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17th Sep 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #36

Four elite teams in esports were hiring this week, including CLG and 100 Thieves...

Each week we start our weekly jobs roundup by saying that it was one of our best weeks ever, and we’re going to have to do the same on this one. Esports is just constantly pumping out dream careers!

With a stacked lineup of esports teams hiring as well as the supporting brands in the scene looking for exciting jobs to be filled, we’d say it’s fair to call this one of our best roundups to date.

Let’s show you why…

Kicking things off is this epic remote role with CLG, one of North America’s largest and most prestigious esports organizations.

As a freelance video editor for the org, you’ll be sharpening everything from short and long form video content passed on to you by the CLG team to in-game highlights. As such, some of the primary skills they’re looking for is clean and creative editing as well as knowledge of all of the major esports titles.

This is represented in the 2 years experience working with Adobe Premiere and After Effects that they ask for. You’ll get bonus points if you’ve worked with in-game highlights in League of Legends, Fortnite and CS:GO before, too.

This job is obviously something epic to secure - you’ll be getting to work on video content from this epic org. But there’s another reason to apply to this. CLG state that they’ll hold onto applications in case there’s a need for them to reach out to video editors in the future, so be sure to get your name in that hat!

Better still, if you’re in Los Angeles then you could work on site at the CLG training facility.

Keeping on the trend of creative roles at awesome orgs…

100 Thieves, the esports organization founded by popular personality Nadeshot and that has taken the scene by storm in both results and how rapidly they’ve grown a fanbase, is looking to hire an experienced graphic designer to pad out their visual team. Since the org is renowned for their unique and exceptional graphics, it’s no surprise that they’re asking for 3-5 years of professional experience in this one.

Some of your job responsibilities in this dream role include assisting the design efforts across 100 Thieve’s videos, social media content and even the apparel that they release as a lifestyle company. You’ll be working with the marketing manager to adhere to the brand and keep it consistently strong. As well as the static graphics you make, you’ll also be expected to produce motion graphics at times.

Aside from the aforementioned 3-5 years of experience needed to qualify for this job, 100 Thieves is also asking for strong skills in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop and the ability to work on multiple projects at once whilst hitting deadlines with uncompromised quality.

If you meet those asking points you really can’t miss this chance to work with one of the most exciting esports organizations out there.

Talking of working with exciting esports organizations…

Betway esports, one of the biggest bookmakers in esports and a main sponsor of the ongoing FACEIT London Major, is looking for an account manager to join the esports sponsorship team. That means you’ll be working with the prolific brands that betway sponsor to maximize the company’s return, implementing the sponsorship strategy and designing and monitoring campaigns with the sponsored assets to increase visibility of the brand and speak to the esports audience.

Betway is mainly involved in CS:GO at the moment, and hold sponsorships with elite teams Ninjas and Pyjamas, MiBR and even the top-tier tournaments that ESL runs. Like we said, you’d certainly be working with top esports brands!

What betway is looking for from their candidates is past experience in managing sponsorships rights coupled with an authentic esports knowledge to deliver campaigns that resonate with the esports audience. They’d also like to see negotiation and communication skills, along with strategic thinking that can come up with imaginative brand activations.

If you’re ready to take on esports sponsorships as your full-time focus including the discovery on new sponsorship opportunities and contract negotiation, this role looks to have your name on it!

We mentioned content, and that would be all you think about in this job…

Dexerto, a news and media outlet with a focus on esports, gaming and streaming is hiring for a full-time remote scriptwriter to provide engaging scripts for the video content they release.

Your scripts will aim to bring clarity and factual understanding to the viral topics that whirl around these young industries on a daily basis. Working with the company’s video editor, your duties would be to research the video topic, produce the script that can convey the story while also finding and passing on any relevant video clips you feel would bolster the final piece.

Aside from the obvious draw of being able to work full-time in esports from the comfort of your own home, Dexerto also offers a competitive salary commensurate with your experience and benefits from the various partners the company has.

What they require from you to be qualified for this position is that you’re over 18 years old, are able to write to a very high standard of English and can commit your full-time schedule to work for the company. They also want you to be able to start ASAP, so waste no time in producing your application documents for this job and sending them off.

Rather work with top talent and content creators than producing content itself? No problem...

No Scope Media, an esports production and creative studio, is looking to hire someone in a full-time capacity that can coordinate talent appearances into their content and events. With the studio having produced work for clients such as OpTic Gaming and their Overwatch League team, the Houston Outlaws, there will definitely be some huge projects that you work on.

Working with the head of each account, you will assist in the content workflow by providing clarity in when talent appearances can take place. You’ll also weigh up the strengths of certain members of talent and scout out any future opportunities that suit their profile.

What No Scope Media requires from you to fill this full-time position is a minimum of 1 year experience in a relevant area, or an equal level of education (at degree level). Since your job would have you living in calendars and tracking esports events and the schedules of different members of talent, you will need to be very organized and able to multitask around different projects at once.

If you love esports video content, the influential community figures who embody the scene and are an organized individual, you’ll definitely want to check this job out!

We’re still talking content in this next job, just in how it can be used in marketing instead...

One of the teams competing in the NA LCS, FlyQuest, is seeking a creative marketing professional that is able to drive their website traffic to new heights and design marketing campaigns to grow the brand.

Some of the ways you’ll be doing this include leading creative initiatives that can excite fans and therefore build interaction, take control of the company’s marketing budget and develop a website plan to drive traffic - including the goals and forecasts you expect to meet. Digital marketing will also fall under your umbrella, meaning you’ll manage SEO efforts as well as the team’s social media strategy.

