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10th Sep 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #35

An NBA team is hiring in esports again, and this roundup has so much more than just that job...

Each week at HitmarkerJobs.com we go through the greatest esports jobs we’ve posted in the last seven days, and this weekly roundup has some wonderful careers in esports with the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Gladiators and more. If you’re looking for the hottest jobs in esports, this is where you’ll find them.

Kicking things off has to be this wonderful opportunity to get involved in the esports operations of an NBA team. The Bucks, which exist in esports through their NBA 2K League roster Bucks Gaming, are looking for a content production intern with a focus on producing premiere video content. This will be in the form of in-game highlights (meaning NBA 2K knowledge will be a big plus in this role!), narrative video content that captures the team’s journey through the league and its events and more types of video.

No doubt pitching and seeing awesome content through to its completion is a great responsibility to carry out for the Bucks. You’ll also learn the workings of branded content through the collaboration you’ll do with the organizations partnerships team where you’ll produce content to promote the team’s sponsors which include the likes of HyperX and Alienware.

An internship like this one requires a consummate professional with experience in handling top notch content, and as such the Bucks are asking for past experience in capturing video footage and editing it, as well as a talent for motion graphics in their ideal candidate. Passion and understanding of esports and its culture is also a requirement, to ensure the content output of the team is authentic and resonates with its fans.

This is a beefy internship in terms of requirements and responsibilities, no doubt, but if you’re able to meet what they’re asking then you’ll want to apply - opportunities like this don’t come knocking twice.

If your talents line in written content rather than video, this role will look good to you…

Next Generation Esports is hiring a talented Clash Royale writer who can produce top quality written content for them on a contract basis. One of the best parts? They state at the bottom of the job description that pay rates are competitive.

What this role will entail is you producing writing surrounding the Clash Royale esports scene. Next Generation Esports are looking for someone dependable who never misses a deadline for this.

If that’s you and your writing is second to none, we think it’s time to put together a cover letter tailored to this job and dig out a piece of writing you can use to impress the company. Writing jobs in esports are highly sought after, and anything that boasts of competitive rates of pay is something you have to take seriously!

From freelance remote work, to possible full-time remote work…

MyLead is a company that works in affiliate advertising to allow people to profit from their activities on the internet. That could include you, now, as they’re hiring for a junior affiliate manager who can work on either a part-time or a full-time basis from their home!

In this position, you would be working with MyLead publishers, building up the user base of the company through online marketing on mediums such as social media, forums and the website itself.

Their requirements for managing some of their affiliate program is a high level of English and past experience in making money online. Since their business model is formed around making it easy for anyone to profit online, it seems they want some success stories to embody their brand! They also want you to have experience in internet marketing, as well as possessing a strong knowledge of social media websites. Esports lives on Twitter, so we imagine a good few of you reading this could tick that box.

If this has all sounded great to you so far, don’t miss the chance to work with their ambitious team!

Let’s keep this remote-working train going a little while longer…

This job from Midnite was one of the nicest on our jobs board this past week - full-time remote careers in esports always get a lot of love! What Midnite is looking for is an esports community manager professional that can handle their social media, PR and even some event work for them.

This means you’ll be deciding and setting campaigns on social media that can run in line with the marketing goals of the company. Content you produce will play a large part in this. You’ll also deal with any inbound queries to the organization, responding quickly and using your great written communication skills to answer their questions in a concise manner. Event planning and execution to build a stronger community and increase awareness of the brand will also fall under your duties.

What you’ll need to meet in order to be in line for this great role is past work experience as a community manager, as well as exceptional knowledge of esports and its betting scene as Midnite is an esportsbook. Social media management and tracking and understanding online growth metrics will also help you out when applying to this job.

It always make our day when we get to tell you about one of our own jobs in the roundup!

That’s right, ghostwhite is the company that operates HitmarkerJobs.com, and we’re hiring a web developer to join us in our Newcastle upon Tyne office in the United Kingdom.

What we need you to do is work on some of the client projects were undertake for companies around esports, as well as our own brands which include HitmarkerJobs.com and an esports-inspired clothing brand.

VueJS and PHP are some essential skills we need to see, and CSS, HTML, Jquery and AngularJS will be a nice bonus as well.

Anyone with knowledge about system administration would really stand tall above other candidates, too.

As we’re still in startup phase the salary isn’t our biggest bragging point, but if your immediate wage isn’t your be-all and end-all then we have some pretty wicked perks to tell you about.

You’ll receive relocation assistance if you’re not local to the city, occasional travel to esports events, regular outings with the team, a great working environment and future equity on offer for an exceptional candidate.

We’re building some great things in esports and would love to add another ambitious gamer to the team.

This next job was brilliant, especially with the lack of full-time writing gigs around the scene.,,

ESL, who dub themselves the world’s largest esports company, is looking to hire a full-time editorial content manager to work from their office in Cologne. As the job title probably hints, you would have some pretty epic responsibilities in this.

You would decide and execute on the best way to produce coverage content around the numerous esports events ESL run including their prestigious IEM and ESL One events and their online ESL Pro League. You’d do this through coordinating with remote freelancers to fill out the content schedule you create for their website eslgaming.com.

Social media knowledge will also come in handy, as you’ll be tasked with extending the reach of ESL across their social channels.

