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3rd Sep 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #34

A roundup featuring G2 Esports, Red Bull and Method can only ever be good...

Welcome to the 34th weekly esports jobs roundup we’ve produced at HitmarkerJobs.com. Every week we inspect the careers we’ve posted in the last seven days and select the 10 stand-out jobs for this feature. This week we have roles from the likes of G2 Esports, Red Bull, OPSkins and more, so you better believe it’s been a good week!

Let’s get into the jobs with this stunner for anyone in or around Berlin…

One of the most recognizable esports teams in the world, G2 Esports, is hiring for a social media and community expert to work with them from their Berlin headquarters. Now, a job with a giant team like G2 would merit inclusion in our roundup anyway, but breaking down the job duties from this role reveal just how spectacular it is.

To take a broad brush to this job, you will monitor all of the communications channels that G2 is active on. This means you’ll be engaging with people on reddit and discussing topics whilst representing the team, lurking and chatting on Discord and engaging with fans through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The job will also require you to produce innovative and unique content for the org, and even plan and coordinate community events for the #G2Army to attend in the form of viewing parties, fan meetups and more!

As is a common ask in social media jobs these days, you’ll need to be a meme connoisseur who is always on top of the latest meme trends (r/MemeEconomy is your friend for this).

What G2 requires from you is solid communication skills, a love for esports, experience in applications such as Powerpoint, Excel and Word, and the ability to relocate to Berlin if you’re not residing there already.

Experience in the relevant sectors of social media, community management and creative marketing is nice to possess, but brilliantly it isn’t something they’re rigorously enforcing! That means if your cover letter/resume can impress them, a full-time esports job with a prestigious team could be within reach without the need of a degree or years of past experience!

There’s going to be a bit of a social media trend in this roundup…

This time it’s the world’s biggest esports company that is hiring, and they’re looking for a social media coordinator who can assist in their social efforts globally and for the US market.

Unlike G2’s vacancy, ESL is asking for candidates with a degree, preferably in a field similar to marketing or business, or the equivalent amount of experience.

If you’re able to bring that then let us tell you about what your (awesome) job would consist of. A broad mission of yours will be to grow the social media channels that ESL engage in, and to do this you will be developing social plans and calendars for projects and tournaments, hiring and training freelance social media content creators who possess a specialism in a single esport title and create engaging content yourself that appeals to fans.

As this a more senior than that with G2, you will also be producing reports on social media campaigns ESL runs while also communicating with other ESL departments on ensuring social media deliverables are of an impeccable quality and released at the most relevant time.

Something you’ll need in this job which is a bit uncommon in social media jobs is an understanding of SEO and how to conduct keyword research.

We’re keeping the quality of jobs at a very high level in this roundup...

...and we’d say that full-time, remote writing about Fortnite does that pretty well! FortniteIntel, a source of Fortnite news, patch notes and more is hiring a full-time writer to augment their content output with more clear, quality written pieces about Fortnite. With the company having just been acquired by news and media titan Dexerto, it’s certainly an exciting time to get on board with this website.

Your day-to-day duties in this job will consist of finding interesting topics around the Fortnite world to report on, researching the topic, before finally posting the article to the website and the platform’s social media to reach their sizable audience.

The best part? Previous writing experience is preferred but not required!

Some requirements you will need to meet though are being at least 18 years old, possessing a very solid grasp of written English as well as owning equipment that is able to run Photoshop.

If you can provide that, then you could very well be in the running to secure this job that will have you working full-time around Fortnite!

Now as well as being a great job, we rarely see good esports careers in this area of the world…

This rare Spanish esports job had to make the weekly roundup, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s such a high quality career! League of Professional Esports is a company looking to hire a PR and social media manager who can deal with inbound media requests, producing blog and press releases and managing their growing community.

Your daily responsibilities will include developing PR and social media plans, creating and managing the company’s content output and managing the social media platforms - including giving your input in paid social media advertising.

This company is looking for a seasoned player for this role, and want at least 3 years of experience managing PR and social media for a company in gaming or esports. They stress the importance of having PR experience relevant to an industry similar to esports.

With so few good opportunities presenting themselves in Spain, this is something the bilingual English and Spanish speakers definitely need to consider applying to!

This job’s location definitely doesn’t lack for esports careers, but it’s definitely rare to see full-time jobs in events!

OPSkins, one of the largest third-party markets that exists for digital skins in games such as CS:GO and PUBG, is hiring a full-time event manager. You would work with their main platform as well as their cryptocurrency, WAX Tokens.

What you’ll be doing in this job is planning, managing and executing live events related to the OPSkins platform and the WAX Token. With the broad array of duties you’ll have, organizational and multitasking skills will be imperative for this job.

Some of your duties will be to book everything needed for events including hotels, transport and meal reservations, as well as selecting which events to run and setting up OPSkins/WAX booths once there. You’ll serve as the spokesperson for OPSkins at these events, and with their conclusion will develop reports that highlight what worked well for the company and what could be improved on for future events.

OPSkins always demand only the most proven talent out there in their job adverts and this one is no different. 4 years of experience in event planning within the tech space is what they ask for, preferably in a startup, as well professional experience in booking and planning all of the travel and accommodation needs that accompany large scale events.

You’ll get bonus points in this job if you’re able to show that you have experience in gaming or crypto events.

Can we jump back to another social media role? We promise it’s a great one!