With this job being about all things marketing, FlyQuest is looking for a candidate with proven experience as a marketing/brand manager that has a solid grasp on all forms of growing a brand. Strong analytical skills will serve you well in this job, too, as you’ll be tracking metrics to ascertain how effective marketing campaigns have been as well as studying the analytics of the team’s website.

If the prospect of marketing an esports team to the droves of fans that await excites you and you have the proven background in the sector to catch the eye of FlyQuest, this is certainly a job that would get you deeply involved in the esports world.

This next job would also get you involved deeply into esports...

It’s an exciting time to join Splyce, as they’ve been confirmed as managing one of the new additions to the Overwatch League in 2019 representing the city of Toronto, Canada. Besides that, the organization also fields rosters in a whole host of esports titles making it a solid fit for the majority of our users.

What the company is hiring for is a Talent Manager who will be responsible for managing performance, players, the new game territory that Splyce expands into and even contribute to roster moves discussions. As such, the more game titles that you’re knowledgeable in the better you’ll look in your application for this role!

Your job duties in this diverse role include keeping your finger on the pulse of esports as a whole including its trends, emerging game titles and rising players. You’ll also be the point of contact between players and the organization, while you help new arrivals settle into the org and help settle any disputes that may arise from the players.

An extra fun one: you’ll also attend esports events as a Splyce representative at times!

What Splyce wants you to bring to the table is established relationships with top competitors in the esports landscape or its players, the talent to multitask projects and the ability to coordinate efficiently with multiple departments in the company as well as outside parties.

We don’t see many jobs as awesome as this one that involve as much player interaction and event travel, so it’s really something you need to snap up if you’re qualified!

Awesome is about the only way we could describe this job...

Streamline Media is hiring for a remote content writer who can work on a freelance basis to cover the ins and outs of the super hot battle royale game Fortnite.

It’s nice to see that we’re at a stage now where Fortnite is producing jobs in esports in all forms, as Epic Games’ title begins to find its rhythm in the game’s competitive events. This particular one is for a competent writer to produce written content about Fortnite’s esports activities, its betting scene and more.

The job description is brief, but it does mention how Streamline Media is looking for their Fortnite writer to be their Team Leader, so there’s the possibility that lots of responsibility and potential to grow could come with this job!

If you’re up for the challenge, send Streamline some past writing, your resume and your rate per word and see if you can turn your thoughts about Fortnite into a pay cheque!

Content is also the focus of this job, only in the form of high quality video!

OGN America is bringing top notch tech and production to the North American esports market, and part of that expansion calls for an assistant producer to join them who is able to work with the main producer to craft excellent content that can assist and bolster broadcasts.

In this position you’ll be working with camera equipment as well as editing software, suggesting that you’ll be involved in both the filming and editing of esports content.

Job requirements in this position include a bachelor’s degree along with 2 years of experience in a live event production team so that you can slot into the workflow of this company. Excellent leadership skills and communication is also highly sought after.

One of our favorite points of OGN jobs is the list of perks. For these alone this job would be welcome on the roundup, regardless of the high quality of the career opening itself. Included in the list - that is literally the same size as the rest of the job ad - is cell phone reimbursement of up to $50 a month, paid creative leave that rises with your time at the company, gym reimbursement, a daily meal allowance and loads more. Seriously, it’s a winner.

We wanted to end the jobs section of this roundup off with something that anyone in the world could apply to...

Featured already in this roundup, coverage giant Dexerto is looking for another full-time remote employee to join their growing company, this time in the form of a writer. From your own home you would serve the best and most relevant events in esports to the huge reader base of Dexerto in a concise, accurate and entertaining manner.

Your day to day role would consist of reporting on the best of the esports, gaming and streaming worlds. You’d be required to locate topics of interest, write them up into digestible stories before finally pushing them onto the active social channels of Dexerto.

The requirements that this media giant has of you are that you be over 18 years of age, possess equipment that can run Photoshop (in order to create images for articles self-sufficiently) and command an extremely high level of written English.

We know that the strong writers who follow us will be eyeing this job eagerly, so be sure to meet what Dexerto ask for and attach three articles in the form of Dexerto content with your resume and cover letter when applying!

That’s us finished with our 10 best esports careers of the week, but we have some interesting statistics to tell you about if you feel like sticking around a moment.

Over the last 7 days we posted a very nice 122 jobs in esports. These came from 76 different companies across the scene and offered opportunities to people in 15 countries. Epic Games was the most active hirer in esports during this time period, totting up a total of 8 new jobs.

286 new users signed up to use HitmarkerJobs.com last week, bringing our count of signed up users to just under 8,000!

The USA hogged a hefty share of the esports careers as usual, with exactly half of our 122 job postings being located somewhere in the States.

Here’s the full breakdown of where this past week’s jobs were located:

For the second week in a row now we’ve had over 80% of all roles we posted on the website be paid. It’s a trend we hope to see continue and we’re overjoyed that esports careers are becoming more and more professional.

Here is the breakdown of our paid jobs:

  • Full-time - 84 jobs
  • Freelance - 10 jobs
  • Part-time - 3 jobs

And over on the unpaid side of things:

  • Volunteer - 18 roles
  • Internship - 7 roles

We run this feature each Monday, so we’ll be back next week to bombard you with another 10 brilliant esports jobs and some more epic stats.

See you then!