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25th Sep 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #37

It has been SUCH a good week for esports jobs, see what's been available!

Welcome, old and new esports job hunters, to our 37th weekly roundup, where we comb through our pool of esports careers from the past seven days and put the top 10 jobs into this feature. It’s been a VERY good week: everyone from Discord to Fnatic to West Ham United has been hiring in esports.

Let’s show you what roles they’re looking to fill…

Kicking things off is one of the most recognizable brands in esports: the indomitable Fnatic. Across several top esports titles these guys are renowned champions, and you could join their team in London to work on some of the awesome partnerships they have going on.

As their New Partnerships Executive, it would fall on your shoulders to secure new agreements and sponsorships with other A list brands and see these through to bring value to both parties. With partnerships already in place with the likes of Monster and AMD, you can expect there to be some massive brands you’ll work with.

What Fnatic requires of you to perform this is a hunter mindset that can stalk and crush goals as well as an unparalleled understanding of digital marketing and the esports landscape. You’ll be reaching out to brands that receive a flurry of inbound requests each day, so an outgoing personality and great people skills will serve you well, too.

Fnatic list some solid job perks - including discounts on their esports peripherals line Fnatic Gear - but we’d say working for one of the biggest teams there is would be reward enough. So go and make it happen!

It only feels right to give you fine people in the United States a great job with an esports team as well…

Fresh off the back of their epic run at the FACEIT London Major where the CS:GO team defied all odds, compLexity is hiring for a marketing professional who can grow their brand to a whole new level of exposure. Combine this recent result with the fact that the company is backed by the Dallas Cowboys and are designing a state of the art office, and you have the absolute perfect time to jump on board.

You’ll be active across all forms of the company’s marketing - from planning and executing live events on behalf of compLexity to defining the tone of voice that is suitable for the brand’s social media platforms. You’ll then take this data and wrap it up neatly to present it to the rest of the team in what has worked and what hasn’t. If marketing, data and esports are all areas you love and excel in, this job is looking very nice for you.

Oh, you want to hear about the perks? There’s definitely going to be some travel in this role (fully paid for, with a per diem attached too). The even better news? Their perks list includes access to the Dallas Cowboys gym, relocation assistance to Frisco, Texas and more. They’re one of the most integrated esports brands with a traditional sports team, so you’ll have a front row seat on how those two worlds coexist and likely a large say in how you can use that relationship to grow compLexity. That all amounts to one very exciting job.

Talking of exciting jobs at cool companies...

Discord, the ubiquitous voice and text chat across the gaming and esports worlds, is hiring for an account manager to work with their gaming partnerships. And Discord know exactly what makes this job so cool; they kick off the Responsibilities section with the fact that you’ll work with influencers like Summit1g, Ninja and even the Team Liquid org. Those are some truly huge figures in the gaming and esports worlds.

What your job will consist of is lots of Twitch-browsing and the creation of partnerships that can grow the Discord platform in an authentic way that stays on brand with the playful tone of voice they currently excel at.

You’ll also attend gaming conventions to network and act as an ambassador for Discord. We bet you’d meet some cool people through that!

There does need to be some work to go with the play, though. Discord asks that you be proficient in spreadsheets as well as being extremely well-versed in the content creator space on Twitch and YouTube. They also only want candidates local to San Francisco.

Multiple languages (including meme fluency) will help your application.

We had one of the best esports jobs in the UK for a long while come through this past week…

West Ham United, a premier league football team in London, is hiring for a junior esports social media producer. And honestly, we can’t figure out what we love the most about this job. The fact that it’s junior, or that it’s with a top-flight football team, or that it’s all about esports content and social media!

What this role will consist of is assisting the club in the running of their social media channels across platforms like Snapchat and Twitter, filming and producing esports content and even the occasional written piece of esports content for match day programmes.

As a passionate esports fan (I mean, you’re on HitmarkerJobs.com after all!) you’ll also be one of the key members of the esports division, providing insight on the scene and contributing to other departments in West Ham by identifying how they can work with esports. This job really does just get cooler and cooler.

In terms of requirements, West Ham ask for a degree in a related field or the equivalent amount of experience. To come straight out of university into a job like this is as awesome as it is rare.

Let’s talk about another traditional sports team hiring in esports, shall we…

As if this roundup wasn’t already stacked full of incredible careers in the industry, this Dallas Mavericks coaching role blows the roof off. Perfectly suited for an NBA 2K 19 expert-in-the-making with some solid past experience in esports, this full-time role with a top basketball team really was a different kind of opportunity.

Heading up the tactical element to the team’s esports squad, you’d create strategies for both offensive attacks and impenetrable defenses, as well as reviewing demos and contributing to community events with the players. Your coaching would also take the form of more individual training of the players, as you’d be building relationships with them and giving them useful and actionable feedback.

We know this job is a really attractive one that doesn’t need any selling, so here’s what the Mavs want from you in this role. They ask for a degree in coaching, sports management or business. In lieu of that, 5 years of experience in esports is what you’ll need here. As you’d expect NBA 2K knowledge is a pretty big must, so it might be worth thinking of how you can portray this creatively in your application. Finally, they want you to have experience in coaching or a role where you provided feedback frequently.

If you can tick even some of those boxes we’d encourage you to apply to this role - it’s so good!

Talking of jobs that you must apply to...

