital media and how it ties into marketing and sponsorship and a strategic mind that can identify great ways for brands to interact with Fnatic’s audience.

We can’t leave a roundup with just one elite esports team hiring…

This huge role in Team Liquid is certainly a unique job, and one that needs a finance specialist attuned to esports to fill. The organization is looking for a finance maestro to manage their finances, accounting and HR functions.

What this means is that you’ll be producing financial forecasts for the executive team, monitoring the cash flow of Team Liquid and be responsible for the cash management of the company. There are sure to be numbers aplenty in this job!

You’ll also pitch in to conversations about potential deals between Team Liquid and other parties, offering your financial expertise to weigh in with another opinion for the management team to take into account. Being comfortable with producing reports and presenting them will also serve you well; you’ll present Team Liquid’s financial plans to their board of directors and investors!

If the job duties didn’t hint at it, this is a senior role and as such needs past experience in all of the areas you’ll be covering for Team Liquid. They want a degree from you, as well as a track record with reputable companies where you communicated with partners in a professional manner and experience with managing budgets.

Here’s a job that needs a little bit less experience, but is equally as awesome…

CORSAIR, one of the PC hardware and gaming peripheral companies most involved in esports through their support of the scene, is looking for someone who can produce content to help customers with their products and any issues they may have with them. This will partly come in the form of written articles, so a knack for writing coherently will be of use to you in your application here!

You’ll also be documenting product bugs and workarounds with CORSAIR products and relaying them back to consumers in a manner that can be understood, acted upon and then ultimately resolved.

What you’ll need to land this role is a degree or the equivalent amount of working experience, a passion for PC software and hardware, as well as past experience in tech support or producing/managing content. A lot of focus will be put on your ability to convey information clearly, as they ask that you be able to turn complex hardware issues and fixes into a coherent, easily-consumable piece of content for their customers.

Your application will get a little boost if you’re also able to provide some basic skills with video production and graphic design, too.

This comes with a hefty amount of bias, but we’d say this next job coming up is the pick of the bunch!

And that’s because it’s with us! HitmarkerJobs.com is part of the ghostwhite network, an esports company with a few different, and very exciting, projects. We’re based in a Newcastle upon Tyne office where we currently have seven full-time employees and are hiring a Junior Web Designer/Developer to assist us with the development of our own brands (including HitmarkerJobs.com!) as well as the client work we do for brands around esports.

You’ll be joining our engineering team as the fourth member, and should have skills in web design, web development and graphic design. And since we’re a startup, there’ll be miscellaneous tasks thrown around, too.

Skills that are essential you possess are HTML and CSS, PHP, Javascript and Jquery and experience with content management systems. You also need to own your own laptop and have a passion for gaming and esports.

Now let’s talk perks. Due to our start up nature we can’t offer the highest salary at the minute, but we can offer a super relaxed work environment in a central office, relocation assistance to Newcastle, free coffee and snacks, regular gaming breaks on the office PS4 and equity on offer in the future for a candidate who makes an impact.

We’d love to have you join and grow with us if you can meet those requirements as we make our mark on esports.

This next job is with a data giant in esports…

You’ll likely recognize the name Newzoo if you read articles about the business of esports - they’re the company who provide figures on what the scene’s value is likely to be in a few years, where the revenue is coming from and more! And this job is very cool as you’ll be joining them to analyze the esports industry and produce reports and information that their clients can use.

Some of your duties in this job will include harvesting data from multiple areas including Newzoo partners and publicly available information, identifying trends within esports and then producing forecasts based on these and producing content around the scope of esports for the data-based products that Newzoo offer.

You’ll need to be all about numbers, esports and how the two combine in this role.

What Newzoo require from you is at least 2 years of work experience and a degree. They also ask that you have worked in the esports industry before and from that experience have a network of contacts you can bring to the table. Since you’ll be working with numbers on such a frequent basis, your analytical skills will need to be supreme to make sense of the data you’ll be bombarding yourself with.

Full-time writing in esports, anyone…

We’d say this is one of the most sought after kind of jobs, so whenever one comes across our board is has to go in the roundup!