As you’d imagine, impeccable writing will need to be an understatement to describe the level of your written content. Esports will also need to be your lifeblood, as you’ll be covering several different game titles in depth during some of their biggest events of the year. The ability to plan far into the future is also desirable, to ensure that the website’s content calendar is peppered with engaging editorials and coverage throughout the competitive calendar.

A degree is nice to have, but not required, meaning if you’re an exceptional storyteller with the writing skills to convey that in colorful fashion then this job is in reach for you!

For an Overwatch fan we have a brilliant job next…

Los Angeles Gladiators, one of the teams that competed in the first season of the Overwatch League and set to compete in its second season, is looking for a full-time assistant coach to help bring their squad up to the highest level of play.

Preferably bilingual, their ideal candidate has the ability to coach and develop players in a one-on-one capacity to heighten their individual level. This is not in replacement of a team focus, though, as you’ll also be working with the other coaches on the overall goals of the team and how best to achieve them.

A role coaching one of the elite Overwatch squads in the world requires a master of the game - a grandmaster even. That’s the in-game level the LA Gladiators expect their candidate to have as a minimum, coupled with experience coaching or teaching people and scouting opposing Overwatch squads.

Los Angeles locals, or indeed anyone willing to relocate to the area, this is a chance to work in the massive Overwatch League, so be sure to get an application in.

We’re pretty good at always finding some great social media jobs in esports to add to the roundup…

PUBG is one of the games responsible for the Battle Royale explosion that has gripped gaming, and the developers behind the game are looking to hire a social media manager who can work from Amsterdam to manage their social channels, grow them through social media campaigns and engaging with PUBG players.

In coordination with the marketing and community teams, you’ll produce and then see through social campaigns for the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle-East and Africa). One of the ways you’ll do this is through livestream events over video sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch that can generate conversation and buzz from the community. You’ll need to understand the metrics behind each social post, and analyze the company’s social media efforts to determine what helps build followers the most effectively.

What PUBG Corp requires from you in this role is a bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing - or the equivalent experience - as well as 2 years of experience managing social networks or their communities. Event travel is a possibility in this role, so you’ll need to be willing to travel to events and conventions as a representative of PUBG.

PUBG fanatics will, of course, get a big plus in their applications.

Two full-time esports writing jobs makes this week a really strong one...

Streamline Media is the company hiring this time, and they’re looking for a full-time esports content writer who can work in Las Vegas. Remote working is not a possibility, so be sure to only apply if you can work from their Las Vegas office.

What you’ll be doing in this role is taking responsibility of writing the required amount of content for Streamline across esports news posts and blogs. The objective of the content you’ll be producing is to further the marketing goals of the company.

To give you an idea of what sort of expectations will be placed on you, Streamline Media expects you to produce 20,000+ words each week.

Brilliantly, they don’t require you to have a degree or a set amount of past experience to snatch this role up. Just like the ESL job this is a role you can acquire through solid technical writing skills and a imaginative style.

We’ll end the roundup off with a really special esports job...

CJ E&M America, the owner of OGN America, is looking for a full-time visual content creator who is able to create graphic and video materials for the company. Working full-time from Los Angeles, California, your responsibilities will include producing content for the live programs they run as well as a whole host of materials that can be used during their broadcasts.

As such, proficiency in design software is imperative, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects is imperative. They also want 2 years of directly related experience.

But oh, the perks of this job. With more bullet pointed perks than job qualifications, you know you’re going to be getting a lot back for your work. Everything from health insurance to a $50 a month cell phone reimbursement are included, with some other highlights from the list being paid time off, paid creative leave, a $50 a month allowance for entertainment services and a daily meal allowance. It’s really something you need to see yourself though to see it in all its majesty.

That means if you’re a talented video and graphic designer on the west coast of the US, this is a role you have to apply for!

Now if you’re a regular of our weekly roundups you know we like to wave our weekly stats around after we’ve finished telling you about our best jobs, and we’re all out of jobs…

Statistically, we had one of our best weeks EVER for HitmarkerJobs.com, clocking up an obscene number of esports jobs, the overwhelming majority of these paying you some form of wage for your work. 135 was our final count for careers, and these flooded in from 70 different companies in 15 different countries.

We also waved a warm hello to another 329 signed up users using us for their job hunt or recruitment needs. With such consistent growth, our massive database makes us the best source for quality esports candidates.

Something that really made this week's statistics special was the ratio of paid work to unpaid work. 86.67% of what we posted was paid, with a large chunk of the unpaid work being internships. And we can promise that a lot goes on behind the scenes when we accept jobs so we can say we’ve vetted those to be actual internships.

Anyway, here is the spread of which countries were hiring in esports this week:

The UK was really recruiting in full force this week!

Here is how our paid careers were spread out:

  • Full-time - 98 jobs
  • Freelance - 6 jobs
  • Part-time - 2 jobs

And this is what our unpaid roles looked like:

  • Internships - 18 roles
  • Volunteer - 11 roles

That concludes another roundup! Seeing such a huge number of the roles in esports being paid is great for us to see, as just a few months ago that number was a fair bit lower than this week’s figure.

We run this feature each Monday, so remember to check in with us next week to unwrap the 10 best careers in esports.

See ya then!