...we’d say full-time content creation about League of Legends from the comfort of your own home counts as that! DreamTeam, a company focused on becoming the go-to team finding platform in esports and one that recently sponsored the FACEIT London Major, is on the hunt for a talented editor. In this role, all LoL content production would fall under your umbrella, and you’d do this yourself or through your network of freelancers.

The sort of channels you’d be publishing on are the DreamTeam website, its social channels and even guerilla marketing campaigns. Part of your job will be to cover LoL tournaments, too, so you’ll be in the loop for all things that happen in the competitive scene.

DreamTeam is looking for someone to be the head of their League content, so they’re asking for a proven editor/content writer with 3 years of experience in the field, with experience in League of Legends specifically even more valuable. As well as writing, you’ll need to be a strong editor, as you’ll ensure the output from your network of authors is as high quality as it’d be from you personally.

We can tell from the reception on our Twitter that you all love PUBG jobs!

This one is especially cool for another reason, too - they only ask for one year of experience in professional team or league management!

What you need that experience for is to define the PUBG esports ecosystem and shape the scene to take it to a whole new level. Pretty great, right?

This will take the shape of you planning tournaments and events up to a year in advance and then penning out their rules to enforce across the events. Managing the bids of third party tournament organizers would also full in your jurisdiction, making this truly a role where you’d have a noticeable impact on PUBG’s landscape.

The list of requirements that PUBG has placed on this job is fairly slim, and it includes the aforementioned one year of experience and a passion for video games AND sports. A love for PUBG will obviously help you in this application as well.

We’ll definitely have some writers looking at this job keenly...

One of the largest tournament and event organizers in esports, DreamHack, is looking to fill a very awesome spot in their team in the form of a full-time content/communications manager. One of your many epic responsibilities would be creating and planning a communications plan for DreamHack festivals and their esports tournaments, ensuring the website’s written content is populated with engaging and high quality articles and take ownership of DreamHack newsletters.

There will be lots of writing, so it’s imperative that you’re concise and easy to understand in your written communication.

What DreamHack is looking to see from you is a degree in a field related to communications - like marketing or public relations - along with a few years of work experience in comms. Fluent English and the ability to write exceptionally are also things you’ll need to be very comfortable with.

Being a company based in Sweden, they state that the ability to speak Swedish is beneficial but not required. The same goes for having previous experience directly in esports, meaning this could be your first role in the scene if you’re qualified through past roles!

Whenever this next company is hiring it’s almost always roundup-material...

Red Bull is involved in esports through prominent sponsorships with the likes of Cloud9 and Ninja, and they’re looking to show someone the ropes and get some hands on experience in esports in Austria!

In their own words, what they’re offering in this intriguing role is an intense, 18-month deep dive into the business of esports. If you’re looking for some experience that will set you up nicely for the future, we can’t see you getting something better than this!

Seeing as they’ll also be keeping you updated with feedback there’ll be plenty of chances to minimize your weaknesses.

Red Bull is expecting an academic powerhouse for this opportunity, where they expect you to have or be in the final years of a degree in sports marketing or a similar role. German and English proficiency is also a prerequisite. If that’s you, don’t miss this incredible chance to garner some real nice experience.

Let’s end things off that you could all apply for...

beastcoast is an esports organization that is looking for a full-time partnerships manager that can work remotely to build their revenue up and secure exciting, valuable agreements with sponsors. The sales process will be yours entirely, and you’ll even be heading to events on occasion to foster relationships with potential partners!

Some of your day-to-day duties include putting together statistics relevant to the sales opportunities that beastcoast can offer partners and coordinating any joint projects between beastcoast and their partners.

What you need to land this epic, remote esports career opportunity is untouchable skills in maths and organization, the ability to meet deadlines without fail and knowledge of record keeping software.

If you think you could match esports organization with interested brands in the scene this is well worth an application!

That wraps up our 10 jobs for you this week! It was definitely a strong one, with a whole load of exceptional jobs to choose from. If you’re sticking around for a moment more, let us tell you about what the esports job landscape looked like this week.

For the third week in a row over 80% of our roles have been paid! It’s promising that this hasn’t dipped for some time now, and with the quality of careers in this roundup it doesn’t seem surprising. This figure came from a huge 131 jobs, too, so that’s a valid statistic if we’ve ever seen one!

Of those 131 careers, EA was the most active employer, posting 7 of those vacancies.

We had an awesome number of you guys officially join the Hitmarker family; we had 336 new sign ups last week which we can only thank you for!

The USA led the way with the most vacancies as usual, but as you can see from our breakdown there’s esports jobs everywhere!

  • USA - 61 jobs
  • Remote - 36 jobs
  • UK - 9 jobs
  • Canada - 8 jobs
  • Germany - 4 jobs
  • Singapore - 2 jobs
  • Austria - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Hong Kong - 1 job
  • Isle of Man - 1 job
  • Malaysia - 1 job
  • Poland - 1 job
  • Russia - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job
  • Sweden - 1 job
  • Ukraine - 1 job

Here’s the breakdown of our paid jobs this past week:

  • Full-time - 88 jobs
  • Freelance - 9 jobs
  • Part-time - 5 jobs

Total: 102 paid esports jobs

And on the unpaid side of things:

  • Volunteer - 22 roles
  • Internships - 7 roles

Total: 29 unpaid esports roles

That’s all we have for you for now! Be sure to check in with us again next week for more of the same. We’ve set the bar high and fully intend to meet this level of job quality again.