Method, an esports organization with deep roots in World of Warcraft and current rosters in several esports titles including PUBG and Fortnite, is hiring for a part-time, remote social media manager who can handle the running of their social media accounts while tracking their performance and feeding this back to the organization’s management.

Some of your daily tasks would include live match coverage on the team’s social media pages, pushing published content on written and video mediums for Method and creating social media posts for sponsors.

What the organization wants from you in return for this awesome paid role is very good English skills, the ability to work 50-70 hours a week including prime time for esports - so evenings and weekends when matches are most likely to be played - as well as knowledge of PUBG, Fortnite and especially World of Warcraft so that you’re capable of posting memes that resonate with their fan base.

We know a lot of you will be eyeing this up as the perfect career, so get your resume and cover letter ready - they’re both required!

This is our last social media job of the roundup, we promise…

Now we mentioned how Spain isn’t shown much esports jobs love, well Croatia gets even fewer opportunities. At least, that was the case until Valiance come along and posted two awesome roles - this social media job and a posting for a Lead Designer.

Working from Croatia, you will be taking the full-time reigns of their social media channels to ensure inbound requests are always being answered and that a constant stream of engaging content is coming out of the brand pages.

Some of your day-to-day tasks include scheduling posts across a variety of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to grow these pages and be constantly brainstorming for new ways to engage the organization’s followers and acquire new ones.

The requirements that Valiance want you to meet are being well-versed in social media platforms, possessing a year of experience in managing social media accounts and monitoring their analytics. Google Analytics experience is also asked for.

If you hold that and are in or able to relocate to Croatia, this is a very exciting position to go for!

Not able to commit to esports full-time? Not a problem.

The aforementioned Dexerto, who now own FortniteIntel, is also hiring for a remote candidate to work for them, this time on a part-time contract. In this job you’ll be working behind the scenes, combing the internet to research the next hottest stories in the esports and entertainment world to pass onto writers.

What the company wants from you in order to be eligible for this role is being 18 years or older, available to start work immediately for them for a total of around 20 hours a week, split out over 4 days.

Some of the benefits you’ll be entitled to is a competitive salary that will depend upon the past experience you’ve gathered, benefits from Dexerto partners (and they’re partnered with some cool companies around the space) along with future opportunities in the company.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about this job. Find and research news stories that haven’t reached the public eye yet and get paid. We certainly like the sound of that.

This next job would be ideal for someone who looks for varied job duties in their career as, like many esports jobs at universities and colleges, you’ll be doing a lot more than just coaching in this!

Also included in your list of responsibilities as the University of Pikeville’s Esports Coach is planning all practices and matches for the esports teams, maintaining their esports arena, developing the players in your roster, scheduling scrims with other universities and studying past matches to improve your team’s game. You’ll also be managing the department’s computer equipment, participating in fundraising for additional equipment and managing the budget for the esports department.

Like we said, esports jobs at colleges in their current form usually have a broad spectrum of job duties. But you’ll never be bored working here!

The company hiring is a university, so you’ll be unsurprised to hear that they require you to possess a degree. They would also prefer it if you had competitive coaching experience in gaming. A valid driver’s license is needed in this, also.

If you’re looking for a job where no two days will never be the same, you’ll want to see this role!

This job was one of the nicest we saw this week...

Red Bull is an active sponsor of a variety of sports, and their reach even extends to gaming where they sponsor Cloud9, Ninja and other figures around the scene. They’re looking for someone to manage their partnerships with these esports players on a full-time basis out of Santa Monica, California.

You will oversee the growth and planning of their esports athlete program in its totality.

This means your days will be filled with keeping in touch with the esports landscapes and any trends that take place, develop a sponsorship program for players and teams that will help create a brand identity for Red Bull in the esports and gaming scene that can be seen as a winner by fans.

You’ll need to be able to see the numbers behind the deals in this role by setting up key performance indicators for Red Bull athletes to meet. Cooperation with other Red Bull sectors, such as their Media House, is also required in order to produce content around the sponsored athletes of the brand.

This is undoubtedly a huge role in their esports operations, and the 3-5 years of professional experience that they ask for in esports shows how in-tune their chosen candidate will need to be with the scene. Project management skills and a creative thought process will also be invaluable in this role as you seek to find the most value in athlete partnerships as possible for Red Bull.

10 great jobs for you all to apply to! We hope there was something in this roundup that caught your eyes, but remember that we post hundreds of careers in esports every month so there are plenty more to be found on our website.

If you’re sticking around, why not check out our job statistics from the past seven days to get an idea of what the careers landscape looks like in esports?

If you’ve been following our roundups for a while now you’ll know that we always manage to surpass our high expectations for growth, and this week was no different. We welcomed another 440 signed up users to HitmarkerJobs.com this week. That includes both companies and candidates, as now any account type can post or apply to jobs!

The most active hirer in the space over the last seven days was OPSkins - who featured on this roundup - with 9 careers. These came flocking in on the weekend and are all based in Santa Monica.

On a whole, we posted a solid 129 jobs in esports from 70 different companies panning 16 different countries.

These are the countries we posted jobs in:

We had another impressive week for the number of paid jobs that were posted in esports, with 79.84% of our listings rewarding candidates for their time through some monetary compensation.

Here is the breakdown of what different contract types were floating around esports this week:

These were the unpaid roles we had this week:

Some solid numbers coming out to match the top quality jobs! The realm of esports careers is really taking off on a consistent basis, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

See you next week!