Weplay Newmedia is looking to bring on a writer to cover video games and cybersport (a common term for esports in some eastern European countries) who can work remotely on a part or a full-time basis. They need someone with brilliant writing skills and who has experience working for a mainstream publication already.

Storytelling skills will also help you, suggesting that this role might encompass all facets of journalism - from news writing to producing feature articles. One requirement that is a bit more irregular to see in posts about esports writing is that you need to be able to cover esports to an audience who doesn’t understand the scene.

If you’re loving the sound of this and it’s your dream to work in esports by producing written content then you definitely need to send an application off for this role!

Any SMITE fans in the house…?

This is a super cool job for any fans of the game and a chance to work with its developer!

Hi-Rez Studios is hiring a full-time video editor to work from their new office in Georgia. Some of the things you’ll be working on are motion graphics for video projects surrounding their game titles, adding your touch to video content the company makes and any live broadcasts they produce for esports fans in the form of a display at the bottom of the video and capturing in-game footage to turn into sublime products that can entertain and delight viewers.

This job really needs no selling to a video editor, so let us tell you what they are looking for. 2 years of professional experience is their asking price for this job, as well as familiarity with some of the typical programs used in video editing including Premiere and After Effects.

We like their emphasis on the fact they need a creative candidate, too. They mention how the materials they produce are varied and all with a different tone attached to them, so you’ll need to be creative in how you portray these and able to adapt to their collection of projects accordingly.

From one games developer of an esports title to another…

Rocket League is one of the most crazy concepts for an esports title, but its community is passionate and sizable. Psyonix, the game’s developer is looking for a program manager to have a focus on the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) in an effort to grow the league in viewership, revenue and competitive integrity.

If you’re a huge fan of the RLCS already then you’ll definitely have a leg up in the hiring process if you lean on that passion heavily when applying. The most awesome thing about this role? You’ll be travelling to its live events all around the world to assist in their execution!

Requirements for this role include an unbeatable knowledge of the Rocket League competitive landscape, project management experience and a track record of successful tournaments that you’ve operated in.

If you’ve got those then you could be turning your full-time focus to making the RLCS as badass as possible.

It’s not an esports jobs roundup without a social media job to give it that extra bit of flavor…

And in this edition it’s Esports Arena who is looking to bring on a meme machine and social superstar to their team in Las Vegas.

Some of your responsibilities in this job will include replying to incoming messages on a variety of platforms - from their website to their social media platforms - engage with Esports Arena customers through social media channels and create content that can be shared on the brand’s social media channels. Other forms of content you’ll hold jurisdiction over are the about us page of their website, descriptive articles and company updates that carry out Esports Arena announcements.

What they want from you is a strong knowledge of all social media platforms, great communication so your replies to messages, both internal and external, are professional and coherent, and a creative mind to ensure the content coming out of the social media accounts appeals to the esports fans you’ll be targeting.

Nice to have some full-time social media to end off our 10 jobs with a bang! As the biggest jobs website in esports we love to brag about our numbers, so allow us to wow you with those now - it was certainly a good week…

Over the last 7 days we welcome another 320 signed up users to our ever-growing database of esports jobseekers and employers looking to bring on the best and most enthusiastic talent in the scene. We know we’ll do you all proud!

There was good news for Fortnite fans, too; Epic Games posted nine jobs over the last week to make them the most active company on HitmarkerJobs.com for that time period! You can check those all out on Epic Games’ jobs page.

But the absolute highlight of our stats breakdown from this week was that a huge 83.72% of the roles we posted were paid. This is a number that’s been steadily growing all year, and to have such a high amount of our 129 jobs we put up rewarding candidates with a monetary incentive is great to see.

Our jobs this week came from 17 different countries:

Here is what the distribution of contract types in esports was like this week:

The unpaid roles we had were distributed as follows:

Hopefully you were able to find a job from this roundup to get an application ready for, or at least learned something about the landscape of esports careers. What is for certain, though, is that we'll be back next week with 10 more great esports jobs!

Until then!